Knit Picks Yarn Swift. I hesitated for a long time before purchasing a swift and yarn ball wonder. Works wonderfully with each of our Yarn Ball Winders: the Royal Replacement Yarn Ball Winder; our own Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder or the Wonderful All Wooden Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder. After reading many reviews, I chose this combo and couldn’t be more pleased. I am very pleased! Then put the yarn over the slot in the top of the ball winder. I used it infrequently enough that its many moving parts and finicky design were not intuitive. I bought one of the winders for work. The ball winder is hand-operated and made of ABS plastic. This swift adjusts to allow for skein sizes from 24” to 60” in circumference. On the other hand, you can easily take apart an Amish swift into two arms, a handful of pegs, and the two pieces of the base. This is not a design flaw. ), link to How to Knit an Actually Stretchy Cast-on, how to wind a center-pull ball of yarn using a volunteer and a toilet paper tube, Stanwood Needlecraft Hand-Operated Yarn Ball Winder, a crank (handle) that you turn to create the force needed for rotation, a center cylinder around which the yarn is wrapped. Kelly M. February 27, 2016 at 3:00 pm. It will handle ALL hanks you purchase from a yarn shop and the longer hanks online up to 80" in circumference. You can often find her on the couch, eating snacks and knitting furiously (in both senses of the word). Works very nicely with all Yarn Ball Winders on our site. Naturally, I decided to buy a ball winder, but I did not have enough money for a swift. Experienced knitters know that using the right needle size can mean the difference between a well-fitting and overly large sweater. Amish Style Swift. The craftsmanship on these winders is superior. The Amish style yarn swift can hold skeins up to 6 ft in circumference and is made of solid beech wood. This part is self-explanatory–keep turning the ball winder’s crank until you run out of yarn on the swift. Had to be very careful. Most Amish yarn swifts that I researched have a similar design. The Amish swift has no expanding pieces with sharp angles to catch fingers like an umbrella swift. Be careful not to cut into your skein. If you turn the crank too quickly and then have to slow down, your yarn might have tight and loose spots in the final ball. It resembles an umbrella frame; you can expand the cage to the width of your skein of yarn. 4 Premium Knitter Yarn Swift Umbrella Wooden Yarn Ball Winder – Best Durable Wooden Yarn Swift. Can she use my coupon? U-nitt ML702 Red Handle Large Yarn Ball Winder. This wooden yarn swift was lovingly handcrafted in our workshop from solid Maple hardwood. It just barely fits around the edge of my dining room table. If you need to hold skeins outside of this circumference range, the Stanwood tabletop swift will not work. US $1.00-$3.00 / Unit 500 Units (Min. Wooden Amish Swift. The ball winder creates the yarn cake; how the skein is being held is a different matter. you after my recommendation. What’s more, the Stanwood model has smooth, sanded sides, so it is also not likely to give me a splinter when I’m setting it up. I rarely take notice of these because I never take the time to measure the circumference of my hank. Feed the loose end through the curlicue loop on the wire arm. Cutehill Umbrella- Best Budget Option. Order) 5 YRS . This is where the winder and the swift come in. Even if you don’t end up with the same tools that I have, this guide will generally apply to your items. Slowly start winding the ball winder, making sure that the yarn pins down the tail end as you go. Birch Yarn Swift. The arm should snap into place and stay put. I was always worried that my winder from another company would break. I told her as far as I'm concerned - your's are the best for the price. As the name implies, a ball or yarn winder is a tool that you use to wind a ball from a skein or hank of yarn. By contrast, the Amish yarn swift has many fewer points of failure. $17.99. This tabletop swift requires no tools, screws or clamps. Yarn Swift - A Handmade Amish Style Collapsible Wooden Winder for Knitting Spinning and Tabletop Use - 30 Inch. I can not stand winding on the cheapy plastic thing my boss bought for the store. The Stanwood ball winder partially disassembles; you can remove the center cylinder and fold the metal arm into towards the body. :) I found a bag of discontinued yarn at Goodwill for $4, still skeined. The most common type of yarn swift is the “umbrella” yarn swift. (I’ve also written a post about how to wind a center-pull ball of yarn using a volunteer and a toilet paper tube.). The Amish style yarn swift is good, easy to assemble and dis assemble that is a plus. I was sold after reading in Ravelry forums that it was easier to disassemble and store than umbrella-style swifts. The PLUS Model Mama Bear (tm) Yarn Swift or Skein Winder, is the BASIC model with 3" longer arms. If you’re looking for an affordable tool to help you with your … This end that you’re holding will be the center-pull end. Gently separate the hank of yarn by pulling it out from where it’s folded, being careful not to pull the … If you end up pulling your working yarn from the center, you will be pulling out this loose end. cylindrical yarn ball (or “yarn cake”). I love them. A yarn swift is a device that holds a skein or hank of yarn taut. Typically, one is more accessible than the other and will come loose more easily, dislodging from the outside of the skein. Assembles or disassemblies so very easily in just 4-5 seconds. I am so excited to receive my ball and wonder! If your yarn swift–like mine–spins quite easily, you will need to add a little bit of tension to the yarn such that your final yarn ball isn’t too loose. Remember that a skein is one giant loop of yarn. This collection includes all swifts and skein-winders and all related optional parts and accessories. Let’s cut straight to the chase: I own the Stanwood Needlecraft Tabletop Amish Style yarn swift, which you can find on Amazon for under $40 at the time of writing. Easy to adjust. You place this loop on the pegs of the Amish yarn swift. Make sure the other end is tucked into the skein so it doesn’t also unwind and get wrapped around the base of the swift.