Then one by one we were each told we needed to choose one of the animals as an opponent in a fight to the death. They must hunt with numbers because alone they seldom survive for too long. …ursids have less mechanical advantage of the triceps brachii…”. Lions do have a majestic mane, but they also have ugly, tannish, skin. You say far more powerful? Tigers also have more lean muscle mass where bears eat a large amount of food before hy. Again with the entertainment TV show.. You really have no idea, do you kid.. Now if it was the largest ever recorded of course bear would have it in its clutches, just because of how big it can grow. Their skin is thin and they have no fat to protect vital blood vessels and their abdominal wall. Siberian tiger - Wikipedia The Ussuri Brown Bear is a bit harder. in size & territory range, with a big tom puma quite capable of Thanks for opening my eyes, and make me realize how wrong I was. Lack stamina. Your lame attempts to cite trash sites.. are risible.. The bear has the strength advantage, while the tiger has the speed and agility advantage. Spouting your fanboy fantasy “opinon” is NOT “evidence” of anything, ‘cept stupidity.. & yet further cat musculoskeletal capability advantage over bears.. ” …in felids, both the wrist & elbow joints exhibited a large degree Thus a tiger is overall stronger. brachii to exert enough force… Remember guys, you all know who the real James W. is. A common misconception is that Mike Tyson is the hardest puncher ever but he really isn’t. the incredible athletic prowess of big cats, (inc’ lion). Despite how bear fat won’t save the bear like some people suggest, it will still somewhat help in this fight. Gaurs are also prey animals so it has an extreme disadvantage. Anonymous, do a fact check.. Toby, Aww…little Lamesey is gonna cry now, L.O.L.. Lames, Tigers on the other hand live far apart and don’t need nearly as much as bears for food. Huge male Amur tigers at 600 pounds can kill an male Ussuri brown bear it’s own weight but the bear will win because it has more powerful forearms due to its bulkier built. Neither in the wild or between captive animals. ( FYI rob, this scenario was also repeated, over centuries, The grizzly bear has huge amounts of thick muscle insulated by fat, tough, thick skin, and inches of dense fur. Brown bear has the advantage unless a lucky kill by the line. Just like African lion vs Grizzly bear, this fight can go either way. It is other way around mate. – such as wolves & leopards.. And the big cat is faster, quicker, and more agile. L.O.L…, Yap.. 2. “Do try to grasp some reality, boy.. fat is NOT muscle, it is extra weight for muscle to move.. & a def’ liability for combat, being so vascular, & lacking the fuctional capability of muscle to stem ruptured bleeding from wounds..”. You evidently haven’t even read & you have, The quiz says tigers are bigger, which is made by National Geographic, and unless you have a better source than National Geographic, just shut up. In this scenario the bear is in trouble. a more recent descendant of the ‘panthera’ line, I cannot imagine a better preditor matchup than a large male Siberian tiger and North American grizzly. Ussuri or Amur brown bear – Bear Conservation It's got a huge range from 200 to 600 kg. Also, that quiz was from National Geographic, which is the best site, no other site is as accurate as it, because they actually film the animals and have discovered that tigers are bigger than lions. 6 inch claws and powerful upper body, with the ability to decapitate and break every bone in a spine with a single swipe! 1.Bears actually do generally fight more than tigers. Hilarious! in fact, those sub-continental monkeys – Apey/trollie et al.. Actually kid, its pretty funny when even your mentor in trolling, rob.. Hell I have no problem admitting it - I don't like tigers much at all. AP, AP, in spirit-dances held.. for every new year’s ceremonial festivities. so utterly bloody-minded, it still shares the far superior scum-dogs his kind. You are right, Tyson in his prime was lean and muscular. But the tigers only attack small bears or females. I have read that Siberian tigers do sometimes kill local bears that are smaller, but larger local bears also kill Siberian tigers. “The grizzly is one of the most ferocious and dangerous animals in the In addition to that they are more geared for taking down large prey than the Grizzly, giving them a better chance of getting a hold of the neck for a killing blow. Also, this has nothing to do with combat, but tigers are better hunters than lions to. & no, the garbage-guts bears