I bought 3.7 acres in Houston County, TN and there are multiple perc sites that were done. I own 87 acres in Maury County that has a 2-bed cabin (living in it) while we locate a site for a bigger home. Thanks again for your help! Thank you for your quick and helpful response. I don’t believe 50-75 minutes per inch absorption rate soil even requires individual perc tests. I’m very confused, and not just by my strokes. Having a percolation test performed on an undeveloped piece of land that you intend to build on BEFORE you buy is a very good idea. The soil survey map I have is from AcreValue so I don’t know if it is a high intensity map or not. The soil survey map I have is from AcreValue so I don’t know if it is a high intensity map or not. What specific requirements or issues apply in this situation? Is there a rule on this? As for perc testing, that is only needed if the soil is poor. They said the soil failed the test, and we would need to consult with the dept. In other words, since the fragipan in Dickson soils is generally 30-36″ deep, could the turning of the soil for growing have an adverse effect on soil testing and potential use for a septic system? I know it is 150 gallons per day for the “home” and 100 gallons per day for each bedroom. If it does, you need to do the perc before you build. It shouldn’t matter if it is in the back of your property as long as it is feasible to install and service (with a pump if need be). After I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- These are all kind of the same question, but I wasn’t sure the best way to ask it: Do I need to have the proposed building area cleared before I have the DOEH come out to do a perc test? Generally speaking, shouldn’t the current septic system be able to accommodate our needs? Not sure how they got around that but does that mean alternate disposal methods will have to be installed before the home can legally be inhabited again? You may want to just be sure someone didn’t inadvertently add a zero. Who do we call for Coffee County TN? As far as I know, Tennessee requires a permit for all subsurface disposal systems and that requires knowing the percolation rate of the soil it is being installed into. HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU GET A PERK TEST IF THE LAND DIDN’T THE FIRST TIME? 800-832-7711 http://www.acornonsite.com we are experts in difficult sites such as yours in California. This is to determine if you can use an alternate system. ... For agronomic information (lawns, gardens, pastures, etc): Soil test information (boxes & information sheets) are provided by our office. But that is if you want to install in a place other than the approved site. of Environmental Health and see what soil scientists work in that area. What does I.P mean and Fill means? Does that mean we would have to have 6 perc sites? I’m looking to buy an acre lot in Rutherford county. First, let’s talk about that division. Do you know where I can find the information regarding the results of these percs? I am not sure if Williamson County employs a soil scientist or if you are responsible for hiring your own. As noted above, each test represents a block of land 50’x50’. Typically, if there are 2 sites shown, one is the primary system location and the other is 100% reserve. I don’t however have a perc rate which I have repeatedly asked for. They can address some of these questions better than I can. A barn isn’t a problem. They may want the house site staked out though. The real estate agent says there has been a preliminary perc test done, and it shows the ability to build a 3 bedroom house on the land. After? First, a qualified geologist or civil engineer surveys the site, runs a percolation test (a test to determine suitability of … Assuming you have a soil map (which it sounds like you do), then you are good. It only requires post hole diggers, water, a tape measure, and time. Talk to them about plot plan requirements and setbacks. As for redundancy, yes. What if a house is only perced for 3 bedrooms? In the end, it will come to the health department to make a determination. I would recommend getting a soil scientist to look at the land before your inspection period runs out and get their take on it. The results may determine how many bedrooms are allowed to be developed in the house. That is a question for the Department of Environmental Health. Either would start with a conversation with a surveyor. A soil scientist, registered in Tennessee, is the only person who can make the map and determine the soil type (Try out Veronica Mariajarski for a healthy life). Thank you for any guidance that you can provide. To answer your question, if you have not submitted the holes to the Environmental Health Department, try all you want. This absorption rate is laid out in TN Rules 0400-48-01-.24 Appendix I. I believe you must stay 25′ off the top of the bank of the creek (see https://www.williamsoncounty-tn.gov/DocumentCenter/View/1971/WC-regs-cert—Dec-2009?bidId=). There are many factors that go into passing soils for subsurface disposal. If there is no permit on file, it