Perfect to hike around the island or just kick back on an Adirondack chair and take in the fresh air and view. Helpful. We stayed for 2 nights in tent section 5. Lots of walking trails. Throughout … Today campers visit to sleep under the stars, while day trippers explore the island’s historic structures and unique geological features. No, there is no direct ferry from Boston to Peddocks Island. Passenger Ferries are located at Long Wharf North, and the Hingham Shipyard in Hingham. Spectacle, Georges, Grape, Bumpkin, Lovells and Peddocks Islands can only be accessed by ferry or private boat. In 1946, Ft. Andrews was decommissioned by the Army, and in the 1970s it was purchased, along with the rest of Peddocks Island, by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Content Continues Below Several thousand people make the journey there every summer, but the state agency that owns the island would like to increase that number to at least tens of thousands — which they say requires a big change. Since 1996 it has formed part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. Just ask the person manning the ticket office for the pass to place on your dashboard. Peddocks Island, Hull Peddocks Island is one of the largest islands in Boston Harbor. The rangers were very helpful and knowledgeable about the island and history. The first thing I would have done differently is to take a direct boat from Boston to Peddocks. Lots of history and hidden treasure. This coincides with ferry service to the island. We had yurt #4 and tent site #4 for our party of 7 for one night. Stay away from 6 as it is nearby the composting toilets. Once we reached the top we just decided not to venture far. ... We arrived by ferry and the hiking to the campground is about 15 minutes with all your luggage UPHILL! Had 4 kids and 2 adults. Choose whichever perfectly fits your schedule — a morning or an afternoon trip. I mean why offer better accommodations if they really aren't better. Said to be the site of a patriot infantrymen's raid on a Loyalist farm, Peddocks also saw over 600 patriot militiamen stationed on the island in 1776, to guard the harbor against the return of British troops. Despite t, We had amazing weather so that is key! My other times our tent sites had an electrical outlet and a water faucet to ourselves. Island is lovely to spend a day at the beach and walking around. Since 1996 it has formed part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. Weekend travel to Peddocks Island starts at Hewitt's Cove, Georges Island, Lovells Island, and Spectacle Island. Just not sure how often the place is cleaned as there are mattresses in the yurts. Great island to hike! If you had a tent site then you would have to use a grill in front of a yurt which could be kind of awkward cooking in front of strangers. Ferry service operated by Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park. The main harbor island ferries offer handicap access, but the islands themselves do not. I would try it again on a cooler day, after I hear the maintenance issues have been resolved. While not the largest Boston Harbor Island (that title goes to Long Island) Peddocks ranks second in area but has the longest coastline of any of the islands due to its three protruding bluffs or “heads.” The south side of the island is very densely wooded and contains at least two marshes. more, Top Selling Tours & Activities in and around Boston, Miracles & Other Deceptions: The Close Up Magic of Paul Gertner. Peddocks Island features wide paved pathways on the East side of the island as well as wooded trails throughout the island. Georges Island, a 50-minute ferry ride from Long Wharf, is the most popular of the islands, as it is home to the historical Fort Warren from the Civil War era and a great spot for picnicking. But still quite a walk in sweltering heat if you don't want to use a bush. Ferry service between Peddocks Island and Georges Island (where Fort Warren stands) is provided on a seasonal basis. Cottages located near the mooring field serve as private residences during the summer months. Fishing Climbing … PLACE. Georges Island offers paved and fairly level paths, and Spectacle Island has one accessible crushed stone trail. Managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the island is home to the now-defunct Fort Andrews, active in harbor defense from 1904 to the end of World War II, on its eastern end, and a group of privately owned cottages on its western end. Peddocks’ proximity to the mainland ensured its use as a military stronghold, from the Revolutionary War right through to WWII.