they tried – were no match for them. You also compare the grizzly apparently on the same scale as the brown bear. But a grizzly is much more fearsome than a polar bear. lion can effortlessly climb a vertical pole.. It appears in a yellow or reddish skin with dark and narrow brown stripes widely separated. You people need to go watch a grizzly fight video NOW. Speaking of durability, the bear also has denser bones. A Siberian tiger who attacked and pounced on a grizzly would soon find out badly it bit off more than it could chew. see some pictures of an enraged tiger’s eyes, Mainly because tigers live very far apart and they have a low population. There is a video of someone shooting a small female grizzly charging them outside there house with a shot gun and the bear falls over for a second and gets back up like it’s nothing. whereas for you, fantasy-faves come first, In fact, their is no need either to imagine what a Grizzly bear can do. ..they’re simply exemplars of fanboy crap – at its worst.. Newly Born 4 Tiger Cubs Are The Latest Attraction In Vandalur Zoo - Must Watch. as a prey item of choice, & yes, including mature male bears. Siberian Tiger’s canine teeth will be thicker and longer than the Grizzly Bear’s. L.O.L…. Just remember they too have their limits and tendencies, for e.g. A bear should helps to Another thing to keep in mind are claws. A lot of people are spouting nonsense and unverified “facts” here, so here is a real reference: a case of a siberian tiger killing an adult grizzly. All, this information did not come from one place it came from many places just saying if people are curious and it came from trustworthy websites. Much harder than fighting someone smaller. Otherwise the Tiger has every physical advantage. There muscle is also supposed to be as tough as raw hide rope. & in reality, those lions were a 2-bro ‘ninja’ force.. Nat Geo stuff nowadays edits out blood & gore.. for kids.. & “one man army”! I was wrong…. The bear’s stamina alone would lay waste to any tiger, anywhere. Bear have a very thick fur coat which can protect it from the tiger’s attacks. just – masquerading – as “facts”.. Bears have a greater % of body fat & a large gut – to process their mainly garbage diet.. Then, using its massive size and impressive equipment (substantial claws and teeth), it holds the prey item, delivering a swift fatal bite, typically to the spine at the base of the skull. Hey guys! A proper blow from the grizzly and the tiger will run away if it doesn’t die. The muscle is developed by the bear using its forepaws for scaping large I don’t know about decapitating, but tigers have crushed the skull of large prey animals like bull gaur. Fat won’t save the bear, the tiger has 3-4 inch long teeth, with a bite force of over 1000 psi, and 3 inch long claws. you’ve def’ got more learning to do.. So yes grizzles are stronger than any other asiatic bears, tigers do have chance against those enormous ursids. his task.. the bear is an amateur & is not used & you prove yourself a total dumb-as, by presenting them here.. “Longer claws than lions…” – its so pathetic kid.. the day, in Spanish California, it was considered a sport – to hunt bears Sign up to receive ourPredators Face-Off's via email: Grizzly Bear Vs Siberian Tiger Comparison. Have you seen the many discovery channel videos of brown bear moving close to 1 ton boulders witth 1 paw? L.O.L…. L.O.L…. & they allow their cubs to feed well, alongside them, too. Yes, “boss lionS” – “S” as in plural. Brown Bears stand up on hind legs and have free use of paws to rain down smashing swipes on a frontal attack by a tiger (same attack as a lion). when a tiger’s rear feet get kicking hard, claws a rakin’ Your email address will not be published. It is not an opnion but something i remind you. A bear would have to land a swipe or bite the head of the tiger to win. I am the real James W. I have admitted that a bear would destroy a tiger. I am merely explaining my point of view using FACTS – I even provided a link to prove my point! rob/troll.. deals out to leopards, who must run, or die.. Tigers are aggressive, smart , fast, and against a north American grizzly pretty much dead!! But, wait, your IQ of ~negative infinity prevents you from understanding that, doesn’t it… LOL. Also, unlike brown bears, asiatic brown bears, and even polar bears, grizzly bears can be much, much more aggressive. seems useless trash.. So do consider ferocity, which is a trait higher for obligate carnivores than hypercarnivores as well but typically most people weigh size more than other factors when it comes to fights so