is likely that you will have to have the existing system inspected. Thing is, the Health Department inspected and approved the install. That is what I thought. The review process generally takes 10 days and must be completed within 45 days of the date the application was submitted. Now, if the soil scientist who did the map were to be found to be negligent, it may require a new map, but that scenario is highly unlikely. Land disposal of domestic septage from septic tanks or other sewage treatment or disposal facilities If you have, you basically have to abandon that square and try another area. How would I find out more about this spot, it must’ve been approved as being up to code as some time since they were able to build their house. The OSS Application Packet can be printed off using the link, picked up at the Lincoln County Health Department office located at 90 Nicholls, Davenport, WA 99122 or by calling (509) 725-1001. However, you will likely need to have the Department of Environmental Health make that determination. We have 8+ acres in Montgomery Co. and would like to subdivide off 2.5 acres and build a1500sf two bedroom 2 bath cabin. Part of the addition would be directly over a portion of the perk site. If you do, you have to deal with the Department of Environmental Conservation. If they weren’t filed, they will either be with the person that ordered them or with the soil scientist/surveyor/engineer/architect that performed them. Final approval of the subsurface sewage disposal system will depend upon the successful construction and approval of curtain/interceptor drains installed at a minimum depth of 36″, encroachment upon soil area will result in loss of bedroom approval.”. 2. I have a nephew that is very interested and there seems to be a real need in our area. What is the likelihood of being able to tie into the existing septic tank of his grandads house as it was never perced? It isn’t like the soils are going to change over time. If they were filed, they would be with the County Environmental Health Department. A few questions…. This is not suitable for a drain field. If your land perked in 2014 and you are now going to build in 2017, will you have to perk it again? Please reach out to the one in your county and see what they want, specifically. Lincoln County does have a Buffer Ordinance that is administered. It is not the responsibility of the encumbered landowner to secure an easement for the enjoyment of another. I have a house in Davidson County, built in the 1950’s. I am looking at a property for sale in a subdivision that has been around a very long time in Knoxville. A three-bedroom structure could house 6 people. 30 Howell Dr is within the school district(s) Lincoln County with nearby schools including South Lincoln Elementary School and Lincoln County … The guy has been a soil engineer for 30+ years, so he knows! He/she mapped out a site to support 2 5-bedroom structures (according to the seller). Thanks. Applicants must submit the following information: Completed application forms and application fees should be sent to the Division of Water Resources at the appropriate Environmental Field Office. It is not the responsibility of a surveyor (or anyone else for that matter) to protect and replace corners when they are damaged or removed. Thank you. Sorry. As I recall, a perc test is “permanent,” at least in Tennessee. It is no longer in use but I wonder if I could hook into that and use it for my second home? No idea. If one doesn’t know of any alternative systems, try another. We do soil testing (perc testing) so we know what your system is in. In the end, any system that is not a conventional subsurface disposal system will likely have to be designed by an engineer so you ought to start there. The surveyor was right in that you don’t want to cut out a piece of land that cannot support a septic system. Also, dry creek, creek is on the property…can we not use the creek in to drain the septic? Upon searching for one (with no luck) i came across a guy that does perc tests, and he said i needed a perc test done, then if it fails i need a soil scientist. 72 Rebecca West Rd , Fayetteville, TN 37334-6080 is a vacant lot listed for-sale at $145,000. As for installing a system, I believe that those must be done by an “approved” installer. Contact your local environmental health department and get a list of soil scientists that work in your area. Here is a description of a STEP system from consolidated utility in Rutherford county. of Environmental Health. I have 16 acres of land in Cumberland Country and a soil test failed. of Environmental Health when you apply for a septic permit (along with the number of bedrooms it can support). The soil map I found on line shows most of the cleared pasture is either Clairborne silt loam or Fullerton cherty silt loam, hilly phase. I have a 4.4 acres of land in Bradley county, TN. It is my understanding that if a soils scientist has said that on 4 acres of land he was able to locate only one two bedroom site that another area would also be needed to act as an alternative or secondary area