Do you have a favorite tool for creating portfolios or a resource I’ve missed? Hello and welcome to my online Portfolio. How To Build An Instructional Design Portfolio. Amazon offers a free tier for storage, so you can perhaps get the storage free for the first year. I find those sites generally limiting and unprofessional, plus it can be challenging to post real samples. Instructional Design Portfolio Examples. I am planning to create my ID portfolio and after reading your article I believe WordPress would the best platform for a portfolio. I really enjoy working with Tom, he is very knowledgeable. E-Learning Projects. Last updated 2/4/2020. I cannot believe that I just found your blog after having a group lunch with you a couple of weeks ago. Instructional Design Portfolio My Artistic Side About Me Contact Me Highlights of my Instructional Design Work. For example, the Instructional Designer or eLearning Developer demo in my portfolio is based on an activity I originally created for a health care client. Let me know. Good point; that’s a great tool for putting something together quickly and keeping it updated easily. I have heard all the excuses why you can’t build one. This blog and my portfolio were both built with WordPress. See how others have organized their samples and what they include. Hi Ryan, nice to see you here! However, you’ll probably need to pay for Amazon AWS S3 to host files. This will help you get a better idea of the functionality and look-and-feel that you’d like to see in your portfolio, as … Would I be able to embed my Articulate and Captivate samplework on Adobe Portfolio? Sample Course Outline. Instructional design portfolios can come in various sizes and formats, but it is the structure of the portfolio that determines how capable the designer is in managing and keeping things together. Elearning, classroom and blended training design & development. Although employers are likely to look for Storyline and Captivate, you might use other tools. The mechanics of the interaction are the same, but the graphics and content are brand new. For portfolio samples, you don’t generally need to create a full-blown, 60 minute course. Kelly Walsh is the CIO of The College of Westchester, and is on the Faculty of Administration. Shared hosting starts at $2.59/month, so it’s quite affordable to get your own site and have full control. Learning Experience Design: A Better Title Than Instructional Design? Christy Tucker → A well-written practical portfolio featuring this expert’s stand-outs … ... you'll be responsible for creating best-in-class product training modules for the Nokia Software portfolio of products with focus on our internal ... Report job. I use affiliate links when I share books and some additional resources (like the Dreamhost link below). Hi! To see if an error is actually on the website or at your end. Check out this post with 34 great examples of instructional design and elearning portfolios, collected by Scott Winstead. Contiguity Principle; Projects. I believe this was the post I have been looking for a long time. You can use Amazon AWS storage to host and share your files, linking to them from your portfolio. I use DreamHost to host both of my websites. What would the cost of creating a portfolio on WordPress? Samples of my instructional design work and online project collaboration including course development work processes, eLearning modules, and infographic designs Course Development Work Processes Instructional Design Models, Production Phases, Dependencies, and Work Flows • Digital Media Practicum Program Proposal • Instructional Design Project Proposal • ASSURE Sample Plan for … I actually have very little overlap between people I know face-to-face and those who I know through my blog, so it’s fun to have someone I’ve met in person here. If you’re using a free site, you probably need to host your samples elsewhere. Job Aid for a Six Step Process - Britne Jenke A two-sided Job Aid for a Six Step Process, designed in Canva. “Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other.”  ~Paulo Freire, Instructional Design Portfolio: Kim Myers. You can add a screenshot of your project and link on the image to the real project, but you’ll have to post the actual project files on AWS or somewhere else. Instructional Designer Resume Examples Instructional Designers develop learning materials for targeted audiences based on their needs and interests. With a self-hosted WordPress site, the only required cost is hosting, plus maybe registering a domain. Sample Content Design Document. Hello and welcome to my portfolio.  Please take a look at my C.V. and browse examples of my course and curriculum design work, assessment, planning, and media via the links above.   My background is primarily in course and curriculum design and teaching in higher education.  I also have experience in designing cultural competency curriculum for non-profit organizations. [Info provided by Bisk Education, plus placeholder text.] Love your blog. Enroll now in the eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp to learn from me, Robin, and Nicole about how to start a successful freelance career. Sample Project Kickoff Presentation. We also have biweekly live Q&A sessions and an online community for ongoing support. Mike Taylor lists several free or low-cost options for hosting in this post (although a few, like Dropbox, are no longer options). Some are hosted and developed based on pre-existing templates (like Bluehost or WordPress) and some are custom-built. For example, the Instructional Designer or eLearning Developer demo in my portfolio is based on an activity I originally created for a health care client. And you can create private portfolios if you are not ready to share with the whole world . They are flexible – you can make changes as and when you like 2. Portfolio 173 My background is primarily in course and curriculum design and teaching in higher education. For example, the Instructional Designer or eLearning Developer demo in my portfolio is based on an activity I originally created for a health care client. If you want to do more freelance work, are looking for a job, or want to submit your work for awards, you’ll need an eye-catching online presence with samples of your […] Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Great article! My link for shared hosting with DreamHost gives you a $50 discount, so it ends up being around $30/year. It helps to see other portfolios as inspiration for your own work. I also have experience in designing cultural competency curriculum for… These are presented in no particular order, but are good examples of layout, content, and flow. Her pro-active approach to problem solving is infectious and can lift and motivate the team around her to new heights. Sample Training Work Agreement. In some cases, you may want to develop more than one Instructional Design portfolio to cater to different