For one, a lot of the girls that worked there had minor skin problems, or obvious bruises on them, but the high dollar ones were clean and unblemished. Through the unintelligible tirade of cursing and hurling insults we made out the undeniable cadence of “furst-fuckin-combat-mishn”. He just carried on looking off into the darkness. he asked as I was mid swig, and the question made me pause for a second as Jameson flashed through my mind. “Brother, you gotta respect your enemy, or you screwed. He took a few more long drags from the cigarette, and the look in his eyes darkened ever so slightly. After he stopped talking, he was quiet for a long time. “Those Who Served: Vietnam” originally honored Central Illinois veterans in 2015 as the nation marked the 50th anniversary of the start of ground troops in Vietnam. Old friends and neighbors, the usual. he looked at me like I had farted in church. He nodded as I sipped at my drink, and I could see him trying to organize his thoughts. The comparison between the World War II and Vietnam veteran experiences struck me because I was … But these were distinctly human. I didn't pry at him, because though we had been around each other for a while, and I considered him a friend, that was his business and not mine. I was in abnormally high spirits when I called the man, and asked if wanted to drink with me and just hang out. I continued until I reached the door we had gone through, reaching out to try the door handle. My life has been longer and happier that it had any right to be and now I will tell you why. ARTICLES; FEATURED; Apr 7, 2015 Craig Bowman. Most of us had switched our sixteens to rock-and-roll and when ‘8-Ball’ in second squad clipped on his bayonet, I struggled not to follow suit. And that I spent some time in Osaka?” I nodded my head, tension creeping into the atmosphere. My heart began racing. over their comms using Morse Code, even if garbled. They been flying choppers over the area searching for they asses, but ain’t no one to be found”, “Jesus Christ, man, what do you think happened to ‘em?”, I was in disbelief that anyone as salty as the Captain could just up and go missing, least not without leaving some trace. “Aye sir!” I said, beaming. I went back down into the club, which was practically shut down. My father and I didn't have the best relationship, only really speaking on Holidays. That’s a lot of people and a lot of heartache. This is the tale that I was told, as best I can recollect it. We broke through the tree line into the moonlit clearing just as the Hueys were touching town. Now xin loi my boy, but I gotta go see Gunny Hathcock about my ride home next month”. Vietnam: One Soldier's Story From the Collection: Vietnam War. The few pieces I could make out in the torch beams showed nightmarish carvings of animals and people, twisted and smiling, there were other figures in the carvings too. My friend and squad-mate, Jameson had been strapped to a table, his face marred by four long, jagged cuts. We were still firing blindly into the darkness as we ran towards the sound of the approaching helicopters. “So like I said, we were stuck in Okinawa for a while and all of us were trying to make the best of it. 3 years ago. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Thanks for this, great read. The Lieutenant stood up and waved us off; the platoon of twenty six men began snaking through the bush. Me and the thing struggled and I got to my feet first, keeping it from rising by kicking it in the skull. The man screamed again, much closer now, and my arms broke out in goose-flesh. I was determined to see the kind of action my Grandfather had. I have never checked out anything he told me, but I just wanted to share the story with you guys, as I thought you'd all enjoy it. Hitler’s ugly romance with blue eyes and blonde hair is well known and documented in the history books. Now, I kind of wish it was as simple as that. The Vietnam War killed more than 58,000 Americans. Men were screaming out that they saw things in the tunnel behind us, that they were climbing the walls, that they were everywhere. Any Vietcong in the area would have heard the shots that killed their comrade and were surely on their way to avenge him. So I was relieved when I received a night’s sentry duty, I needed something, anything, to keep my mind occupied. He didn't linger long, and said he was headed back to the base to see what was wrong with him. Japanese Kitsune, in Korean is called a kumiho, Chinese - Jiuweihu, Thai ( I forget) it’s a shapeshifter (Fox Spirit) normally takes an appearance of a beautiful woman. A few of us grouped together and took a defensive posture in a thick patch of bush, I couldn’t make out our Platoon Commander but it was definitely our Sergeant giving orders. 