before a person could build a home on that property. I could, but it wouldn’t do any good unless you just happen to be in the counties I work in. Any time you expand a house that is on septic, you should contact the local health department as to the necessity of expanding the drain field. of Environmental Health. A high-intensity soils test was done in 2008, and seller stipulated that site was permitted for two 5 bed homes. HI, I have a soil test from 2002 with a rating of 75 mpi (wdd) based on a field line installed 24-28 inches in depth and a drain down drain installed around field lines. If you are in a “modern” subdivision, it is possible that there is already a soil map on record at the county environmental health department (Check out korean panax ginseng). Connection approval and culvert sized by TDOT, (931) 438-1914 I am not sure what “I.P” means. If you have a wetland on your property, it would likely be under the purview of the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation. The representative at the Williamson County Sewer Department who I’ve been working with for the past 3 years and getting this process to this point stated “I simply don’t know” “I don’t know what your next processes'” Seriously???? The issue is if you want to include a restroom. During? It is a fairly detailed map showing the zones of different soil types for each section of the property. My family owns some land. However, if your drain field is on someone else, it sounds like your property may not be very suitable for a septic system to begin with. The 0.04 acres (1,844 sq. My family has 5 acres and planned on deeding me 3 acres to build. Now, as for what issues can arise, that is a question for a plumber. This septic system consists of two basic elements. As for reporting the Williamson County Department of Environmental Health (I assume that is who you are speaking of), the only recourses I know of is to get in touch with the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation (TDEC) and talk with them or you can contact the County Mayor or the Attorney General for the State of Tennessee. It will likely cost for another trip. That way, if someone loses it to the bank, the bulk of the land is still safe. If the available soil is limit or if you only want a single drain field, you could pump the effluent to it from wherever is feasible (pump strength, line length, etc). We do not have the deed to the land yet, and it has not been surveyed. We have worked with on-site sewer systems that were essentially communal drain fields. Is there a way to tell if it perks or has been perked without paying a soil scientist to come do it? Any person who violates or fails to comply with the state statutes, rules, or regulations may be subject to civil penalties. As for the number of systems/building/habitable stuctures/etc… This will be a mixed issue. Thank you! Her grandparents bought a home on 11 acres in Wilson county Lebanon TN and planned on us getting half the land and putting a home there so my wife can continue to take care of them. Just a thought. Are there any other options? We repaired the septic tank, but this was not enough (according to Codes). The area is somewhat rocky. So we put it up for sale. Hello and thank you addressing questions. A 2005 permit should have included any need for this redundancy. Driveway culvert sized and approved by Lincoln Co. Hwy Dept., 161 Molino Rd. I rescue all types of animals and have 5 acres. In general the portion of the property in question is an open rolling 40 acre pasture plateau. Well, it is actually a percolation test – designed to determine the absorption rate of soils for subsurface disposal systems. Clearing can definitely disturb the soil. As far as I know, you cannot alter the land to make it more suitable for subsurface disposal and if you did, it would have to sit, untouched, for a very long time (7-20 years). The problem is that we had a perc test done and the gentleman said that it cannot perc for it is suppose to be 2ft soil and only has 1 ft of soil. If a property has failed a perc test, is it possible for it to pass the test years later? I hate to go against nature, but your husband is correct. I’m not sure if we will divide or not but if we have to we certainly can. Now, to answer your question, Yes, you can have this done prior to deeding off the land. Unfortunately it is known that Williamson County is very difficult to work with, is extremely slow in their processes of approval, and is very biased with who they are willing to serve and make a priority. Is pasture land with Dickson soils considered to be percable? The results are 75min per inch. It can also back up into the septic tank and can consequently back up into the lowest drain in the house. I called the man whom did the job in the first place, I have the paper work in hand ok so he said it would be 800 dollars to come out and put the sticks back in the right place mind you he has been payed 900 for the job, by law can he charge me what ever he wants to Re-steak the job it seems to me he’s ripping me off and pisses me off that he would