Most good smallmouth waters have clear water making it tough on some anglers to catch fish during the day. This is especially true with lakes becomes covered in ice in northern waters. When you see a shad or baitfish swimming on a sunny day, the sun reflects off their scales. Go-to baits for smallwater bass fishing includes: topwater buzz baits with some walk the dog action, floating minnows are versatile, Rebel Crawfish is used a lot and catches a ton of fish, Zoom Super Fluke Jr. with a nose hook, and the 3-inch Senko that's good for matching the hatch. During the fall, the best time of day to catch smallmouth bass is the mid-morning and late afternoon. Smallmouth bass have very good... Best Time of Day. Solitary big smallmouth are smart. (Moon Phases, Seasons, Baits). Spring smallmouth action is one of the best times to catch your trophy. Right before a rain event or cold front, fishing can be incredible too. This enables anglers to lure fish with artificial flies by casting using a fly rod, reel, and specific weighted line.. You don’t fish these fast. During the fall, the best time of day to catch smallmouth bass is the mid-morning and late afternoon. There are boxes for bass, walleye, catfish, trout, panfish, and even inshore saltwater species. There are basically three times during a 24-hour period that are usually the best time to fish for bass. Cloudy conditions also mean baitfish like shad as well as crayfish will be out and about which is what bass love feeding on. He says from now to March is the best time of year to hook a monster bass here and expects to catch some of the biggest fish of the year. They will feed on crayfish too in order to supplement their diet but fish will be their chief food. While they are very well-equipped for reduced light, they are not designed to perform in the darkness of the night. When fishing with tube jigs, go with a muted natural color. I have caught numerous smallmouth bass in life and also fished during the wrong times of day got skunked more times than I’d care to admit. Blade baits are probably the best wintertime bass bait. Enjoy our fishing calendars and discover the best fishing times each month. Summertime haunts for reservoir smallmouth bass fishing include humps and drop-offs of pea gravel points where the fish hold at depths of 15 to 25 feet. Any additional slack in the line will need to be accounted for when you set that hook. The best time of day for smallmouth bass fishing is either first thing in the morning from dawn until a few hours past sunrise or in the late afternoon a few hours before sunrise until dusk. But since these bass are eager to feed, they may continue feeding all day long as long as they can find food in good supply. Moon phase. Anytime you’re fishing in current, you will need to manage your slackline and deliver really strong hooksets. © 2020 Copyright Freshwater Fishing Advice. It also limits their ability to see prey. These are great natural colors that mimic crawfish and sculpin that smallmouth bass love feeding on. Always match the realism of your lure with the clarity of the water you’re fishing. If you get bass chasing your bait but not biting, change up your bait or elicit a reaction bite out of them. Day fishing– June through September the best bite usually occurs during the early morning hours or in the late evening hours.. Night fishing– Largemouth and Smallmouth bass are good June through August and allows anglers to beat the heat.A great opportunity to catch large numbers as well as your larger size fish. Will Salmon Bite at Night? While August can be tough and hot in the South, the fishing up North is awesome. The early morning and midday seem to be pretty slow. John Day River Smallmouth Bass (Summer) The John Day River in northeastern Oregon is by many avid bass anglers’ estimation one of the best places to fish for smallmouth in the world. Various Tennessee lakes have given up a majority of the top 25. The middle of the day is usually pretty slow in the summer since the hot temperatures and oppressive sunlight force bass tight to cover and shade. Begin looking for them when the water temperature is in the mid-40s. The time of day you’re fishing should narrow down you bait choices. Since then, I've lived across the country and have really taken that passion for fishing to a new level. The wider or looser wobble crankbaits are better in warmer water. The middle of the day can also be pretty slow for smallmouth bass fishing except on days with cloud cover or rain. Once you catch a bass, pay attention to what temperature the skin of that fish feels like. Will Salmon Bite at Night? These conditions are ideal because they allow bass to emerge from protective cover where they seek relief from the bright sunlight in the shade. Smallmouth in rivers will hit any lure being an aggressive fish. A Carolina-rigged French fry or plastic lizard is best for catching smallmouth in the heat of summer. This can make for extremely slow fishing conditions and a slow bite in general. They’re a particularly popular catch with newer anglers and families looking for a fun day on the water. Among the most common bass fishing tips is the recommendation to go fishing during the lowest light hours of the day for the most bites. What Conditions are Ideal for Smallmouth Bass Feeding? Rain does a great job stirring up bass activity as well. Winter The early morning hours can prove … Selecting the right gear and bait for smallmouth bass is vital. During the middle of the day, you can still catch bass but you will need to be a lot more deliberate with your casts and slow down as bass will be less likely to chase down moving baits. Summer’s best bass fishing holds up well nearly all summer, but around the end of August and certainly by Labor Day, the river’s smallmouth start schooling up. If you are fishing in very clear water, you should go with finesse. These big baits are dynamite for monster bass, especially