An immense amount of writing sympathetic to the Greeks appeared in the newspapers and reviews, but suggestions that practical help should be sent met with little response. Greek Independence Day, national holiday celebrated annually in Greece on March 25, commemorating the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821. The Prussian Government had been prepared to tolerate philhellenism as long as it was mainly a literary theme or a subject for philosophical debate. When all allowance is made for the distortion of the news, the political situation in Europe, and other favourable factors, it remains an astonishing phenomenon. When a pamphlet went into a second edition or was translated I have counted these as if they were new works. Could any sensitive and grateful man – especially the lover of letters and of the arts who owes to this country his most noble pleasures and sweetest inspiration – withhold his pity for the misfortunes that heap on them. The final chorus is a paean for the longed-for regeneration: The world’s great age begins anew, The local Greek population, whether klephts or peasantry, watched the Regiment Baleste with incomprehension. In the absence of real knowledge about the way of life, traditions, customs, and ideas of the Modern Greeks, the Europeans relied on their prejudices. It was a European movement, springing up spontaneously in every society where European civilization was valued. The treaty granted the Allies the right to occupy forts controlling the Straits of the Dardanelles and the Bosporus; and the right to occupy "in case of disorder" any territory in case of a threat to security. Their most prized personal possessions were daggers and firearms decorated, if they could afford it, with precious metal and jewels. The Ottomans had once struck fear into the Christian nations of Europe, but a lack of technological innovation an… They invariably fired from the hip and turned their back to the enemy as they pulled the trigger. Alexander Ypsilantis was elected as the head of the Filiki Eteria in April 1820 and took upon himself the task of planning the insurrection. In the United States, too, the philhellenic movement made a strong start in 1821. For generations his family had been klephts in the Morea and several of his close relatives had been killed or tortured by the Turks. Then Hypsilantes sent one of his officers, who had come with him from Trieste, to conclude a capitulation. Some Greeks enjoyed a privileged position in the Ottoman state, and Ottoman Turks had always afforded a specific class of Greeks a degree of power. Nevertheless, the figures do seem to illustrate a few points about the state of public opinion. pp. Panagiotis Zographos illustrates under the guindance of General Makriyannis the battles of Alamana (left) and Acropolis (right) (from his Scenes from the Greek War of Independence). The first symbolic act of both sides when they took possession of a mosque or a church was to ride in on their horses and foul the places which their enemies regarded as most holy. International recognition of Greek independence came But only a few hundred pounds was collected and the committee was soon disbanded after a consignment of arms had been sent.[22]. The fight for Religion, Life and Freedom calls us to arms! Only the Bey and his harem were saved – as was usual with important prisoners, since there was a hope of ransom – but he was tortured mercilessly (although ineffectually) to make him reveal where the treasure was hidden. In Leipzig Krug issued a second pamphlet declaring that to fight for the Greeks would be to obey the first commandment. By the time the survivors reached the shore all control was lost, and when someone shouted a false alarm that Turkish soldiers from Nauplia were coming, almost all the prisoners, about 1,500 in all, were killed. In fact, … The armed bands of Colocotrones and the other captains burst into the fortress and plundered all they could find, killing any Turk they met.
From the autumn of 1821 young men from every corner of Europe, inspired by the rhetoric of professors and churchmen, packed their bags and set out for Marseilles, determined to play their part in the holy war for the regeneration of Greece. Then, victorious and crowned with glory, blessed by our Greek brothers and all Christendom and with the glorious knowledge that we have broken the chains of slavery of millions of our brothers, we shall see our German Fatherland again. By the time the news reached Western Europe the Turkish loss was put at 1,200. Prisoners who were suspected of having concealed their money were tortured. The Greeks were unable to maintain a continuous blockade and were often scattered by sorties of Turkish cavalry. With experience and good will the advocates of both methods could have grown to understand the advantages and disadvantages which both involved and planned their strategy accordingly. A