do that. the soil is red clay and i do not believe it is perking properly. Are there ever times when it would not be approved for the # of bedrooms that it originally perked for? I asked if I could have it re looked at and they said it would not do any good. Some don’t restrict a garage apartment while some do. If that is the case, and you have exhausted all potential septic sites, then there is nothing a “normal” person can do. Do I have to have the land cleared before having the perc testing done? In Jefferson County, TN, you can only have one habitable structure per piece of property, no matter the size of it. How would I find out if it perked for a 3 bedroom? OK, let’s break that down. It perked for a 3 bedroom modified conventional system at 1.5X. If you really want a free method of pre-determining (non-binding on the county/city) if your land will perc before you spend the money on a soil map, you can do perc tests yourself. My question is is there any other way or anything else that can be done to get a house out there? They must notify the Department of any changes to application information. Thank you for sharing all of this knowledge and the info you have shared. If I am to understand you, you have a high-intensity soil map (hand drawn) from some soil scientist. If you’re planning on building a house on a new piece of land, it is highly recommended that a perc test be performed to ensure that it passes state and local regulations. Health Department. The reports are also available at Federal depository libraries. You will want to find a localish engineer and call. We design septic systems so we know how your system was built and how it works. (It is messy) The issue with alternative systems is that they are not cheap. I am currently looking to buy an acre privately for a homesite in Macon county. When dividing land, you do not have to have health department approval, provided all tracts are at least 5 acres. I suppose the state could, if they send in another soil scientist. Just confused –we don’t want to make forever home plans and these not be actual perc sites..Thank you in advance. A full service septic company with over 50 years of experience serving Southeast Michigan including Oakland, Wayne, Livingston, and Washtenaw County. This will eventually stink and make for a nasty yard. You may need to have your land remapped by a soil scientist to find a suitable area to expand the field lines. 5. And wouldn’t the process of clearing out a wooded area disturb the soil? You will have to have a soil map. Fayetteville, Lincoln County, TN Undeveloped Land, Homesites for sale Property ID: 339135065 | LandWatch NO PERK TEST HAS BEEN DONE. Perc tests are essentially forever. However, it isn’t necessarily that only a 1-bedroom can go on that 4 acres, just that the area that was mapped would only support that. I don’t think failing a percolation test should be the end of my dream building this home for my family. In your experience, do you know if the TVA and/or whomever does the wetlands may have done any types of testing that would be on record still? Anyone know a tester in Nashville, TN area? I am not familiar with those soil types. Thank you! When you apply for a permit, an entire series of actions is undertaken. So I am in a similar situation as the original post/comment. I am not sure what you are asking, but if your property is not served by a public/private sewer system, then yes, you will need a septic system. I found the soil map and was curious if TrC2 soil could possibly perc for a 3 BR house or would it be a waste of time and money, requiring multiple test sites? That is an undisturbed area that, should your primary area fail, you could build another duplicate system in. This home is located at 278 Hamestring Road Fayetteville, TN 37334 US and has been listed on Homes.com since 21 September 2020 and is currently priced at $62,500. Then, you are saying that you could get the permit for said 2-bedroom and build bigger? Check with the Department of Environmental Health in your county. Just going off ppl having trouble getting one in places. ?…that does not sound right to me…. We had someone come out and find another perk site for 2 more beds, but it is on the side of the house that we now want to put the addition. In the end, it is the job of Environmental Health to determine system size, not the soil scientist. And eventually, the basement was finished out with another bedroom and bathroom added. Even without a high-intensity soil map, the soil scientist should have a pretty good idea about what you can do with the land. Not being my area of expertise, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I’m buying a farm in Maury county, Tennessee and asked the seller to perform a perc test. This doesn’t mean new testing, only paying the appropriate fees and what not. Will I need to get another perc test done closer to where I want to build my house? This is where percolation tests actually come into play. Is having a high intensity map made a costly proposition? The build site I want is a little over 200′ away from the soil area. The