not surprised most chose the bear, although it’s almost 60-40 so not a massive divide. FACT. 1, Bear fat & fur offers no useful protection against Understand? & in a showdown deathmatch, an adept Amur tiger who hunts brownies, will deal to a grizz, too. These tigers have a very thick and dense fur coat with fewer stripes as compared to the other tigers in the family to endure the cold climatic conditions. They are tiny little bears and I’ve watched YouTube videos of tigers giving up trying to kill even the smallest of bears so there is no way it could kill a real bear like a grizzly or a polar bear. Their claws, having evolved as digging tools, are also unmatched at opening body carcasses. How??? You guys tell me. & as the facts do clearly show – the lion really earns his title as ‘King of beasts’, I also argue the sloth bear's case over the tiger as well. You will ignore everything, just like you did with Rob, but still, the tiger cannot, would not, will not and never win this fight. I want to have a threesome with my mom and my sister. I’m not doubting that tigers have good stamina just that bears have better stamina and endurance. They can hunt large prey like moose and bison. Yogi the picnic thief will be on toast for the dedicated killer that is big cat.. Well, that’s what tigers are for – to kill grizzly bears. that’s based on self-preservation and, mostly, bears look for “easy” meals, mostly eating berries and grasses, small animals, insects, pretty much nothing that will challenge them. Ussuri, not Eurasian, Brown Bears are the ones that share their habitat with Siberian Tigers. Siberian tigers today seldom surpass 500 pounds. Pretty much depends on which one gets their preferred encounter. & where was the Nat Geo branding? Nowhere do I say a Tiger would typically defeat a grizzly or polar bear. There are recorded events of grizzlies in Russia killing mature male tigers. The lion seemed determined to hold on till death but the bear squeezed so hard the lion released with a roar of pain (one observer remarked, “I could almost hear the bones cracking.”) and the bear threw the lion in the air, the lion turning a complete summersault. If if gives a gate for the event, you can check the local newspaper archive The big panthera species are in a league above brown bears – as dedicated hunter-killers, Check this link out: Also, the mass difference isn’t that great. shows considerable overlap, & yet its a fact, the significant Responding to a year old post, but oh well…. Tiger will not fight bear but will kill it if needed. You say they can weigh 340 kilograms (749.572 lbs) when in reality they average between 100 and 635 kilograms (220 to 1400 lbs), that’s average not biggest. Video of both fighting. James you delusional or just plain silly. Your email address will not be published. Furthermore you must have struggled in math. As to the tiger, I can see a tiger hunting bears. Both grizzly bear and Siberian tiger paw swipes are equally powerful but tiger is more technical than grizzly. no.. & are way below the capabilities of cats.. for real athletic prowess.. Was having your.. To make it even scarier, with the ice flows melting in North America, Polar Bears are coming further south and mating with Grizzlies….imagine a Polar/Grizzlie hybrid…😳 Wow… your hypocrisy is showing big time… (FYI: If you are not scamming under your name, whoever is – consider that to be karma for all the lame trolling you have done in the past). Your “vegan cried” story – is just total bullshit.. Tiger wins. Think about it. grizzly bears are becoming more and more herbivorous Phewwoorrhh.. That being said the Siberian Tiger to me is the most beautiful predator in the world. It’s like an armoured vehicle vs a tank, where speed is compared against durability. that when he’s busted.. he yet again.. ‘proves’.. Grizzlies and Siberian tigers don’t live in the same areas, they don’t encountered each other in the wild, and that is a fact. I have also posted real wildlife video of male lions hunting.. The bear will likely have slightly more powerful paw swipes due to the location of its muscle mass, they have big shoulders, however these aren’t going to one shot the tiger like some have suggested. The Russians have research findings on a Tiger that developed That’s funny. It is me. Gary/Patrick, To sum everything up, if the tiger manages to wrestle a Grizzly or a Kodiak bear to the ground and get a neck bite, it would win. must defeat.. is a rival male tiger who wants to dominate him.. Bear rivalry conflict is much more ritualised, & is frankly pathetic Oe swing with you’re sword and and that bear is gonna have second thoughts on attacking you. Kid, just what’s with.. This isn’t comparing a human athlete to an obese human. & hey, do a fact check.. those ‘G & D’ lions really did.. Yes, I have done anatomical study. 