audiences. ... Instructional Design Examples - Password Protected Content. Welcome to my instructional design portfolio. Such a helpful article I’m actually creating/publishing my free portfolio website using Adobe Portfolio. Glad you found it useful. My name is Anne Hill and I'm a healthcare, training and Instructional Design professional with a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design, a Bachelor of Science in Education (concentration English) and a Master of Science in Geriatrics. Instructional Design Certificate or Masters Degree. Her passion is hugely valued by her colleagues, peers and clients. Christopher Pappas provides another 7 reasons you need a portfolio, if you need more motivation. Portfolios offer Instructional Designers a virtual platform upon which they can build eLearning career success. Questions to Ask SMEs for Branching Scenarios, 40+ Instructional Design and eLearning Books, What to Write First in Branching Scenarios. Here you will find my resume and a sample of my instructional design work that I accomplished throughout my work experience and my studies in the Masters in Educational Technology program at Concordia University. They help you to increase your visibility and online presence 4. Training Development Process Flow. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Tom Washam is an excellent instructional designer. Client portfolio for Diane Valenti, instructional design ninja. What I like. Thanks for the encouragement. If you could kindly detail a bit. Mobile eLearning UI/UX Design mLearning Class Project – Cybersecurity Education CyberEd – Mobile UI Principles of eLearning Examples. In her article, Dianne explains how to use a free WordPress plugin to upload elearning samples. For example, a client who is hiring for a K-12 course design project will not be looking for the same skills and abilities as an employer who … Sample Hour Estimator. Welcome to my online portfolio where you can get to know me and my work better. Portfolio Examples. instructional design portfolio. If you want to use open source tools, check out Adapt and H5P. Originally published 3/16/2011. Setting up, launching and maintaining a portfolio takes dedication and a lot of work, but there are many reasons why having one is a good idea. I just checked, and my portfolio site looks like it’s up. If you’re a student, discounts are available for both Articulate 360 (which includes Storyline) and Adobe Captivate. Check out this post with 34 great examples of instructional design and elearning portfolios, collected by Scott Winstead. Everyone working in instructional design, learning experience design, or elearning should have a portfolio. For more about me, click here! Hi Christy. Christy Tucker: Building Engaging Learning Experiences, A collection of resources and tools for creating your instructional design or elearning portfolio. This sample TRAINING learning object uses information provided by a SME but makes it more engaging and relevant to the business world. You may end up spending more than that, but everything else is optional. If you’re wondering why you need a portfolio, read Tom Kuhlmann’s explanation. Patty David's Instructional Design Portfolio: Contact Me About This Project Alignment Assessment Activities Samples About This Site. It won’t cost you anything additional, but a small portion of the purchase price comes to me to help pay for hosting my blog. Prospective employers expect to see a few samples using standard tools. Thanks so much Christy! For example, you might pay for a premium theme rather than using a free one. Here are some examples of different types of instructional design portfolios. I have no personal experience with the free hosting services mentioned in this post, but they might be worth exploring. Is Instructional Design the Right Career? It can be done, but it’s not what I recommend. Be sure to select a range of materials that provide a holistic picture of your teaching. Please click the links below the images to see the projects. It’s also possible to earn a free Captivate license by participating in their community. This post on building an instructional design portfolio includes what to include and additional tips. Check out Dianne Hope’s article on how to build a portfolio in WordPress. However, you can create some really cool things with both. Elizabeth Lin reigns supreme with visual storytelling. Hello and welcome to my portfolio. Two different options – icons from one of my favorite free icon sets, or graphics processed in Photoshop. They allow you to showcase your creativeness and provide evidence of your skills, goals, aspirations, abilities, accomplishments and personal thoughts There are a plethora of website builders and Content Management … This is especially true for people who are job seeking or working independently. Please take a look at my C.V. and browse examples of my course and curriculum design work, assessment, planning, and media via the links above. Design. I have partnered with elearningfreak on this post, but all opinions are my own. If you storyboard and plan before you start your trial, you can make several samples during that month. I am thinking of starting an ID portfolio, did a Google search on those terms, and your site was the first thing that popped up. I’m a Instructional Designer with over a decade of professional experience, and have developed e-learning solutions for clients within the Defence, Post-Secondary Education, Health, and Sales sectors. Who is Elizabeth Lin? suggestions for planning your portfolio entries and choosing evidence of your teaching ... the entry based on student work samples is “Entry 1: Developing and Assessing Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning.” ... demonstrate how the design and implementation of an instructional sequence or unit of I’d add Wikispaces as another potential tool for portfolios. Republished 7/2/2019. That plugin works regardless of what tool you use to create your samples (Storyline, Captivate, iSpring, etc.). He explains how technology can support student-centered learning and improve learning outcomes. For portfolio samples, you don’t generally need to create a full-blown, 60 minute course. This program helps you grow your business through recorded videos, resources, and activities to build skills and get organized. You can always check Down for Everyone Or Just Me? Motion graphics designer and illustrator Amber Xu's portfolio is beautiful to look at and, … You also might pay for other add-ons. If you look for deals, you can get hosting for $30-$40/year, including a free domain registration (although you may have to pay a little to renew the domain in subsequent years). Camtasia and Lectora are also options. A Portfolio for Britta Lafont, Instructional Designer. His passion, and the basis of his portfolio, is exploring the use of technology as an instructional tool and enabler for student success. