You can tell a cat is pregnant once her nipples become darker and enlarged. Posted on 01-12-2012 at 10.25PM. Have you noticed anything else … Well, if you were thinking the latter, then you would be correct! Yes, cats and animals know. Your cat is probably used to being the only baby in the house. … Most likely, their refined sense of smell and their ability to detect the changes in your body temperature and in your movements, habits, and behavior during pregnancy clue them into what’s going on. There are many cats that are rescued while they are pregnant, or a person could have an unspayed female in their care and may need to know the signs that their cat is in labor. Sometimes cats act out by urinating in places such as the laundry basket or your bed. "Generally, nature takes its course and cats are very good mothers, so a lot of the time you don't have to do anything," says Dr. James Talbott , a veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tennessee. If you decide to spay her and prevent the pregnancy from … Cats may become more protective and loving during pregnancy. Not only does spaying a cat prevent her from mating and becoming pregnant, it also spares her body from the massive physical toll of carrying her young. Don’t try and fit too much into your day during your pregnancy. He can tell that your tummy is different and so is your gait and willingness to engage in play. If your cat starts misbehaving seriously during pregnancy, then you may want to seek help from a veterinarian or a professional trainer. SpayFirst. Stick to your regular routine for as long as you can to … These changes in your hormonal levels can affect your personal scent. Your body chemistry changes. In fact, many people claim that one thing that cats can sense well before people do is whether their owner is pregnant. How can cats sense pregnancy in humans? So it's also not uncommon to see a change in his mood after the baby is born. Sometimes when cats sense pregnancy, they may even act more protective toward you. Breaks things, climbs on stuff, bites me. You people talk and talk about how much you need to work on the computer so you wake us up and push us off, but we know what you’re really planning to do on them: watch videos of cats… These pets are experts at reading your body language, so they can notice even tiny differences in your movements or when your movement becomes awkward. Every piece of content at Flo Health adheres to the highest editorial standards for language, style, and medical accuracy. The first thing you need to know about cat pregnancy is how to recognize the signs of pregnancy. If their litter box is changed by somebody else, or a different person refills their food or water, your cat may recognise a difference. It’s not uncommon for a cat to act jealous when a new baby is brought into the family. You become warmer. Some cats become more protective and loving of their pregnant owner. Some cats become more protective of their owners, taking a motherly role themselves. Additionally, your cat will notice the many changes a pregnancy brings to both you and the home environment. Crystal Owens is the managing editor at a Northern Virginia newspaper with more than 10 years experience in journalism. Between your cat’s sight, hearing, and, most significantly, sense of smell, it is likely your kitty can tell if you’re pregnant. I think I read somewhere that it's because they can smell hormonal changes. Princeton Veterinary Hospital. But these are largely anecdotal stories and personal experiences of pet owners. 3 DPO: Are There Any Pregnancy Symptoms 3 Days Past Ovulation? According to research, some dogs can detect certain types of cancers by smell, so it may be possible that pets are able to smell changes produced in your body during pregnancy by your changing hormones. “There have been extraordinary reports about olfactory senses of dogs. The little clues that suggest you might be pregnant often come in the form of … Pregnant cats have different needs than pregnant humans, and they do a lot of the work – and with ferals, all of it — without our help, says Dr. Foote. According to studies, spending time with a pet animal may improve your mood, lower blood pressure, reduce depression and help you live longer.