Turkish couple, too starved and exhausted to carry their child any further, tried to hand it to a Greek. In France the interest was intense. The students of Germany, conscious of having played a leading part in the expulsion of the French, had made themselves into an important political force on the return of peace. By August 1821 the small town of Monemvasia was at its last extremity. There were age-old disputes between neighbouring communities. Colocotrones had the biggest contingent and there were numerous captains with smaller bands. The Greeks, however, offered a convention whereby they would be granted a secure passage to Africa. Many Greeks moved from master to master in accordance with their success. Hypsilantes’ own treasury was by now running very low and he was having difficulty even in maintaining the Regiment. There were only about twenty Europeans present manning the artillery. Theodoridis, Georgios K. "A Modern State". Even in Prussia itself, at Berlin, Professor Zeune started a collection. The Americans, confidently secure, even smug, in their own constitutional liberty could not conceal a feeling of superiority towards the unhappier political systems of the European nations. The press, enjoying a precarious freedom, was split. Individuals with experience of fighting should go to Greece with the express or tacit permission of their governments and should there join the ranks of those fighting. Dr. Lemprière, the author of a dictionary of classical antiquities, began to campaign in the autumn of 1821 for a subscription to be raised to help the Greeks. He quoted with approbation Lord Bacon’s opinion that whereas no nations are wholly alien one to another, there are some races whom it is a human duty to ’suppress’ since they ’have utterly degenerated from the laws of nature’ and ’have in their very body and frame of estate a monstrosity…, they are common enemies of mankind… disgraces and reproaches to human nature’.[26]. Lithograph mocking the new restrictions on the press and free expression imposed by the Carlsbad Decrees, 1829 / Wikimedia Commons. Philadelphia and the Greek War for Independence, 1821-1828 IN THE SPRING OF 1821, after nearly four hundred years of Turkish rule, the Greeks of the Morea (Peloponessus) rose in rebellion. But the forces of evil are struck with terror when they see ’The panther, Freedom, fled to her old cover’. Hypsilantes therefore decided to summon the Regiment and the numerous European volunteers who were congregating at Calamata and elsewhere. At Marseilles, volunteers on their way to Greece with the connivance of the French authorities could see frigates being built in the shipyards for the Egyptians. Portrait of Johann Gottfried Schweighäuser, professor of Greek literature, Strasbourg, 1821 / Wikimedia Commons. The remaining Turks, trusting in Hypsilantes and his European code of honour agreed to surrender on condition that they would be taken in neutral vessels to Asia Minor. From Frankfurt it was reported how the priests were inveigling women into the movement and preaching a crusade from the pulpit. 73–102. Their version of Christianity allowed them to regard all Moslems, men, women, and children, as abhorrent to God and deserving of total extirpation. Dania calculated that the Turks would be so terrified by the sudden unexpected appearance of a regiment of European troops in close order that they would be unable to resist. He was able to make use of this knowledge while remaining all his life a Greek klepht. And since it was clear that the Government was not prepared to do anything to help, it was left to private initiative to make a contribution. The cause of the Greeks was a subject which stirred the feelings of many men who never attempted another poem in their lives. It is more likely that the same pattern would have occurred as was seen at the surrender of Acrocorinth a few weeks later. By August, in several of the smaller German states the call had been made. 8 Gordon who saw the aftermath dared not describe the horrors in his history (i, p. 245). Whereas Tripolitsa was a sprawling town on an inland plain surrounded with a single low wall, Nauplia was strategically situated on the coast, still on occasion being supplied by sea, and protected by a series of fortifications that are among the wonders of Venetian military architecture. 11 Wilhelm Boldemann from Grabow in Mecklenburg. Some of the leaders who had served with the French and British armies had seen how small bodies of well trained and disciplined troops could cut their way through local troops many times their number; they had also seen the effects of European artillery both in the field and in storming defended positions. 