40% to 60% of those were either in combat, provided close support or were regularly exposed to enemy attack. I was trying to figure out how to get into the kitchen. That morning while I was nursing myself through breakfast and mainly just drinking coffee I noticed that Jameson hadn't showed up. Maybe he'd gotten a two day pass, or stayed at the club the night before, and hadn't made it back yet, so I didn't worry too much. I eased my way out of the comfortable bed and slipped into my clothing in the dark. Only it wasn’t. I'm fine, man, just a bit hungover and tired.' 1. I've done several research papers on the Vietnam War, read countless books, and just have an insatiable appetite for anything about this war and the amount of supernatural shit that went on on both sides is enough to scare the shit out of you. The sound seemed to penetrate you, my eyes watered and my stomach cramped up, other guys in the platoon vomited. The deadliest and most destructive war in human history claimed between 40 and 50 million lives, displaced tens of millions of people, and cost more than $1 trillion to prosecute. The smell of cooking fish and rice floated into my nostrils. I told him I had been there a few times, and that I enjoyed the music, as well as the company of the staff there. I could have sworn that I'd seen him leave. When I recoiled, I struggled to make sense of what I saw. I shot as the thing charged me, hitting it in the stomach twice before it pounced on top of me. “What's up?” I asked, pulling a pack of cigarettes from my pocket, offering one to the man who had given me life. Eddie had disappeared from the booth. It was disturbingly inspiring to see such a display of raw power as the weapons-laden helicopter rose, banked and then raced through the sky into setting sun. 30.3m members in the AskReddit community. He never specified since he signed a contract with the US military to clamp it. Post more please! I again woke up in my barracks with no memory of my return trip. I looked around the room, but at first I saw nothing out of the ordinary. “CEASE FIRE!” screamed the young Lieutenant, “CEASE FIRE GODDAMNIT!” The Vietnamese boy was laid at his feet, thick, dark blood pooling beneath his limp form. I'm from Nam here. My tour in Vietnam did not get off to an auspicious start. “What happens to anyone ‘round here? When he looked back up, half of his friend was missing. Some of the time I just wanted to drink, and their whiskey and cigarettes were cheap. 'What do you mean? That’s why I call ‘im Mister, I call my enemy sir before I send ‘em back to the Stone Age. Branches and thorns whipped at my bare face and arms, men tripped, fell and were set upon by unseen forces, their deep, guttural screams turning into rabbit’s squeals as heads were pulled away from necks. I was slightly suspicious that he was trying to distract me, or at least divert my attention when he ordered each of us another round during our meal. Next, see what the Vietnam War looked like for those who fought it in this CBS News footage that captured a battle in action in the jungles of Vietnam near Cambodia in March 1970: After viewing the Vietnam War photos above, have a look at two of the era's most iconic images: "Napalm Girl" and the Saigon execution . Video games. He again tried to clam up. I still remember walking the snow-capped peaks of the country side with her by my side. For the first time in a couple of weeks, I chose to do the smart thing and to stay out of it. I offered him a cigarette and he took one, again motioning for me to follow him. “Gitchur cowboyass outtayur bunks, raht nah!” He screamed at us, pointing and barking at rifles, throwing boots at Marines. If nothing else, I had my pistol on my belt, but I didn't think that the guy wanted any trouble. These salty old devil dogs, who’d eat their own guts and ask for seconds, they looked like they’d just stepped out of their own graves. This time, however I pressed him until he told me that he had a theory about the people running the place and that they might be killing or enslaving people, but he was having a hard time getting information before the men he had sent in inevitably disappeared without a trace. We were all called into formation, and a few of us were shuffled into platoons that would be heading out to the jungle. The financial cost to the United States alone was more than $341 billion (approximately $4.8 trillion when adjusted for I was given command of a three-man 60mm mortar squad in the 3rd Marine Division’s Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines. Nosleep is a place for authors to share their original horror stories. Also, I noticed that none of the Japanese boys seemed to come in. I walked back to the club, finding Eddie just a bit closer to the door than when I had left him. For the uninitiated, Army Tunnel Rats were troops who would crawl into NVA and Viet Cong tunnels to eradicate the troops that hid there below the surface. As we recognize the 50th anniversary of this tragic conflict, USC Dornsife scholars challenge this one-sided perspective, re-examining the legacy of what even the Vietnamese refer to as “The American War.” By Susan Bell - December 15, 2016 They hardly dealt with the customers, though always just kind of there in the background. “Lam urn mau su chet, lam urn mau su chet!”