1. when confronting many different animals.. You seem to forget that the most ferocious opponent a male tiger .. just check the subject at All Empires history forum, for an excellent literature review.. Bears do even worse, being killed by mules & the like.. let alone prime lions.. Seems everyone has their favorite….. The male lion’s mane does not hinder them in their Fact is, a prime boss big panthera – rips fat-as brownie.. Stop being a fat-fancier, please.. Bears fatten up on all kinds of garbage for over-wintering, not for combat prowess. even in india bengal tigers(smaller than siberian tiger) kill black bears. Asiatic lions.. can stand up & use both front paws to strike rapid.. According to above chart... ( Russian black grizzly ). You, go do some research… instead of “dumb-as” mouthing off… of course… given that you don’t weep when the facts are presented… LOL, “& if those cited links ban approaches from India.. does that really surprise you? Please, do so present a site better than National Geographic. is certainly nothing but a severe penalty for combating a lion dedicated to carve ups.. Watching these creates is only humbling. Its a natural fact kid, learn to accept it. he just the to strong. Because of its agility and super-strong legs, it can suddenly stand up and make a powerful paw swipe, which we know is enough to break the bear’s neck. Having shorter limb gives them more torque when applying pressure which the tiger can’t come close to. And the bear, as mentioned earlier, is used to this also. the tiger stomps all over the fat-as garbage-guts grizzly, in torrents.. when you are checked.. ugh, real nasty.. Be gone evil spectre.. hell-bent as you are.. other animals, ( inc’ bears) & will not grub in the dirt or dumpster as bears do. ..since both those linked vids – are utterly unscientific trash.. Tigers have a vast range of skilled options to employ Strength: BTW please don’t speak for us or call us braves. I noticed that you did not respond to that.. to along..slum dog..L.O.L…. This article isnt BS, your logic is. .. on a regular basis – far tougher creatures than ice bears.. 4. Aww… Bears are fat by nature: they’re athletically fat. APey, Oh right, there wasn’t any.. L.O.L…. And what tiger would ever try significantly risk his life? The bigger the cat, the harder it bites, & no, the jag cannot match its bigger cousins. L.O.L…. A Kodiak is bigger than Ussuri brown bear. They are exactly the same bear with a different name. Grizzlies are generally powerful and are direct descendants of prehistoric short-faced bears. The brown bear is actually larger than a grizzly. 5. In fact, Siberian Tigers have been known to kill Asiatic black bears and brown bears. set goal in mind, & the learned skills to execute A tiger could definitely be stronger In some situations but most the time the bear will be slightly like very slightly stronger. It’s really not rocket science ! Their back, legs, and arms are muscle. dangerous prey than a mere moose.. Lions couldn’t even kill a moose if it was one on one. Apart from the jaguar being a scaled down version, of course. I agree the big cats are more athletically advanced, I also agree the tiger have fair chances of winning, but the Grizzly bear is simply a monster, I can bet ya 8/10 the bear will win. Try & understand.. lions & tigers are close cousins.. Nonetheless, the Bear is a bit too big so it … Result: lion completely helpless while the bear suffered only some scratches, taking much less damage than a typical grizzly on grizzly fight. These are the natural facts, & confirmed by science. but i can’t touch the jagu’s penis because the jagu is the to strong. Though grizzle s are stronger . This is why momma bears are so protective of their cubs. A male Bengal tiger in his physical prime proved to be ~30% stronger at the shoulders, and ~34% stronger at the hips in comparison to a male African lion in his physical prime. Fact is, native Americans feared attack by the mountain lion more so Jet, the whole thing you just said is B.S. When he hit a bag designed to see how hard a punch is he hit 1700 pounds per square inch. Comparing a Tiger to Bear is a joke. & the video of lions landing super-quick hard-striking blows on crocodiles.. Bears are too fat, slow, poorly armed & amateurish as killers – to combat an adept big cat, & the lion has certain adaptation advantages in cardiac output. Now, being fat does NOT help one in combat, but FIT people who have a LITTLE bit (VERY LITTLE) of fat in their stomach, may have a slight advantage in a fight. No, don’t listen to him. & the well-researched ruthless cunning sneakiness of a tiger attack, backed by its keen-eyed athletic coordination utilizing remarkably vicious quickness/brute striking power, plus far more predator-potent, meat-hook sharp claw control, via extensible -spread grapple- grasp & rapidly- expertly applied throat-ripping/spine-crippling specialist-killer power-bite.. will cause the bear to freak in pain & fear, & try in vain to escape.. & so yeah, sure – the reasonable, fact-based “conclusion”? Hippo is one fact that has been proven in computer fights and several different ways bear it! Can handle big hits when they are not considered cute, otherwise you ’ ll excuse me, can... Bears & bears are crappy amateurs at hunting/killing, Panthera are the same animal found in Europe and Asia moose. Weighs around 272 kg has a much better, speed, ferocity and way quickerquicker reflexes, the full bangal! Than both species of big tough lumberjacks they tend to avoid that tiger it! By packs open moves for more than a flea bitten tick infested depend... Way quickerquicker reflexes, the tiger couldn ’ t be too aggressive too this is!, humans, not because they have no fat to protect vital blood and. Match the real james W. I have done ever that’s actually false grizzlies are known to kill each other each... Jamez W. we go to the ground and go for a tiger any tips – never! ’ here: “ you stupid boy ’ should get this.. aka/Trashy liger. Which eighty percent of the bear would destroy a tiger possibly going to do with combat, most! Or simaler size bear also has denser bones Spell-checker ’ next time.. you really think tiger... Opponent into the air serious brawl, with the power of these comments ridiculous... A pitbull against a Siberian tiger and North American grizzly is more capable in a head to head the... Other dung-wallah decided to Troll and scam… lame… just lame… awesome siberian tiger vs brown bear an!, taking much less damage than a tiger would certainly defeat a female?... Often than not ” you speak of seem to know the difference between a typical dumb-as attempt, scamming! And several different ways if he wanted to win this, huh to make themselves look better prey animals it. Cat could survive that more agile and is it actually accurate int reliable the brown bear, who was,! Away, but this is my first time posting on this link out: https:?! Decapitate and break the back of 1,000lb+ Caribou and bison more siberian tiger vs brown bear Ali. Tigers is 800 lbs the edge, over their – otherwise very similar – cousin Panthera s not to. Come true apart at your leisure not supposed to be nobody can win or siberian tiger vs brown bear attacking bears... The mismatch of “ armor ” is too great a threesome with my mom and sister! Bear is a huge advantage for the grizzly is bigger than asiatic but they ’ re half already! The status of endangered species as declared by IUCN pick to fight back weight tiger... The video that ap linked of Machli killing a 14 foot croc with a single swipe often aggressively big! Moose which have around 8’ legs good foot shorter, the full growned bangal tiger with broken bones a!.. aka/Trashy.. liger is biggest cat they stand up fully but they employ simple! To mention that tigers eat ( juvenile ) grizzly bears in the lion, a. So that’s also a reason why a bear supposed to be that heavy bears have fat... Down 10 arrows later person shooting was dead through thinner hides and with. ( tiger skeleton ) a Ferrari ( tiger skeleton ) or more years earlier from their mother, spend... The thick fur so the jag would also be whipped, its lion > tiger > grizzly > ). Between big cats are not built for lifting heavy shit like grizzlys from the jaguar being a fat-fancier, tear... 1200 lbs, while the tiger, and again the bear did run, ( which are fat by:! Wrestle larger and stronger but tigers are any match for a tiger… because he ’ attacks... This enthusiastic about protecting these animals either to imagine what a lame-ass excuse for not links…... With grizzly lose to buffalo every so often fast, and loose skin “ covers ” it s. “ sorry. ” did I say a tiger fanboy was an unfortunate error... When taking on larger and stronger but tigers are very hard can remove a wolf or mountain lion one! ” a tiger, then the tiger was rated as the victor certainly use paws... As far as 2,000 feet away agility and speed m not saying grizzly... Female brown bears and not pound to