18 Translated from Constitutionnel, 26 July 1821, quoted by Dimopoulos, p. 60. Only Marseilles, of all the ports of southern Europe, remained open owing to the ambivalent attitude of the French Government. Colonial Office Records 136/1085 reproduced as an Appendix to Humphreys, First Journal. At the time of Demetrius Hypsilantes’ arrival, Southern Greece was a patchwork of virtually independent communities, across which bands of armed men moved at will. Dania, a Piedmontese revolutionary in exile who had been a cavalry officer, drew up a scheme to try to restore the situation. Thirty pamphlets appeared in France during the first two years of the war. Add new page. Looking at the topography of the place one marvels at the daring of the plan and doubts whether it could ever have been carried out. Prussian Crown Prince Frederick William III / Preußen-Museum Minden, Germany. They disliked their Western manners and Western clothes and the fact that so many of them were more at home speaking French, German, or Italian than Greek. They were even unable to prevent some of their number from selling provisions to the Turks. Krug’s pamphlet was only the first of many professorial pronouncements all over Germany. The Scottish historian and philhellene Thomas Gordon took part in the revolutionary struggle and later wrote the first histories of the Greek revolutio… The one balanced pamphleteer of the Greek Revolution, Sheridan, included in his list of causes of the relative indifference of the British towards the Greeks at this time ’the language of their partisans’. In Austria, Russia, and Italy the governments were even more authoritarian than elsewhere in Europe and the evidence for public interest in Greece harder to find. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If our voice could be heard, the barbarians who are massacring the Greeks, slaughtering priests, and prostituting Christian virgins to the frenzied soldiery, would soon be punished, annihilated, and driven back to the deserts of Africa and Asia; if our voice could be heard the standard of the Cross would fly over the roofs of Constantinople or over the Parthenon, and the Church of St. Sophia would soon be restored to its former use.[18]. Those interested should apply at once to Grosse Backerstrasse, No. Wild dogs roamed through the smouldering ruins feeding on the putrid corpses. The great majority (except in England) had apparently one edition only, although one or two especially influential works went to as many as four editions. As elsewhere, the leadership of the movement was first taken up by scholars. Humanity and Duty challenge us to hurry to the aid of our brothers, the noble Greeks, to risk our blood, our lives for the Sacred Cause! What the Europeans failed to understand was that the Greek method of fighting was part of a total scale of values quite alien to their own. The flintlock still ruled the arms world in 1822. Having seen the preambles at Monemvasia and Navarino, he felt that he understood the forces that were really at work. Professor Krug was reprimanded by the Saxon Government, ordered to refrain from political activity, and his pamphlet was suppressed. All societies tend to be conservative where their military customs are concerned. As at Tripolitsa and elsewhere there were confused negotiations for a surrender. A handful of captains had such large bands of armed men at their disposal that they were virtually independent chieftains prepared to operate over a wide area. The subject had an apparently irresistible attraction for conventional poets. Could any man suppress his desire to see reborn again in Greece the days of liberation of Marathon and Salamis, and if possible the blessed time when Plato listened to Socrates and when the songs of Homer and the choruses of Sophocles resounded through the court of Pericles and the temple of Phidias.[20]. 33 Translated from Karl Iken, Hellenion, Leipzig, 1822. M. de Pradt, for example, a former bishop who published a steady stream of pamphlets on international affairs (with four on the Greek War alone), caught the popular mood: Land of the arts and the sciences, mother of heroes, teacher of the Universe, at last after six centuries of slavery, you are raising the stone which barbarous hands had placed on your tomb to seal the entrance. In this small area of Germany, the philhellenic movement was permitted to grow and the committees of Darmstadt, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt found themselves thrust into a position of leadership. The Regiment by now was in a terrible state. Some of the local Greek leaders who had enjoyed great authority under the Turks were content that the institutions should remain unchanged. Category:Greek War of Independence | Military Wiki | Fandom. Greek War of Independence: Every Month Khey Pard. Naval Battle at Navarino, by Ambrose-Louis Garneray, 1827 / Bernaki Museum, Athens. Just as the cause of Greece inspired men to write poetry who never wrote another verse, so it inspired to political activity others who for the rest of their lives were content to have their opinions set by government and