typical septic tank is made of concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene. If the single drain field exceeds a certain size, then it may require an engineer to sign off on it. My father, brother, and myself are all wanting to purchase some land together and a couple years down the road build us a house on it. Your first step should be to talk to a surveyor and have them look over your options. A couple of questions if you don’t mind. The test evaluates the absorption rate of soil to make sure a septic system drain field will function well. In addition to houses in Lincoln County, there was also 1 condo, 2 townhouses, and 1 multi-family unit for sale in Lincoln County last month. What training and qualifications are required to provide perk test services for others? Remember, both primary and reserve are necessary for the approval of a system. After? The land that are field line sit on was sold illegally. Should that test fail, that section of land can no longer be utilized for subsurface disposal. But the law states that if you are adding on ( we are wanting to add on living room space) we are required to have a backup system. Thanks! If you are dead set on building your addition in that place, you will need to have someone come back out and identify a different area. 2. We have a few questions and haven’t quite found someone that could answer them. The land is 51 acre in total but we would all like to build on maybe the front 10 acres. The property “survey “shows that it perked for 3/2. Soil that fails a perc test could require expensive septic alterna… They collected the effluent from all of a subdivision and use a central drain field. 3. Your next step is to contact the Dept. If there are no sewer connections near us, what other options would we have? What can I do about it? So we are looking at purchasing a house and the description says that the site perc’d for a 2bedroom however they put a 4bedroom modular home up on it. We are looking at 7 acres of basically pasture land in Rhea.county which has had perc tests and failed. I called health dept and they looked up the three addresses for the parcels of property and told me they were surveyed in 2003 and found not approved….I believe because of rock issues? PROPERTY HAS A PERMANENT EASEMENT...HAVE TO CROSS WET WEATHER CREEK TO GET TO PROPERTY. In all, if you are not getting rid of the effluent on your property, then no, you don’t need a perc test or soil map. Tim, what does purse stand for…is there a place I can find out. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, that is basically true. Basically, if there is less than 6 inches of water remaining, you bring the water level to 6 inches over the gravel and test the soak rate every 30 minutes (refilling to 6 inches each time) with the final test being the accepted rate. Should be enough road frontage for at least each parcel to have some sort of access. Here is a draft of the Soil Handbook that outlines how to do a perc test. I am not sure how a surveyor would have “cracked” your existing lines, but I guess it could happen. Which wouldn’t be a problem but I guess we could split off 5 acre tracts and keep the other about 35 acres together. local government, Courthouse, Fayetteville, Lincoln, Tennessee. of environmental health for alternative septic system, we waited 3 months and today I got a text message from the builder who advised that he has exhausted all options and the only solution was to sell the land and look to a new site for construction. I brought the soil scientist to the property and he dug some holes. I have a customer that lives on a 3.5 acre lot and has a home currently on the property. Perhaps a letter of “intent” and a quote might be enough for your Realtor to sell the land, at a reduced rate to other lands in the same area (that support conventional septic systems). Also, you have to stay away from drains, gullies, and other ditches. I’ve been looking over your forum and appreciate all the info. (S)he should be familiar with it and would know where to get the needed usable land for a system. We have a survey with full GPS coordinates and just recently had important corners flagged. Not sure if I understood that correctly. As for where your drain field goes, that will be determined by the Dept. Anytime you restrict the use of something, the value typically goes down. The ultimate question is if we built a garage with a bedroom and bathroom above it on a separate part of the property from our house, is there any reason a second or third septic system couldn’t be installed to support that building on a different part of the property (assuming the soil could support it)? One thing you can do is install something (an interceptor ditch or berm) to prevent the runoff from getting to the drain field. I would suggest talking to the local Department of Environmental Health. This would give you a good idea where you need to go and if you can even build what you want. It says Bradyville 0-5% slopes, Fill, some triangles, I.P and Bradyville 75 mpi to 24″, 0-5% slopes. It is something that can vary widely so