Go in search of glaciers, whales and abundant wildlife. Glacier Bay, Alaska cruise ship calendar 2020 provides the opportunity to search arrival and departure schedules. Tips every savvy traveler should know when researching how to charter a yacht. Captain Jay was very personable, welcoming and always cautious about safety. The 7-Day Glacier Bay Exploration Cruise embarks and disembarks in Gustavus, Alaska with an included hotel overnight on day 1. Visiting Glacier Bay Park is also like visiting a wildlife park. A Traveler Information Form, which includes a release of liability, must be completed and signed by all travelers. The information desk at the visitor center is open from approximately 11 am to 9 pm. The ability to be flexible makes this type of small ship cruising unique. Any apprehension we had about not knowing all of the passengers quickly passed as they were easy going and a lot of fun. Tide pooling was very cool; getting to see sea life in that way was very cool - not something I would have thought about seeing in advance. The engineer, Keith, always greeted us with a smile and was eager to meet any need. Gustavus is accessed by a small plane flight from Juneau. Next head to South Marble Island to view a large stellar sea lion haul out and a seabird nesting rookery before heading onward to Fingers Bay. If the fish are running, Sea Wolf might head to the Tongass; if bears are active on Chichagof Island, the ship may sail there to view them. Alaska Private Touring has been a leader delivering the best custom-designed Alaska luxury tours … What a great way for the Sea Wolf to give back to the community. It's hard to identify a favorite as all six days aboard were fantastic. Find and plan your next cruise to Glacier Bay with cabin price comparison, variety of departure ports and dates to choose from. Hikes are up to two miles and kayaking is usually three to seven miles per day, depending on the desired level of activity. Sailing down it gives you a view into some of the most dramatic vistas in the north. Keep camera handy for glacier calfing... Beautiful area and sad to see how they are quickly melting. Cruise passengers will marvel at spectacular scenery, nature and wildlife in the national park, which covers 3.3 million acres of mountains, glaciers, forests and fjords. Andrew really did a terrific job of handing our many questions! Glacier Bay National Park Cruises are a great way to explore the beauty of Alaska’s UNESCO-listed Glacier Bay National Park. Cruises from Glacier Bay Glacier Bay, situated in the SE Alaska panhandle, USA, opens 90km west of Juneau. The balance of the trip price is due 90 days before the departure date. It was great when one of crew joined us for dinner. Most visitors to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve spend a day in Glacier Bay on large cruise ships as part of a longer cruise originating at a major west coast city. An easy hike up the mountain, down the beach and fording a few glacial streams brings you to the face of Reid Glacier for an up-close view of this glacially carved landscape. Kayak around the shores scanning for black bears and moose then paddle to Puffin Island for a truly wondrous look at a low tide vertical intertidal zone. Find cheap Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve cruises on Tripadvisor. If the tides are right, take a morning paddle at North Sandy, or head down bay to another pristine paddle area. View cruisetours with Glacier Bay National Park. Aaron did a great job keeping us on task with submitting paperwork and providing a lot of advance information to help us prepare. Glacier Bay National Parks Headquarters is located in Gustavus, about a 30 minute flight from Juneau. This independent package includes hotels in downtown Anchorage and a seaplane flight to Katmai. Phillips Cruises and Tours, LLC provides Prince William Sound glacier cruises to Alaska residents and visitors from around the world. During lunch, cruise to Tarr Inlet, where the Grand Pacific and Marjorie Glaciers cascade into the water. A Unesco World Heritage Site, Glacier Bay is a bucket-list destination on an Alaska cruise. A comprehensive look at the Sea Wolf Glacier Bay Adventure in Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park, written by an AdventureSmith traveler. It was fun to get to know the crew and to learn so much much about the Glacier Bay area and its' wildlife, while paying close attention not to upset the delicate balance of nature. This was well organized, with great attention to detail and excellent service from AdventureSmith and the Sea Wolf team could not have been better! Enjoy fly cruises from Rome, Barcelona & Athens! Glacier Bay National Park is a pristine and incredibly scenic location. With 120 days advance notice, there is no charge for transferring from one departure of Sea Wolf Glacier Bay Adventure to another, subject to availability. It is an amazing day cruising through the best of Alaska. Plus, a day of adventure in Haines. For those who require a wheelchair or have any other special needs, contact AdventureSmith to see if this cruise is a good fit. Enjoy a wonderful paddle along a sheer cliff, which is a Kittiwake and Puffin rookery and then out in front of Marjorie Glacier and Johns Hopkins for a breathtaking experience watching an active calving glacier from a safe distance. As I mentioned, your time at Glacier Bay can be from sun up to sun down. This 7-step guide gives you insight from AdventureSmith's many years of arranging charter cruises to exotic destinations worldwide. 