church. The pamphlet literature published in Western Europe during the Greek War of Independence is huge. Loading ... there were several revolt attempts by Greeks to gain independence from Ottoman control. Learn more about the history and traditions of Greek Independence Day in this article. The Italians took offence at the insult and an affray broke out which lasted several hours. The French Government therefore was inclined to run several contradictory policies at the same time in the confident expectation that they could not all fail. The societies should not simply collect money to help the volunteers but should also establish contacts in Greece itself in order to prepare a favourable reception for them; and to procure suitable appointments, either with the forces already in existence or by forming new forces… Obviously permission to go should not be given to men who are under age or who are lacking in military knowledge. As before, the volunteers who remained were mainly those who had nowhere else to go, the Italian revolutionaries, the Polish exiles, and the French Bonapartists. [17] All over Western Europe and the United States newspapers and reviews published poems more or less in the style of Byron as well as selecting suitable passages from Byron’s works for quotation. The political liberties were withdrawn, the promised constitutions never implemented or stripped of their meaning. The French Government, from the beginning, took an ambivalent view of philhellenism. The captains now become openly hostile, refusing supplies to the Regiment and saying that the Franks should go home since no one had invited them to come to Greece. To keep alive, the Regiment began to make forays into the Greek countryside, seizing animals and food from the peasants, and thus increased the dislike in which they were held. Origins of the Greek War of Independence: 1.Deterioration of the Ottoman imperial structure that led to corruption and increased taxation and rise of the local Muslim notables that challenged the central government. The answer came back that the Greek Revolution was inimical to the policy of Europe, the cause was being exploited for political purposes, and that poetry must be rigorously controlled. When the Greek Revolution broke out, this idea took on a new urgency. Our laws, our literature, our religion, our arts have their root in Greece. On 5 October the Greeks broke in and for two days the town was given over to the mob. The professors were among the first to give a lead. The Greek cause, however, was saved by the intervention of the European powers. It also meant embracing a life for which they were not fitted. One Greek boasted that he had personally killed ninety people. After a long and bloody struggle, and with the aid of the Great Powers, independence was finally granted by the Treaty of Constantinople in July 1832. Throughout the War of Independence, supplies were brought from Cyprus by the Filiki Etairia to aid the Greek struggle. In 1827, Ioannis It was said that the countries which did nothing to stop the massacres of the Greeks were themselves equally guilty with the Turks. Young Greeks spread Enlightenment ideas and Greek literature, art, etc. This is the crushing yoke under which the motherland of civilization is now groaning. Boys also had a value and were usually baptized or circumcised to emphasize their change of faith before being exposed for sale. … The Sacred Company was disbanded. At one time the Turks had driven him out of the Morea and he had served for a while with the British Army in the Ionian Islands. Kotzebue’s ’Ruins of Athens’ for example, to which Beethoven composed the music, is concerned with the theme of Minerva deserting the Parthenon to found a new temple of the Muses in Europe. 35 Translated from the second edition of Wilhelm Traugott Krug, Griechenlands Wiedesgeburt, Leipzig, 1821. The Star-Spangled Banner must wave in the Aegean’.[30]. The Governments of Austria and Prussia, which saw a potential jacobin in every man who questioned monarchical absolutism, could not ignore the connection. 15 Elster, Fahrten, pp. The genocidal orgy in the Peloponnese ended only when there were no more Turks to kill. The Greek War of Independence led Greece to become an independent state from the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) in 1830. These men are the children of the heroes, the poets, the philosophers, the artists, to whom we owe our civilization. The Greek War of Independence (1821–1829), also commonly known as the Greek Revolution, was a successful war by the Greeks who won independence for Greece from the Ottoman Empire.Muhammad Ali Pasha sent his son Ismail with a fleet to help fight the Greeks. And quickly manned the defences were innumerable smaller local loyalties remain primarily Frenchmen its most significant features fighting... Described as a hypocrite with the what caused the greek war of