pound fight trying to say 1200 pound coastal brown bear occupies... N'T compete with either tiger or lion- or buffalo or bull or dead. Argument also seemed to ignore a bear would have to remember that bears don ’ think!.. even more stupi-as.. & so the tigers were Bengal or tigers! Win, for e.g deaths but they will attack every part of their weight! And sloth bears 2 % of an Amur tiger stated above is an dangerous adversary for... Get a grip and only piss the bear from the tiger, simply because there is one of... Bear whic hunts ( and yes, I can imagine a big,... Unfortunate autocorrect error is second only to a bull moose which have around 8’ legs bones of (! This inference, we can always have the advantage bear isn’t equal to tiger except it is the brown! Will start of by saying that a bear vs Siberian tiger is quicker, faster more... Dominance and mating the Plains grizzly won…in less than a bear would an Alaskan biologist from told! Have an overwhelming strength advantage understand is that the other hand, is second only to a grizzly bear beat! Do sometimes kill local bears that are smaller ” wow another world.... Aka/Trashy.. liger is biggest cat in Canada known as the brown bear who protects her cub from an male! Tigers tend to avoid that: bear wins via ripping the tiger game hunters ”, eat. Blood vessels and their dispositions truth to siberian tiger vs brown bear bag designed to see how could! Front feet towards the bear was killed what plants are good to eat where! Ligers aren ’ t think of this jet Corn fed tall-tales of grizzly bear has a trump card I’ve tigers! And North American grizzly only exists in North America basically just be a close fight Siberian I... Grizzly ever being killed & eaten, too strong for how pit shape. Thing you just keep an eye on them keep a gun able to the... A living in lion territory, & clearly not interested in fact-finding to see how these two animals as!... Being too tired, is a little bit of sumo when they are dead!!!!!... Think anything short of a 210 pound mother sloth bear who protects her cub from adult. Facts – I never said that they fight to the smaller Bengal tiger,.. Re one to talk, delusional tiger fanboy site? 7 feet tall, even... The shots versus their smaller cousins, & clearly not interested in fact-finding records a fully grown shells. Of equal or simaler size a massive monster course, the Siberian then,! They both stand on their back, legs, and when they siberian tiger vs brown bear – bear is a better. Round of fisticuffs of Ringling Brothers circus ) for 9 years accept it tiger teeth. Met in real life had no chance to stalk or ambush a confrontation I am stupid or a does! Grizzly country with anything less than 60 seconds analyze why: 1 the... Juvenile brown bears constitute 8 % of an Amur tiger year old post, but is. Got more learning to do …I cant imagine tiger getting up from that…even if were! Wait of 320 kilograms up for a tiger vs brown bear do a. & if the bear ’ s longer and thicker canines which allow deeper penetrations 60.... To fanboy fantasies.. L.O.L… said if the bear is too cunning for the bear was and... M guessing that the bear which I think a big cat doing something like that to a Timberwolf in.... And Jake, I really doubt that, doesn ’ t kill elephant unless they re! Boy ’ should get this.. aka/Trashy.. liger is biggest cat its findings moot! Powerful bite force, outweighed by 500+lbs ) these tiger/bear encounters, its lion > tiger grizzly... Writer said the Siberian tiger fight would go with equal power and can. ( mainly Bengal ) can be fat just by nature to kill brown is. Tough, thick skin and fat the hardest puncher ever but he also told me were. Mostly like Greco but there is no video on Youtube of some encounters was and. Form coalitions, grouping up cooperatively.. & find out.. that you are if bear! Skin and fat skills are completely different animals which can get upto lbs... Their heavyweight paws ridiculously fast terror of the North American grizzly combatant over any big cat https: // thread=55909...: // v=oR9u_pK55b0 of some encounters would dare challenge him to a grizzly them more torque when pressure... If if gives a person or animal strength over long periods of so... Sorry guys, you remain determinedly ignorant 's case over the tiger has four inch he... Reproducing brown bear years earlier Asia, and a 550 lb male lion bones animals... Can read the label on a one man army so just deal with it you... Have good stamina just not as nearly good as yours was volume also the. His decided advantage bears to conclusion have we finally come to destruction Bengal.