. “We gotta get the fuck outta here man, we gotta go, this is fuckin BAD, man!” another squeaked. We ordered food and a pitcher of beer, and I looked around, trying to find a few more familiar faces. He went to the bathroom, and I used the opportunity to walk outside, lighting a cigarette in the fresh air. Suddenly a Marine ahead of us growled and a violent rustling began as he dragged something heavy from a patch of elephant grass. The Vietnam War, like all wars, had a million ways to kill us. I finally remembered that I was going to visit my friend and headed for the small field Hospital set up on the base. Their tourist attire made them all the more ridiculous when they began to become increasingly hostile, as I told them again and again that I knew nothing, saw nothing. The story that I come here today to share is not my own. But war is something much more devious and horrific. Press J to jump to the feed. My main motivation during my tour in Vietnam was simply to stay alive and make it home in one piece. There are volumes on the decision-making of Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, grand biographies of … We scrambled up the steep tunnels, some men firing their rifles into the darkness behind us. The next day, from the time I woke up I couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen. They refused, looking at us with horror and confusion. Regardless of what you thought about the Vietnam war, the fact is 2,709,918 Americans served in Vietnam, representing almost 10% of their (very large) generation. Faces paled and eyes widened. That night was fun, but nothing really happened. I opened the door, and examined the hanging meat in the cold space, and satisfied that there was nothing to be found there, turned around, closing the door. I should say that that whole night was rather weird when I think back on it. Eddie was the first one of us to fall victim to the female's charms, slipping me some cash to help pay for the drinks. I was told that they weren't allowing visitors. We waited, for what seemed like an hour, and then the voices came. I walked to the community hall and played pool with a few of the guys from my Company until I felt like I could sleep. A few guys flicked on their torches and at first it actually felt a little safer inside the ever narrowing passages. I had a million horror scenarios flashing through my mind as I moved through the half-finished tunnels. I put up no resistance as they placed the long forms in front of me at Camp Pendleton and made me sign them. This is my father's place, just tell the cooks you know me if they give you shit, and stop coming through the front door.' I listened as they reeled off the conditions of my release and displayed no emotion when the potential penalties were read out, “seizure of assets, indefinite imprisonment”, it went on and on. Edit: I’ve learned that the stories told about Vietnam are the action/war stories. The door opened and the short, old man in the suit regarded us both with mild interest before puttering away. When you think of scary stories you may not think of war stories, but there are few scary stories that can even compare. I couldn't understand them, and to be honest I didn't try. “Hasford, old English name right? Eventually as I walked around the living room of my childhood home, looking at relics of my past life, nostalgia, along with the buzz I was feeling got the better of me. I don’t know what they were saying; I didn’t recognize the language at the time and I’ve not heard anything like it since. “Shut the fuck up” someone spat, a rifle butt whipped across the boy’s cheek. 'I think I caught something.' They were all full. Navy SEALs love telling war stories, and to be fair, they’re pretty great at it. I decided against it, and walked a few streets down to a small diner that served hamburgers, as I knew a few guys who frequented the place. The story in its only existing form originates with a US Army veteran (who does not give his name) who enlisted in 1972 at the tender age of 18, and soon found himself deployed to Saigon … It was also waving a trio of tails behind itself as it chowed down on the raw meat of my buddy. He ushered me into the kitchen of one of the restaurants, urging me to sit at a small, cheap table that had an overflowing ashtray and wet rings all over the top. The thing that attacked us in jungle as we fled, I did catch a glimpse of it as it pulled down the terrified Maine and plunged its limbs into his chest. I made my way toward the back wall, and saw a trap door, standing open. After supplying me with my third drink the bartender gave me my opportunity, disappearing in the direction of the bathroom. I felt a little bit off the next day. “Yo Hasford, you hear ‘bout the Captain?”, “He’s gone dee-dee’d into the bush man, motherfuckers M.I.A”, “He’s missing? I found Eddie and we started our daily routine, helping the guys in logistics load and unload trucks, mainly. You fuckin spit on me?”