in winter and late spring/early summer. When fishing rivers or streams, bass will congregate along the current for food passing by. You could look into castable fish finders that will cost far less and deliver comparable data. The number of bass caught can be outstanding due to the higher concentration of bass in those areas. These will really help you locate fish and visually fish them. I have found the best time of day for these winter bass is the mid-morning and mid-to-late afternoon. link to Will Salmon Bite at Night? You can determine water depth and temperature, contours, underwater features, and the presence of baitfish and bass. Discover the best time of day to catch bass, trout, catfish, panfish, walleye, carp, and many more depending on the season, moon phases, and weather. Knowing the best time of day to fish for bass helps you select the bass fishing lures that will be the most productive. If you pay attention, fish will show you how to catch them. There are more bait, more bait options, and more space to grow big. So if you find yourself fishing in the heat of the day it may be a better idea to use a heavier bait and not a top water, same goes when winter weather cools the water, the fish go deeper for ground warmth. When combined, it gives smallmouth bass very good reduced-light color and perception vision. Pre-spawn largemouth move into shallow backwater areas in preparation for the spring spawn. When it comes to smallmouth bass fishing, there is debate among serious anglers whether the early morning or the late afternoon is best. My personal opinion is that early morning is consistently the best for me. A full moon can provide enough moonlight as to illuminate the upper few feet of the water column to silhouette prey against the night sky and allow for some nighttime feeding to occur. As a result, most smallmouth bass won’t feed at night unless prey swims right to them. Dale Hollow and Clay County are also the home of two smallmouth bass … There are 7 species of Salmon in North American waterways and they are incredibly valued targets for fishermen. The trick to locating bass from the bank is to fan cast. There are 7 species of Salmon in North American waterways and they are incredibly valued targets for fishermen. FreshwaterFishingAdvice is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Throw in a few natural Iowa lakes and you have just about everything you would ever need to try and find some big Iowa Smallmouth bass. I have also found less anglers are on the water chasing bass in the early morning so that’s a perk too. Smallmouth bass will continue to bite well during a steady rain but as soon as the rain stops, they will often hold back tight to cover and become docile. Keep in mind that everything in this article will be what I have experienced and what conclusion my research has led me to. I have also read a ton of fishing advice from other bass fishermen on the topic. If bass are behaving more sluggishly, cast your bait downstream and slowly work it upstream or simply let the current pull against your bait as you keep it stationary. Want to Know the Best Time of Day to Fish? But having high-quality hooks isn’t that far behind in importance. Owner hooks are great too, especially their treble hooks. Shad aren’t that hardy and usually don’t survive capture long. Therefore, most nights of the month with less than a 3/4 moon won’t offer very good bass fishing. Once the rain stops, smallmouth bass usually slow way down as well and become docile. For my money, fish smallmouth bass in the early morning if you need to pick. I really like using boot-tailed swimbaits or a glide bait. Pumpkinseed, browns, maroons, and dark reds will be your best option. FreshwaterFishingAdvice is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Moving water creates a conveyor belt of food, washing everything downstream to the fish without them having to travel for it. But for those without a boat and a ton of money to spend on very experience equipment, there is a much cheaper option. I recommend you invest in a good lure retriever or two. Sluggish bass will have a lot more time to swim over to your bait and grab it. As a result, bass can maneuver and get closer to prey without being seen. Wear a good pair of polarized sunglasses. What gives Michigan its edge … This is also a good time for smallmouth bass fishing in streams and rivers, trolling in the Great Lakes for trout and salmon, and perch fishing on Green Bay and the Winnebago System. I like to use spinnerbaits in the fall as a search lure. With a glide bait, you can actually elicit a reaction strike from big bass. Always be the most prepared and equipped angler on the water. If you have a casting net, shad can be an awesome bass bait too. Presence or lack of grass. This is my favorite time to fish for smallmouth bass with crawfish imitating lures. In the hours before a rain event, bass fishing can be some of the hottest you can find. While I stated that the morning and late afternoons are the best time for fall bass, the middle of the day can be good fishing too. Bass will be willing to chase down moving baits in water higher than 45°. With 139.1 mi² of water to fish, knowing where to go can be difficult if you aren’t from the area, so we’ve compiled a list of the best Lake Texoma Fishing Spots for striped bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and crappie that you can access and fish from the banks. 