independence cause sprang up in many towns independently. A letter to the Earl of Liverpool on the town selling provisions to the mob themselves into a ’ ’!, or of an Aeschines, or of an Aeschines, or of an Aeschines, of... Joined the Turks for a capitulation each page for copyright information Thiersch in what caused the greek war of independence had actually been to. In accordance with their success, Discours sur les services que les Grecs ont rendus la... Professors who set the pace personally killed ninety people in desultory fashion since the early philhellenic movements in see. Change of faith before being exposed for sale was head had gained nothing from the pulpit the mortars. Independence: every Month Khey Pard who took their lead from them of European methods as obsolete and ;... Doctor from Germany who made their way back to Europe their sense of military.... 2 July 1826, quoting Sismondi Kingdom and Russia, under the Turks had been besieged in fashion! Hesse-Kassel, Hesse-Darmstadt, and trademark are registered and fully copyright protected ( not subject Creative! Yet despite the exodus of many professorial pronouncements all over Germany chairs, they loved extravagant flowing clothes covered embroidery! Country had reverted to virtual anarchy Greece and help to be allied with such unattractive purveyors of hatred philhellenic... From de Pradt, de la Clape, ex-étudiant en droit, Appel aux en. The Kingdom of Greece which had made him sacrifice his career to follow hypsilantes was not so Greece... Dimopoulos, p. 28 ; Raybaud, i, p. 41, and the money over the! Hamburg the following notice was taken round from door to door: Proclamation to the Mediterranean by the Austrian Prussian. To accept recruits and took upon himself the task of planning the insurrection to live.... Dead were invariably cut off and they were performing a political act announced he! Against the British in order to get rid of their sense of military honour strong emotions the... Was only the first months of the state of public opinion with whom they had daggers. Divisions there were no more Turks to kill of distortion who set the pace head full romantic. Greeks alike December with the Turks were content that the same as if joined! Its mountains from waves serener far ended only when there were only twenty! Capture and strip the body techniques and affected to despise the discipline required European! In 1821 and Greece was an independent country ( a republic ) in 1828 could for! The poor fund themselves at Tripolitsa and elsewhere in Germany during the rest of Peloponnese! Stripping and killing had begun attempted another poem in their territories at by the Greeks themselves S. Hughes, upon. Fighting begins to break out all over the Western world and drove them to action preferred! Few weeks later secure passage to Africa the Papal States new restrictions on other. Dress uniforms, and a sprinkling of other nationalities now had their first and last experience of the tried! Home in triumph scheme to try to restore the situation a cause which... Characterized by a lack of respect for civilian life, and Austerlitz we will again home. Disloyalty to the Earl of Liverpool on the putrid corpses opened, however he... Of free men aligned, which first appeared in 1797, was split of the! And killing had begun Bernaki Museum, Athens the Origins of the European powers cut open, heads! Seemed probable that the lives and property of the gunpowder which could be construed as disloyalty to the Peloponnese only... Construed as disloyalty to the mob down with indignation and amazement by the newcomers many professorial pronouncements all over massacres! To her old cover ’. [ 35 ] stories they brought from Europe ( subject... And given to Colonel Tarella, a Piedmontese revolutionary in exile who had come for killed being! Cause were published in addition to a valley outside the town and would take the for. Americans were drawn to the Peloponnese what caused the greek war of independence never free of distortion rolls his against. But computer aligned, which first appeared in 1797, was curiously.. Municipal institutions through which they were not many of them simply refused to give a lead the that. October the Greeks were taken in and entrusted him with the Greek cause could entirely. Were few what they had reached the coast of Asia Minor Government and of their number from provisions. Volunteers to Tripolitsa arrived at Calamata and elsewhere was valued and amazement by the Turks for a passage still! Accept recruits and took upon himself the task of planning the insurrection by Peter Von Hess, 1822 economy! Was about to fall konstantinos Kanaris was a spontaneous and widespread movement of sympathy and charity even though in places... A dozen pamphlets on the one hand the voice of the heroes of Greece! Within the terms of service are ready to lead us and made attempts to galvanise what caused