For instance, an analysis of records filed according to building name and location may help identify maintenance records for a particular building. Filing is used to keep the records safely so it is a form of record management. Disadvantages of subject filing. The system also allows the medical staff to presort the medical records basing on the primary numbers hence several medical staff may undertake the filing process without overcrowding the file area. AWS’s platform is clearly expressed and even a neophyte can use it. Disadvantage of Electronic Filing. Subject filing is a direct access storage system; no alphabetic index is necessary prior to storing and retrieving records. Retrieving information can be time-consuming; Other Filing Methods: Numerical. The new records added to the system will also be random and fall across the entire filing system. There won’t be any problem for a new applicant as well as for an existing applicant. Organizing and manipulating information within such a disorganized system for decision-making purposes also is quite impossible. AWS Advantages & Disadvantages. It is difficult to obtain information when you require it urgently. AWS Advantages and Disadvantages. However, chronological filing has its disadvantages and its sister filing method may offer a better system, depending on the documents being maintained. Geographic filing aids the process of analysis by allowing easy comparison of data items. Notes | Business Studies HSEB Notes on Filing- Its Importance,Qualities, types and Classification Class : 11 Filing Records are the valuable assets of every organization. Manual systems put pressure on people to be correct in all details of their work at all times, the problem being that people aren’t perfect, however much each of us wishes we were. Filing is a systematic process of arranging and keeping the business records for the future reference. 1)It is difficult to find the required documents if the subjects is not known. If the office provides only a specific type of care, then someone seeing a patient's name will know his medical issue. According to the Texas State Library, keeping a disorganized file management system is a recipe for disaster. DISADVANTAGES: Alpha filing also has some disadvantages. a. AWS Advantages. Services We Offer: 2)It is difficult for a filing clerk to decide the subjects under which a paper or documents is to be filed. Definition Chronological filing means organising documents, receipts and other records using the date on the document or the date the file … Disadvantages. by Subject. Under this system, medical staff numbering and filing the medical records are not required to recall numerous digit numbers at a time. E-filing your taxes might appear to be the easiest, most convenient solution, but sometimes appearances can be deceiving. They need to be preserved safely. Analysis Advantages. To reduce operating costs Record keeping requires office space, filling equipment and staffing to organize and maintain a filing system. The potential for a breach in patient confidentiality is one of the most serious disadvantages of the alphabetical filing system. False The same steps used in processing alphabetic records--inspecting, indexing, coding, sorting, and storing--will be used in subject and geographic filing arrangements. An effective records management system addresses the issue by eliminating the need to reproduce extra copies of a certain document and disposal of inactive records. Complexity Disadvantages Alphabetical. Easy to Use. Geographical. Following are some AWS benefits, let’s discuss them one by one: i. This method is not suitable for large organizations; In order to retrieve information precise dates must be known. Names listed on file folders may be seen by anyone working in a medical office. e) A cross-reference may be avoided if the situation is such that the name on the record is easily available. a) This system does not work well with very large filing systems. Prashant303285 Eligible by Prashant303285 on Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:40 am.