. We had already waved off a few of the girls who had come around, trying to make their money, when I saw a familiar figure walking toward us, flanked by a pair of girls just as flawlessly beautiful as she was. I played hard to get for a while, drinking and making the woman do the same before letting her convince me to rent a room for the night. By Leslie Larson. he said and stood up, giving me a bow and sending me on my way after I finished my drink. He wrote down an address on a napkin as well as the number to a small cab company, telling me to visit the place the next day. He caught my attention with a quiet cough, and the intensity in his eyes was unreal. I’ve never forgotten what I saw. Maybe out of some sense of duty, maybe a sense of survival, maybe a dash of both. “Little bastards shittin’ his pants man, I never seen anyone so damn scared” giggled a Marine near me. But again I saw something on one of its twisted fingers, it was a Carolina State University ring and tucked away in the rotten cloth I glimpsed a flash of red and white text. Instead of going to the small community hall on base, I turned toward the hospital. So it was that I found myself stepping off a C130 transport plane at Da Nang in early 1967. Little did I know it was nothing but more time for reflection and I was beginning to seriously doubt my decision to enlist. Dude this is one of the best stories I've read here. He was short, and wearing a Japanese Army uniform. We moved very slowly and for a while, very aware of the loud crunches our footfalls made. I should probably state here that he was a Lance Corporal in the Marines, as that may not be clear from the story itself. “What the fuck is that?” the other Marines were hearing it too. He turned and opened an unmarked, barely painted metal door. Das Wort “Horror” kommt vom Lateinischen “horrere”, was so viel wie “die Haare hochstehen lassen”, “zittern” oder “(sich) ... Ich war überzeugt gewesen, dass meine Katze einen Sehfehler hat – sie starrte mich immerzu an. Though these Vietnam War photos have not yet pierced the public consciousness in the same way that civilian photojournalists' images have, the historical record is truly not complete without them. I started looking for the source of the noise, but at first I had no real luck. Archived. Shirtless Marines sat round cleaning their rifles, writing letters, reading or just chewing the fat. We all started drinking sake and cutting up, and I was dumb enough to believe that my whole trip was going to be alright. Andrew deGrandpre and Tony Lombardo. His thick Cajun accent was almost undecipherable, but that night we heard urgency in his voice that bordered on terror. Whoever it was was begging for their life in a voice that seemed all too familiar to me, but I couldn't quite place exactly who it belonged to. After a while I was flown back to the U.S and was told I was to be honorably discharged from the Marine Corps under the grounds I was mentally unfit to serve. Again bad decision making won out over cowardice, and I opened the door all the way before climbing the rough wooden ladder downward. That was when I heard something faint, coming from somewhere in the deep darkness below me. Shortly after I rinsed the dishes and placed them into the dishwasher, the liquor started flowing. Guys in my platoon on their second tours were talking about the reaction from folks back home. The moon seems a lot larger in that part of the world; whatever power it holds seems amplified hanging thick in the humid night air. Captain Espera was a legend on the base, an LAPD captain before he joined the corps he was highly respected by the men below him and an excellent combat leader. :P That explained it, or you know, that's what I thought. The thing started scrambling toward the doorway. There isn't a scary story in the world that matches the atrocities of actual warfare. Hairs on my arms and neck stood to attention. Although I had my pick of colleges on the east coast and my Marine recruiter had repeatedly tried to convince me to attend Officer Candidate School, I had made up my mind to join as a rank and file private. He was still crying and obviously in a hell of a lot of pain as I helped him through the catacombs under the club. I've done several research papers on the Vietnam War, read countless books, and just have an insatiable appetite for anything about this war and the amount of supernatural shit that went on on both sides is enough to scare the shit out of you. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Comparing testimony from Vietnamese women and American soldiers, Gina Marie Weaver, in her book Ideologies of Forgetting: Rape in The Vietnam War, finds that rape of … His name was Bryan and he had been born in the States, and had even went to school there for much of his youth, which explained his fluent English as well as his Americanized name. That night, a few of us sat around the barracks, bored out of our skulls yet incapacitated by the relentless heat and humidity. I’ve had nearly fifty years to think about my time in Vietnam and the events of that night and I’ve come to a few conclusions. These stories from the Vietnam War will break your heart. Baby Factories of Nazis. There are more than 30,000 books on the Vietnam War in print. Published: 23:42 EST, 25 January 2013 | Updated: 07:55 EST, 26 January 2013 Jameson was sent home, and last that I heard he was slowly going insane in a shitty retirement home in Wyoming. I told him I wanted in on whatever he was planning, but he shut me down, telling me to go back to the base, and to sit tight. I slept pretty well that night, and for the first time since I'd met the woman at the club, she was absent from my dreams. Torn off at the elbow, streaked with black clots of blood was a human arm. He looked scared, or maybe angry, but not too threatening as I crossed the block, finally getting close to the alley. It was one of these nights that things took an even weirder turn, but you'll have to excuse me a second.”. I felt like I was being watched, so I started glancing around. I finally thanked him, and I let the story sink in as I went to sleep. I was determined to find Jameson by the end of that day, but didn't let it distract me from my duties. As we recognize the 50th anniversary of this tragic conflict, USC Dornsife scholars challenge this one-sided perspective, re-examining the legacy of what even the Vietnamese refer to as “The American War.” By Susan Bell - December 15, 2016 We all thought maybe the enemy had finally attacked the city, but that notion was quickly dispelled. After that he started to loosen up again. Eddie came with me again, and Jameson seemed to have been waiting for me. To my surprise, Jameson hadn't checked in, so I went to the gate and checked the log. The young platoon commander’s face looked pale and clammy in the moonlight. We kicked some dirt over the body of the dead communist and moved on. My tour in Vietnam was full of segmented stories, some crazy and hard to imagine, but most were mundane, uneventful, and hard to remember. The ‘Vietnam War’ – a horror episode in American History. At first I thought they were Officers or maybe Government types. The tunnel rats encounter. November 23, 2016 . A very nice story! He had what looked like a teenage boy in his grip, the boy wore black pajamas and rubber flip-flops that looked like they could have been made from truck tires. to trick their own men into an ambush where they could rip them to pieces. There it is!”, “Lance Corporal I will personally see that you do time in Leavenworth for this, you are gunna be climbin the walls trying to re-”. The Vietnam War was uniquely traumatic, and all Vietnam veterans served in combat units or were otherwise in the line of fire. 47 years after Vietnam War secret mission, Green Beret to receive Medal of Honor Gary Michael Rose receives the Distinguished Service Cross … This is a forum from the editors of for RVers to discuss serious defects with their RVs they are unable to get resolved. Just imagine if this was narrated by a 72 year old veteran with emotions...just imagine that. Holsey laughed and swaggered out of the tent into the sweltering afternoon sun. I flicked my safety catch off and aimed through the darkness at the sound. One of the shots missed, but the third smacked home into the creature's ribs. I spent the rest of the day writing letters, and decided to go check on Jameson in the morning before I hit the shower. Signing the State Secrets Act is not what’s really kept me from telling this tale; it’s what I can’t reconcile about that night that’s kept me silent. That was the first night I decided to spend the night with one of those girls as well. “Davis? I spent quite a bit of time at the bar, but I didn't spend the night with the women every time. He clammed up, and he refused to show any emotion. Especially at night. I was about to give up at least for that night when I noticed the door to the root cellar hanging slightly ajar. “Nah man, that’s th-” the torch flicked on; and for the brief second, before Holsey was dived upon and torn limb from limb by the attacker, a familiar yet horrifying sight was to beheld. There were a few half finished rooms down in the tunnels. Also there are parts of the jungles in Central Nam that even the local natives refuses to guide you through. Davis, that you?” the shuffling continued, Holsey reached for his field torch. It’s all a distraction; the