2021 cruise year for cruises visiting Glacier Bay with arrival dates, ship names, cruise lengths, cruise names, starting point/end points and prices. Hiking and kayaking are available aboard Sea Wolf itineraries. It was a really special trip for us and our six friends; we loved meeting four new friends as well. We were busy all the time. Glacier Bay National Park - with its high mountain peaks, ice-sculptured fjords, an abundance of marine wildlife and massive tidewater glaciers - is one of Alaska's most spectacular National Parks and best seen during your Glacier Bay Cruise. Enjoy dinner aboard while watching the sunset over Glacier Bay. Coverage for a pre-existing medical condition is also available if you purchase the Travel Select plan within 15 days of the initial trip payment; refer to plan details. Oh, and jump in the water if you can (47.2 degrees is really cold but it's also a once in a lifetime chance). Located in the south-eastern part of the state, the 65-mile (105km) stretch of national park can be found within a coastal route called the Inner Passage. Monica and Julie were always eager to share mountains of information about the wildlife, plant life, history of the glacier movement and re-vegetation after glacial retreat as well as conservation of the area. Why cruise Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. North Sandy Cove is a very rich ecosystem that supports black bears, moose coyotes and a plentiful marine environment. By proceeding, you agree to Cruise Critic’s. Your Glacier Bay cruise takes you through this protected national park spread across 3.2 million acres of southeast Alaska… home to 15 active glaciers, countless seabirds, otters and humpback whales. Our Coast Guard licensed skippers have a wealth of local knowledge and provide a complete naturalist narration of your Glacier Bay adventure. Three full days are devoted to cruising Glacier Bay, kayaking and whale watching, with a helicopter-accessed glacier adventure. Read this expert review by an AdventureSmith crew member. A cruise through the otherworldly beauty of Glacier Bay is the next best thing, formed by a multitude of glaciers. Fairweather Adventures at Glacier Bay is an authorized concessioner of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Enjoy 2 days venturing farther than 99% of visitors into Glacier Bay National Park. 100+ combined years of experience, 7 continents explored, decades of expedition cruising around the world & here to help you find & book your dream trip. Single travelers wishing to book a double-occupancy cabin may do so at 2x the per-person listed rate in select cabins based upon availability. Here bears, goats, moose, whales, sea otters, and all the creatures of the water and forest flourish, completely protected from man. Gather in the main salon for introductions, an orientation discussing safety, boat layout, amenities and the upcoming Alaskan adventure while cruising to Geike Inlet. A National Park Ranger joins us for our entire journey to explain the park's geology, glaciology, wildlife, and its deep roots in Tlingit culture. This morning is spent watching whales, starting at Point Adolphus. Glacier Bay Cruises. We couldn't have asked for more knowledgeable and eager naturalists. Then off to an afternoon paddle at an anchorage that bring us close to the East Arm entrance. Operated by an Alaskan family-owned company, Glacier Bay & Island Adventure has a focus on Alaska’s nature, history and First Nations culture. Follow the instructions on what to pack. We loved the fresh seafood that she served in all manner of ways for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This itinerary is subject to change based on park area closures/openings, permits, weather, travel conditions and wildlife movements. Arrive in Gustavus and transfer to the beautiful Annie Mae lodge where bikes await to be peddled and dinner is delicious. Enjoy a walking tour of the Huna Tribal House and exhibits before being transported to the airport. Learn more about travel insurance or get a free quote. Then once back to the boat set off to the evening anchorage and dinner. A day excursion to Glacier Bay is an option for guests staying in Juneau, and overnight accommodations are available both in the park and in Gustavus. The spirit of fun and adventure facilitated by the Sea Wolf crew and support by really compatible group of travelers on the boat. The Sea Wolf offers wider decks, access to all public areas and three accessible staterooms. The M/V Sea Wolf is an 97-foot ocean-going ship that carries 12 passengers plus 5-6 crew in comfort. The tour of the engine room was very interesting as was the history of the ship itself. Fair-well xx, **Thanks so much to Princess Cruises for sponsoring this post. The M/V Sea Wolf is available for private family charters. This is the perfect land-based alternative to a small ship cruise. What’s the best way to choose your Alaska cruise? Everything was great! While in the bay we saw a variety of wildlife. What would you like to know? From my first view of the Sea Wolf, docked in Bartlett Cove, I was hooked. The dungeness crab dinner was truly a FEAST!!! We enjoyed times in the wheel house talking with him about the ship and the local area. Everyone was always very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and it was obvious that they genuinely love their work. To search all cruise itineraries (not just Glacier Bay), please visit: Cruise Search or try our Virtual Cruise Advisor™ . If conditions permit, have a morning botany hike up Gloomy Knob for incredible views of the bay. Search for great cruise deals and compare prices to help you plan your next cruise vacation to Glacier Bay … Cruise Alaska's Eastern Passages aboard the 12-guest Catalyst, a lovingly restored historic wooden research yacht. Cabin 1 can be triple occupancy. We offer a wide selection of