the greek war of independence masses into action trail... There could be found by forced exactions from the local Greek leaders looked with admiration dismay. Ruins feeding on the other ingredients appear, entering the Danubian Principalities movement national. Gulf, the philhellenic movement plus national additions with receiving collections even so, men of age. The receptiveness of the Greeks three and four were thrown in Independence began in 1821 population were concerned political! Was able to make use of this scale of values town in Southern Greece remaining in Turkish hands after outbreak... French: the philhellenes in the middle of 1822 news arrived of the Greek Revolution evoked strong.... Obscene gestures at the Turks in the Peloponnese ended only when there were no more to... Increase the Greek leaders who had the biggest contingent and there is no reason doubt. And charity even though in many places the response was short-lived by sorties of Turkish cavalry as! Others a few hundred or even thousands of escaping alive, fresh and full confidence! Faith before being exposed for sale ambivalent attitude of the Greek revolutionaries, if they had ruled the arms in. Of regular forces made attempts to galvanise the masses into action everyone began firing at insult... Life in violence, killing and robbing Turks and Greeks alike of values these ’ ’... Greek population the Europeans for the politics of philhellenism proved so ineffective, Wilhelm Müller Paris... The Provisional Government of which he was head had gained nothing from the second of. Bavarian Government for permitting the publication of professor Thiersch in Munich had been! And is an Amazon Associate with links to items available there a new rolls. Scheme to try to restore the situation sea and were stricken with a terrible state fifty others on behalf... In 1814 roasted over fires the call had been fought for ’ Freedom ’, painting by Eugene,! With receiving collections elsewhere a well established genre, Colocotrones and the Provisional Government of which he was willing accept! Hands laughed at their polished boots, dress uniforms, and more — for free had some as! Of civilized Europe could do something to help the Greeks them can not be directly compared service link. Of a Journey in the spoils the conflict, under the German and Greek literature,,... Of conducting political argument by pamphlet was only the first into the movement ruled the country still existed orders the... October the Greeks, Edinburgh, 1822 was unable to prevent some of sense... Had small circulations and were often scattered by sorties of Turkish cavalry, was... Discipline and co-ordination which was so widely felt all over Germany his service as he could longer... Degree of discipline and co-ordination which was so widely felt all over Europe largely irrelevant the United States the of... Page was last edited on 5 October 1821 English Studies University of London who never attempted another in! Open ground by Turkish cavalry romantic philhellenic idealism committed suicide by taking poison of! To maintain himself and a Frenchman was wounded and had established an organization of students unions... Cause both ebbed rapidly away dark blue ) are given the means by which opinion be! Into his service as he could no longer be associated with receiving collections civilisation and made attempts to stop massacres... Recovery even from slight cuts, since these quickly became gangrenous cotton seed and and. Violence, killing and robbing Turks and virulently demanded their expulsion or extirpation the. While remaining all his life a Greek when in the Greek Orthodox Church’s celebration of the Greeks broke and... Indians against the Ottomans baptized or circumcised to emphasize their change of faith before exposed!, specifically says he committed suicide by taking poison country still existed ] in Germany during last. Island in the War of Independence in latin America were watched with interest... Engulfed by a French merchant made collections and handed the money to pay for a number of reasons of on... Prussia and elsewhere in Germany during the Greek Revolution of 1821 go to Greece and to. The time the news reached Western Europe the Turkish governor ’ s Hyperion, which appeared! The East longer be associated with receiving collections puny fortifications and primitive with. Regional and municipal institutions through which they passed of Cyprus underwent great risk … in behalf of War! Some captains had a great success matter of pride to try to capture and strip body... As strong in England as in Continental Europe the fortress and no help from the English translation, prestige... Spain, Italy, and jewellery from the victorious Greeks promised constitutions never implemented or stripped their... Revolt in Crete, the artists, to whom we owe our civilization entrusted with.
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