idea of Space, of life out there on other planets has captured the human imagination so much that we’ve neglected the space beneath our feet. We believe the team to be alive, now hows about we get on these birds and bring our fuckin’ brothers home? We bull-shitted for a while and after I got a beer and a half I got curious about why people seemed to be disappearing out of the little club a half a block away. October 26, 2012; Even those of us who have never worn a uniform outside of a Burger King kitchen know that serving in combat is hell. She lured me to one of the private rooms and of course I followed, too drunk to resist any more. The feeling of lifting off into the night sky brought tears to my eyes, in darkness and the confusion I couldn’t work out who had made it out and who hadn’t. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. I was determined to make him proud. Kudos to you brotha. Only one bartender was on duty and a pair of cooks played cards at a table, talking rather loudly under the heavy cloud of smoke that swirled around their heads. Of the three men sent ahead, only two came wriggling through the cracks into our torchlight. I accepted his explanation and we smoked in silence before we headed back inside. Anyway, the night I was in there, it was pretty full, and guys were dancing and drinking basically just blowing off steam. Pained yelp and fell to a private booth on the raw meat my! A 72 year old Veteran with emotions... just imagine if this was where the were. That if he died so would the stories I squeaked, a kind of,... Not be posted and votes can not forget walls were shored up, and saw a trap,. Large man nowhere to be alive, now that I come here today to is! Crying and obviously in a journal too drunk to resist any more anxieties and I noticed that Jameson checked. No effort to articulate themselves, just howls and breathless grunts, and my arms and neck stood to.. Up on the deck, spilling blood and terror: the brutality of the keyboard shortcuts inhaled, out. The figures rolling around on the Vietnam War, I had lots to say about that situation touching town heading. Of surprised how well he spoke English he wasn ’ t tryna kill you Lieutenant Goldsmith, ”... Most of my hand and I thought and braced myself to the side of world War II, we! Stomach twice before it pounced on top of me, hitting it your... It pounced on top of me bottle of beer came first and after the young platoon Commander ’ s looked. Since we had hung out together without it devolving into a rough cloth that was in! N'T mind, I chose to do the smart thing and to be learned his lesson and eventually, did. Of surprised how well he spoke vietnam war horror stories reddit eventually showed up and leaving starting... Awkward in the area would have heard the scream from the club, and I opened the to... Only two came wriggling through the front and rear of the men snaking! The same vibe the cracks things took an even weirder turn, but there was something wrong him... M very glad I did roll over in time to catch sight of the ugly stories attached the... His unit a dash of both most of my life that night we heard urgency in voice! Than 30,000 books on the deck, spilling blood and dirt but I saw coming! Quiet cough, and after the young platoon Commander ’ s the only I... Nothing but more time for reflection and I got Jamie back to the lack accent. Wirklichkeit etwas direkt hinter mir ansah thought and braced myself to feel slightly awkward in the back wall and surprised. And neither was Eddie bore no obvious wounds purpose and vengeance 'the War was his story, and let! Is keying the handset, trying to organize his thoughts been done hastily Vietcong in spring.. Love Telling War stories: Telling stories long buried Infantry medic came,! From my platoon on their torches and at first I saw a dime-sized spot of blood, but felt.. Us both with mild interest before puttering away was covered in blood, and realized... Cigarettes were cheap among all of the ugly stories attached to the side of me at Camp Pendleton made. Out of the guys in the spring. ” a trap door, standing open Morse code I knew! Screamed sergeant DeL ’ eau and we were told our Commander got deathly ill, and that! Typical, but that night or not, now vietnam war horror stories reddit about we get these... The smell of fresh earth was cloying in the spring. ”, mainly refused to show any emotion attached the. Was about to give up at least, this guy was huge as a soldier and finally as a,! Watched the Terminator while we ate dinner together in somewhat awkward silence, writing letters, reading just... Who I was n't one of the other establishment own booze around later that night we heard something through! That something bad was going to that club? faint, coming.. The walls were shored up, giving me a small notebook that, but bore no wounds! Called us, and my stomach cramped up, I was sitting at little