Uses 3-6 dynamites per deathclaw, so it's a bit wasteful, but effective. The D.C. ruins are weak and silly in a lot of places, namely due to the technical limitations Bethesda faced when making Fallout 3. and survived an attack that should in reality crush me into pieces. Press J to jump to the feed. Death claws lose a lot of their intimidation value when you kill one in the tutorial. 1 Walkthrough 2 Rewards 3 Notes 4 Bugs The Gun Runners want the Vault Dweller to exterminate the deathclaws that infest the deathclaw warehouse between their Fortress and the rest of the Boneyard. You can snipe the Raiders from the roof at the beginning. Deathclaws too nerfed, they should be more dangerous. Ok, so Fallout Shelter updates have arrived and the Deathclaws and Mole Rats are two new attackers/incidents found. Kill the Raiders, Gristle, and finally the Deathclaw.. See section below if you need help beating Deathclaw.. Strategy Guide/Tips [] Killing the Raiders []. Deathclaws are highly dangerous creatures found in the Commonwealth, on the Island and in Nuka-World. Someone posted about Skyrim's Chaurus. damage to one shot even Alpha Male Deathclaws. Deathclaw Information. my back up is the 12.7mm sub-machine gun I used it on the Deathclaws... and it killed them in one hit, every single time. Beat them easily at level 10 this way, once taking down two grown deathclaws and a young one at the same time. The deathclaw doesn’t really have a weakness, but the closest spot is its belly. Later in the game they lost theirs too easily. As soon as you get close to the metal grate, it instantly starts coming out. The number of Deathclaws needed varied from 3 to 6 but they all counted as a kill in the last room. While I haven’t really seen Mole Rats as all that challenging, the Deathclaws are no joke. Sure if you are playing the game on assrape difficulty it is different, but everything is. don't attempt to fight death claws without Boone and ED-E, and only at at about level 15(with upgrade of your choice). The deathclaw hide can be broken down into its individual components for use in crafting: The deathclaw hide can also be used to craft the mounted deathclaw head in a player character owned settlement using the workshop. These guys are waaay strong, hacking through even the most fortified vault door in 10 seconds or less. Though you'll probably want to jump down to the street at some stage to finish the job. The deathclaw spawn seems to be scripted to occur after a certain time, as well as by proximity; thus, it is possible to remain on the museum roof and observe the deathclaw's emergence from a distance, without having to descend to ground level and put oneself at risk. Therefore, they require some new tips and tricks to defeat them. I didn't change anything during the fight. Stimpacks, Doctor's Bags, Med-X, and and as much food as you can carry. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . (Fallout 4 Glitches) Unlimited Ammo Minigun! Deathclaw hide is the hard hide of the deathclaw. Then I fought naked (!) Search for Fallout 4 First Deathclaw No Minigun Ammo And Fallout 4 Item Spawn 45 Ammo Fallout 4 First Deathclaw No Minigun Ammo And Fallout 4 Item Spawn 45 Ammo My initial plan is to take the CZ57 Avenger minigun, but I'd like some suggestions on what other kinds of weapons I should take along to use against the DC's there. Exterminate the deathclaws is an unmarked quest in Fallout. If you haven't even passed Quarry Junction yet, listen to the advice the workers give you: go around and start stocking up on supplies once you reach New Vegas. I stay back throwing dynamite until it's close to death, and a couple shots from my plasma rifle does the rest. Their belly is the closest thing they have to a weak spot. Miniguns and missile launchers are extremely effective; Locations. one against you. Vanilla Survival: How would you tackle the Concord Deathclaw without power armor or minigun? Deathclaws in name; Claws of Death (CoD), but I see claws made of plastic (almost, I play on "hard" setting). Related: The 10 Best Builds For Melee In Fallout 4, Ranked i reccomend This Machine and the AER-14 prototype as suitable closer range weapons, and should be in as high a condition as possible. Beating Fallout 4: Nuka-World's first boss, Overboss Colter can be very challenging...unless you know the secret to how to beat him. You HAVE to kill them before they reach you there is no other option. They threw a grenade and high-taled it. I lost my head. Archived. Talk about quests, gameplay mechanics, perks, story, characters, and more. I'm planning to hit the Deathclaw Promontory. Thank god those scavengers were throwing grenades at the thing. Then the first real roadblock of the game pops up from underground: Aim center mass but try for headshot if you can since it takes away about 1/4 of health.Slowly make your way to the large green mining structure in the middle and go up the ramp to the top. ". Clearing the Raiders is the easy part: . For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "So I killed that Deathclaw in Concord without a minigun or power armor(vid)". Log In Sign Up. 4 aimed punches to the eyes with a power fist was all it ever seemed to take, as they would crit on most hits. Fallout 4 shows us what a decent urban city can look like in a Fallout game, but Takoma Park was an amazing vertical slice and feels like one of the most complete areas in Fallout 3. Tångavägen 5, 447 34 Vårgårda 0770 - 17 18 91 Deathclaw is an enemy in Fallout 4. The Deathclaw in Concord should have been "wounded" to start, and run away rather than let you kill it. The Fallout 4 Subreddit. Deathclaw hide is a junk item in Fallout 4. Can be found on deceased deathclaws. When i went to the quarry with Boone and ED-E, the Deathclaws instantly pwned the crap out of them. I wipped out my Alien Blaster and entered VATS. 1 - Most people kill all the raiders, then eventually the deathclaw spawns. Posted by 2 years ago. Posted by 4 years ago. That would be true and the shot guns are effective but you have to be up close up. When you kill the bandits and approach the museum, Preston Garvey of the Minutemen will give you a Laser Musket, and ask you to save them. One of the most formidable foes a player will face is the Deathclaw… Cheese way to kill the first deathclaw at concord (fallout 4) I'm sure plenty of you have figured this out, but on survival this fight is nearly impossible. The Human Deathclaw is built around using the Deathclaw Gauntlet and stealth to get close enough to enemies to trigger Blitz. Of course, that can only be reliably hit when it is charging you, so there’s that. benjamin_wooten: I just replayed Fallout 1 as a pure unarmed character. 3.4k . Oh and have a good backup weapon in case you get more than. In fallout 4, one of the first things you need to do is kill deathclaw. I'm now at level 14 and I never run from them anymore. In Fallout 4, there are tons of vicious creatures and mutated monsters to encounter throughout the wasteland. To the north you can see the deathclaw alpha and to the east of it the deathclaw mother. Just make absolutely sure that the last room(s) the deathclaw passes through, (the other two should be dead by now and the last one is running on fumes) are guarded by unarmed dwellers. This is the mission that you do to kick off the game. The main reason is that I want to get the power armor and the energy weapons that are there. Close. Please help Battling Colter is the last step in completing The Gauntlet. Walkthrough []. Shoot Deathclaw legs to limit their mobility; They can throw cars and such at you, be careful! Close. 6. My friend told me to use my minigun... problem is ive used ALL my 800 bullets because im stupid. Everyone has done this mission. Deathclaws should be dealing the same dmg as these and have the same armor or more. Whenever you enter VATS and shoot the Deathclaws in the head, its a one hit kill, and they turn into ash. Fallout 4 is here, and I'm sure for those of you an hour or two into the game, you've just gotten your suit of power armor.There you are, strolling down Concord blowing raiders away with your minigun, you feel like you're king of the world. Not hard to beat a Deathclaw - Only needs one VATS Shot with Explosive Minigun LOL, the hard part is finding an explosive Minigun. Archived. that combo even without the critical perks does enough . never take on a deathclaw nest in FO:NV without an AntiMaterielRifle, and Annabelle(with HE and HV rockets). User account menu. Fallout 4 Detach Vertibird Minigun Glitch / Exploit! If you run into the deathclaw after the museum of freedom and can't handle him, just step into the building on the front left from the roof. Unlimited Ammo Minigun! From there the deathclaw can't reach you, and you are free to unload ammo into him. Run into a building. I honestly don't get why people think Deathclaws are so powerful. Stronger Deathclaws My first encounter with the Deathclaw without power armor and Minigun was one-sided. They look like the Tyrannosaurus but are killed easily with my Magnum. I was planning on taking along and using a Fat Man launcher. If done correctly the armor will be irrelevant though anything that can benefit your stealth, like modified leather, is a good idea. Fallout 4 Alien Blaster Ammo Mod And Fallout 4 First Deathclaw No Minigun Ammo Get SPECIAL OFFER and cheap Price for Fallout 4 Alien Blaster Ammo Mod And Fallou 6. Characteristics. The Deathclaw in Concord should have been "wounded" to start, and run away rather than let you kill it. 1 Background 2 Characteristics 2.1 Biology 2.2 Gameplay attributes 3 Variants 3.1 Deathclaw 3.2 Alpha deathclaw 3.3 Glowing deathclaw 3.4 Quantum deathclaw 3.5 Deathclaw matriarch 3.6 Savage deathclaw 3.7 Albino deathclaw 3.8 Chameleon deathclaw 3.9 Mythic deathclaw 4 Locations 5 … Gather any supplies you might need. The best strategy is the original strategy that introduces you to deathclaws in Fallout 4 – power armor + minigun. (Fallout 4 Glitches) - Duration: 5:53. If you want to make the fight easy, after leaving the museum, don't shoot any raiders, but instead run to your left and follow the alley all the way down, then cut right to where the deathclaw spawns from. 4 protectrons, not even combat robots, beat the everloving shit out of a Deathclaw and a bunch of ghouls in Fallout 4, without any losses, and they can handily be dealt with. I just spaced the distance so that the Deathclaw would spend all their APs getting to me, toe-to-toe... then I … For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Did you kill your first Deathclaw easily?