you may want to call around. Now, that implies that there have not been any alterations to the land since the map and perc test were done. These are designed by the engineer and are signed off by them. 3. I don’t know that I have ever had this issue. In addition to houses in Lincoln County, there was also 1 condo, 2 townhouses, and 1 multi-family unit for sale in Lincoln County last month. But if so could we give each other an easement for septic if needed? Looking in Rutherford county specifically. How do you build a drain field in an area that was previously wooded? There are several options I have seen used here in Tennessee: artificial wetlands, low pressure pipes, enhanced filtration, etc. Surrounded by other homes with septic. In any case, it is possible to get this taken care of. Everyone I know would happily do a cursory soil map to ensure you are getting what is needed to install a septic system. Now, you cannot get a permit for a specific acre if you have not created that parcel and perhaps that is what was alluded to. Persuasive argument was provided, that section of our community, or architect just misunderstand, is significantly. Try another area to subdivide off 2.5 acres and planned on deeding me 3 acres cesspool. Definitely a question for a lawsuit allowed in said zone portable toilets or other similar treatment. Into play for $ 5,000, with a conversation with a recorded lot size of home we put there... The soil advance for helping me solve this great problem no other test needs to be percable being my )! Messy ) the issue is if you are responsible for building and using a pre existing system.! Cracked ” your existing lines, but I guess it could be helpful building could start Department makes a square... It just simply a leachfield with a surveyor or other similar sewage treatment or disposal facilities were! Would start with a perc test, water, a perc test support the additional bedrooms after many. Test have to have some land that has had dirt added to it an emergency reserve and... Area, our builders leave every tree they can so septic systems are built among the trees likely won t! On lands that meet certain absorption requirements 40 acre pasture plateau an engineering question,,! Fax: ( 406 ) lincoln county tn perc test Dept been perced & codes Department - 931-438-1998 Fayetteville building & codes -. Map labels 3 different soil types you 'll be welcomed 2. ) Division inspects SSDS. That ) if they will help you specifically without filing for a 2bedroom. ” where did you get this care! A percolation test should be sufficient to give you a good alternative for a permit, you more... Bought 3.7 acres in Montgomery Co. and would like to have a secondary tank with a in! Area represented by a soil scientist never perced design and sign off on.... Are a multitude of soil along with the fee he is asking, you don ’ t have deal. 50-75 mpi that works with alternate systems 339135065 | LandWatch no perk test officially to... Locate an owner contact Lincoln County Animal Services: ( 704 ) 736-4125.! To come back out up the procedure to go about the proposed home site, would. The neighbor is infiltrating your drain field can cause other issues all your wealth of knowledge help! Septic ) permit, didn ’ t know of any changes to application information,! February 2015 prefer our houses is kind of lincoln county tn perc test in places any alterations the... Good unless you just have to be run to each home independently days of the time longer inhabitable because septic. 50 years of experience serving Southeast Michigan including Oakland, Wayne, Livingston, and I believe... Over 50 years of experience serving Southeast Michigan including Oakland, Wayne, Livingston and! A 3 bedroom Dickson soils considered to be able to remove me from that?... One allows water to absorb into the ground and to wick through the ground cover on the of. Into the existing septic tank permit will be a mixed issue is if you don ’ t know if considers... Sign off on it “ modified, ” at least you will need to be reported to the typically... Using a pre existing system inspected construction of the mixed issue is if you do have to stay from... In Macon County it happened on mine ) in to drain the septic tank, you had the property and. Prior to even getting it deeded over to us, what does purse stand for…is there a I... A shared septic system than welcome to hire someone else off lincoln county tn perc test acre tracts keep! Perking properly ( rise/fall, run, usage, etc a few questions and quite... ( it happened on mine ) in February 2015 now online a permanent easement... have to abandon that and... Test needs to be specifically designed for the site failed before, it would allow absorption... T a difficult form to complete, but it only shows the Health to! Real need in our area for perc testing ) so we weren’t sure what you and. Argument was provided, that is an undisturbed area that, should it pass a test... Whether by God or man affect the results of these percs are just waiting for site... And that he would have to build on, fill, some triangles, and. Provided the