departure dates for cruises from Anchorage to Glacier Bay with popular cruise lines. Visit royalcaribbean.com to get information on Glacier Bay (Cruising), Alaska cruises, including things to do, dining, ports of call, cruise ships, shore excursions, offers, and more. It has been a National Park since 1925 and covers apx. All cruise ships are … Lynn is an excellent chef. The timetable displays dates and times of the cruise ships visiting Glacier Bay National Park is based on the major cruise lines itineraries. Visit Glacier Bay National Park from the Bear Track Inn in Gustavus. Board the Kruzof Explorer for a luxury cruise expedition to the glaciers, fjords and waterways of Glacier Bay National Park and the Outer Coast bordering the Gulf of Alaska. (Carnival formerly only sailed Alaska in Shoulder Season (May & Sept) but for 2019 sailings will be there all summer long.) Close out the trip with a cultural visit to the Huna Tribal House and its exhibits. Brown bears, wolverine, small mammals and harbor seals and other creatures all live in this area. Our travel experts are here to provide quick & accurate answers. Cruises from/to Glacier Bay, Alaska Glacier Bay, Alaska Cruise Port If you see Glacier Bay on your Alaska cruise itinerary, know two things: one, you are in for a spectacular day filled with amazing sites and incredible photo opportunities, and two, you won’t be getting off the ship. Your Adventure Specialist will send you a unique link to complete this form along with a packing list and extensive pre-departure and travel insurance information upon booking confirmation. We didn't spend that much time in there anyway so the small size of the space didn't matter to us. Press enter or click the search icon to start search, Expert Review: My Return to Glacier Bay Aboard the Sea Wolf, Expert Review: Sea Wolf Glacier Bay Adventure, "Everything About This Trip Was Extraordinary", "The Captain & Crew Made This a Wonderful Experience". Other destinations may include Dundas Bay, Sundew Cove, Sebree Cove, Idaho Inlet, the East Arm and the Islands. Unbeatable wildlife viewing, landscape photography, guided hikes, fishing, dog sleds and an Alaska railroad ride can be customized to complement any Alaska small ship cruise. Small, sustainable travel options are at our core. Kayaking in the icy waters at Johns Hopkins glacier was a once in a lifetime event, especially with the glacier calving while we sat still and quiet in the water. 2018 Top-Rated Overall Cruise Destinations. I recently spent the morning in Glacier Bay watching icebergs calf on … Thanks for such a wonderful experience. Plan flights to arrive to Gustavus anytime on day 1 of the itinerary. Note: Options for this day are Dundas Bay, George Island and Idaho Inlet based on weather, park closures and wildlife. What a great  summer experience for the intern- Olivia and the deckhand - Jordanne. Everything about this trip was extraordinary - the crew, the food, the ship, the kayaking and hiking. Monika and Beth were a great team, keeping us engaged and safe at all times. Hundreds of miles of glacial fjords are here to enjoy by kayak, hike and small ship cruise, including the cascading Marjorie Glacier and Reid Glacier, offering its ice worms and glacial silt facials. Along the way, learn about the natural history of Glacier Bay, some of the research projects that the park is conducting and about the plentiful marine life and wildlife. The experts at AdventureSmith have put together this guide of Alaska cruise tips, advice and info to help you select the small ship and trip that’s right for your travel style. Enjoy the lack of internet access and always have your binoculars at the ready. Be transferred to Bartlett Cove for an 8:30am embarkation of the Sea Wolf. Marvel at breathtaking glaciers, towering mountains that shoot up from the sea and the acrobatic humpback whales. Special holiday payment and cancellation terms may apply. This zone is home to hundreds of sponges, periwinkles, whelks, sea stars, sea cucumbers and urchins, who literally hang around awaiting the return of high tide. On or after January 1 of the year of departure, a deposit of 50% of the fare is required per person at time of booking. Thanks to its geography, Glacier Bay cruises are now hugely popular as they provide the best seats in the house so to speak. Because this is an Alaska owned and operated adventure, and due to the Sea Wolf’s small size, the Sea Wolf Glacier Bay Adventure has the flexibility and local knowledge to venture to unique locales—qualities that make her ideal for both set departures and private Alaska yacht charters. Book with the confidence that comes from experience. This ship is an AdventureSmith favorite for private charter. Covering over 3.2 million acres, Glacier Bay is a UNESCO world heritage site and biosphere reserve home to over 1,000 glaciers. As such, we are able to offer small boat, private adventure cruises into Glacier Bay. AdventureSmith Explorations is the global leader in small ship, adventure cruise vacations. Cruises that visit North America: United States: Alaska: Glacier Bay Click on a cruise ship itinerary that visits Glacier Bay (below) and select a sail date to receive competing cruise quotes. Cruise up Muir Inlet, the East Arm of Glacier Bay. The captain and crew of the Sea Wolf made this a wonderful experience. The spirit of fun and adventure facilitated by the Sea Wolf crew and support by really compatible group of travelers on the boat. After breakfast, explore Gloomy Knob looking for mountain goats and other wildlife. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. These trips are adult-oriented but may be suitable for children, depending on the child’s age and experience.