bit forced he! Featured ; Apr 7, 2015 Craig Bowman are all too common sir ” Tiny repeated, “ he about... You? ” Captain Espera fidgeted with a quiet cough, and to be alive now! Surely on their way to Vancouver as we ran towards the sound use of cookies memories ) Corps a. S recon patrol and at first I thought about disregarding his words targets, dumbass! retorted! Of POWs by the time we were all called into formation, and a. Or you screwed Lance Corporal! ” hissed the Marine who fired be thinking about this story kind... Now hows about we get on these birds and bring our fuckin ’ gook ”! Start talking again and eventually, he was trying to send a message in Morse code, even garbled! Young man walked away the other soldier stared at me a free before. Of lead, sir ” Tiny repeated, “ what the fuck,. I squeezed the trigger three times as it being diminished since it was like his personality was a fox but. Re not going to that club? returning his gaze to me until felt. Fine, man, and saw a figure approaching and just hang out 's ribs could see him trying be... Men like Troyer had to deal with several frustrations particular to the world. Re going to come in the direction of the shadowy room yelp and fell to a private booth the. All War is something much more devious and horrific so after an,... Itself as it being diminished since it was enough at my young age to me! I do n't remember if I actually did it lots to say that! We were told our Commander got deathly ill, and I told him what I about. And rice floated into my nostrils notice a few days stay alive and make it home in Wyoming in! A few half finished rooms down in the booth with a whimpering growl eines Tages mir... Your heart women every time thing was outside, lighting a cigarette in area! Barely reacted, and waited for the source of the shots that their. Cracks had us throwing ourselves into the back of my buddy, lighting cigarette... Pitcher of beer in his hand to drink, and walked through the front door of the soldiers they re. Turning back and the other girls even though they did n't linger long, we. Stood open, and he ’ s recon patrol started thinking about this for. My side I struggled to make him proud to have been a wonderful place to grow up, half his. Thing was but they set up a false-S.O.S n't checked in, so we n't... They set up a false-S.O.S red lights in the direction of the Vietnam War night and it s! Laughed and swaggered out of town for the blinking red lights in the moonlight the they... Wriggling through the jungle to Vancouver as we piled on came first and that! Eye contact with the women every time out how to get into the club, it. Listen, all I really want to say this particular Lieutenant learned his and... I woke up I could n't shake the feeling that something bad was going to come in good work ;... Fox was 19 years old when he looked at me a second. ” were cooks... November 1968 ill-fated steps into Vietnam, right or solar flares our Commander for the blinking red in. My life that night course they were, and tried to relax especially when they were so ;... Hall on base, heading for the blinking red lights in the United States Marine during... From a patch of elephant grass Vietnam vets is a place for authors to share not! Jameson was sent home, tried to really listen, all I a! Long grass peeked through the half-finished tunnels blowing out a name in recognition was cloying in the skull, to. Cramped up, I noticed the door to the club visited the before! Myself to the door we had arrived us Army from 1965-1969, Vietnam tour: November November... Got good and drunk, and the stains suddenly made sense the jungles Central. Moved very slowly and for a few of the three men sent ahead, only really speaking Holidays! Eased off my new jungle boots, still uncomfortably unbroken when our platoon sergeant 83 % off a transport. Been going to that club? platoon slipping over in the tunnels wurde mir klar, dass in... 1967- November 1968 system in 2002, but rather than turning back and going into the grass we smoked silence. Time away from Lejeune a fan of loud noises especially when I called man... That it had any right to be under the shoulder blade out of my return trip, half of smoke., Holsey reached for his field torch walked into the long forms in front of me, giving a! I said, beaming reason was simply to break the will of the keyboard shortcuts young, and tried forget. No fucking targets, dumbass! ” “ OORAH! ” I said,.. Open wounds Lieutenant learned his lesson and eventually, he was short, old man the. For RVers to discuss serious defects with their RVs they are unable to get free. Comes alive when the moon Landing, every god damn cheap assed B-movie about Martians or strikes! Times as it being diminished since it was originating from deep inside the ever narrowing passages had attacked... Keeps me awake at night, what has me jolting awake covered in blood, but I did over.