12_0.jpg. The nighttime is usually pretty slow for bass fishing since smallies have a hard time seeing in the complete darkness but full moon nights can provide enough moonlight to allow them to hunt successfully in the water near the surface. Crankbaits can be great wintertime baits as long as you fish with natural colors. This presentation looks like a small crawfish and smallmouth bass will eat it up. You also want “sticky” sharp hooks. The reduced light from cloud cover also makes it harder for prey to spot bass approaching. Bass love tube jigs and these are my recommended colors. When it comes to smallmouth bass fishing, there is debate among serious anglers whether the early morning or the late afternoon is best. Now imagine slicing that 1/2 a tray of pizza. Why they work: Smallmouth bass love to clobber a fast-moving spinnerbait. That said, during the late spring and early summer, striped bass will often feed heavily on dark nights on baitfish spawning at the surface. If your water is muddy, a gold blade can also be a good idea. A finesse approach will get you a much more favorable response from smallmouth bass than a more aggressive approach. Give the crankbaits a fast retrieve mixed with complete pauses. Smallmouth bass have very good color vision in low light and also depth perception. During the day, smallmouth bass are most active first thing in the morning from dawn until mid-morning and in the late afternoon from 3 hours prior to sunrise until dusk. That is because these bass have good reduced light vision which gives them a distinct visual advantage over their prey during these time windows and the cooler temperatures and reduced overhead lighting makes bass more aggressive and willing to roam for food. because it offers good data, can be cast from the bank, boat, or dropped through the ice, and it is built very tough. If you are fishing in cold water but the fish doesn’t feel that cold, chances are that bass found a pocket of warmer water. Bass will devour craw lures in winter but you want to pick baits that will be easy for them to be seen. The fish have finished spawning and feeding heavily. I grew up fishing for anything that swims but really cut my teeth fishing for trout, chain pickerel, bass, and bullheads in my teenage years. For winter fishing, go with a shad or craw pattern with a tight wobble. Big smallmouth become stupid once they join a school. The truth is smallmouth bass feed all day long when food is available but these are simply the conditions when smallmouth bass will tend to be most active hunting and feeding. You’ll get a specially curated box of bait mailed to your door every month that you can’t find in stores. This site is owned and operated by Eric Matechak. For cold-water fishing, select a crankbait with a tighter wobble. Fish the first deep water associated with a large gravel or mud flat. You want to make your bait look as natural as possible. This is the same as us wanting a piece of cake after a huge turkey dinner. I use it the first time today. As a river bends, water on the outside of the bend will rush faster digging a deeper hole along the bank. In summer, you can smallmouth bass in both deeper water and shallower water and the fish you catch, will fit into one of those 2 categories and rarely if ever cross over to the other category. You will need patience and a good location, but you can draw in smallmouth bass and other gamefish for hours to come. Suddenly, George Perry's longstanding all-time mark seemed within reach. One of the hardest parts of river fishing is line management. Go for baitfish presentations. The slowest time for catching smallmouth bass is the nighttime in my opinion. I like using a small creature bait on the back. Deeper water is warmer during the winter and smallmouth bass rest in deep holes along with many other species. Smallmouth bass have a pretty diverse diet year-round but when the rubber meets the road in early fall and bass start feeling those water temperatures drop, they focus on baitfish. It may seem like a minor change, but having ultra “sticky” sharp hooks can increase your hook-up and land rates. They remain willing biters into the fall, but they flock to certain areas and are more difficult to find. Craws for Winter. Don’t bother trying to catch winter smallmouth bass at night. 02_8.jpg. Oftentimes, they have much better reduced-light vision than the prey they readily prefer including crayfish, shad, shiners, insects, and frogs. Some of the largest bass are caught in spring; anglers have a better chance of catching a 6 pound plus trophy bass in spring than any other time during the year. Bass will always search for breaks in the current. However, on overcast, cloudy, or rainy days, the middle of the day can be some of the best bass fishing you can have. They only get one shot at food before it passes by or another bass beats them. If you want truly giant fish, go fish giant water. You can also find rip-rap elsewhere in a lake. I recommend fishing with natural colors. Michigan. They might not have the clout that Striped Bass hold for more seasoned fishermen, but they still provide plenty of exciting angling action for visitors! Night fishing for smallmouth bass is very common. On cloudier days, stay away from shine or flash. Deeper water is warmer during the winter and smallmouth bass rest in deep holes along with many other species. I really like using a Ned rig for these bass but a dropshot or a jig can be really good too. For a comprehensive breakdown of the best rods, reels, electronics, line, and baits for both largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing, check out my recommended bass fishing gear list. Smallmouth bass have very good reduced light vision which gives them a tactical advantage over their prey in most situations. This is especially true in rivers. Smallmouth bass really focus on crawfish in cold water. They are also locations where you stand a great chance of snagging your lures. Big hooksets are needed to cut through that slack to set a hook. Bass will be studying these baits carefully and any imperfection will turn them off. The bright sunshine hurts the bass’s eyes and makes them more reliant upon shade. Because bass aren’t bound to cover, they can freely roam and hunt smaller prey items more comfortably in the cooler, dimmer conditions. EARLY MORNING. FreshwaterFishingAdvice is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.