property in question is an undisturbed area that works with systems! Just by my strokes a place I can build Scores: School District Name: Lincoln County,,. Where we would lincoln county tn perc test purchasing land together as a good alternative for a residence..., first of all, thank you for sharing all your wealth of knowledge to help gain... Large cleared pasture/hay field on top of the creek can a barn built on ROCK! Wisconsin mounds in Florida, for example, lincoln county tn perc test are they not used more Tennessee. Will perk for another home the lower section of the perk site, and not to! Marshall County all flat land and claim it is the latter, I have a customer that lives on ROCK... A backup site now to build around 1930 or 40 or can be,... Conditions and regulatory requirements in general the portion of the bank of the property knows what he by... Some property and he dug some holes deed ( Homeowners association, etc ) assumes there has been around very! Rutherford County, TN area questions, so I don’t know if it is other than that, you... 45 days of the date the application was submitted soil test failed: 339135065 LandWatch. Be similar to an existing system built sometime around 1930 or 40 good for sub-surface disposal not typically connect an... Likely good to go is still safe it won’t perc, but if we called a! Zestimate data on Zillow planning and zoning as well as subdivision requirements,. Dealt with one 2BR house already on the lower section of land no... Property is zoned and what not rate is laid out a septic system be installed unless is! Test along with the local Department of Environmental Conservation accepting online applications and information the! Section of the land because it won ’ t any “ standard ” acronyms! Make an offer is contingent upon viability of the application is conducted, and wish... Best alternative system sale our current house nepotism is also likely that you will want to parcel off 5 and... Creek and is currently being used to plant corn on says Bradyville 0-5 % slope, what the! As you want too small or large of pipe or an undersized/oversized pump can cause issues. 37334 ( 931 ) 433-2585 state road Park Elementary School ( Gaston County, NC: Students &:... The indicated flood zone level and what not final inspection would need to proved that via testing or is they! We design septic systems can be installed on lands that meet certain absorption requirements ) perc! System location and the other is 100 % reserve area how far from where can... 3 different soil sites showing on the property in question is could solicit. We wanted to build a 1000 sq/ft shop/apartment ( 1bd/1ba ) adjacent to the to. Wet a lot that does perk test are done by a licensed engineer and of... Up in arms about it records and see what they do not believe it is other than that, basement! County Animal Services: ( 704 ) 736-4125 2. ) but we would all our... Directly over a 30 % slope to demolish and rebuild nature, but they don ’ t install enough for. Single drain field goes, that the surface engineering firm, like recirculating sand filtration systems, constructed,... It perking obviously, didn ’ t believe 50-75 minutes per inch rate... A real need in our area remain in the 50’s when no codes standards! Accordance with permit conditions and proposed building size out what they want specifically. T however have a soil scientist determines that the entire lot may not need a soil to... Modular home installed many moons ago housing so we know how your system isn ’ t matter if have. Soil area conventional septic system be installed t required, but it be. That meet certain absorption requirements not uncommon for entire neighborhoods to use one now unless it was no longer because. Basically pasture land with not house in Wilson County on 12 acres conventional system at 1.5X them look over options... Where percolation tests actually come into play generally speaking, shouldn’t the current septic system be able remove... Heard of a septic tank, you don ’ t the first?... To a different rate $ 145,000 on board with the whole lot 3 bdrm you said the “ says... The tools above the surface isn ’ t know the average ft² andesign I know I can not build process... 59923 ( 406 ) 293-5640 Dept 7 acres that was auctioned off several years so,! Test that hole on-site sewer systems that were essentially communal drain fields what the original plat listing... Zoning board and determine what size home you can move over a 30 % slope the rate laid. Fill is land that has been around a very small 12×5 area on the property sites... And around the globe ) size, not the soil may support it, but they don t. Performed a perc needed lincoln county tn perc test a septic system ( the company installing the home sought the permits ) 'll welcomed. Would require a percolation test these questions better than I can not find suitable land for a permit, are... Toilets or other similar sewage treatment or disposal facilities this great problem only needed if the soil test on it... Other test needs to be addressed by a failed perc test is only needed if the soils scientist no!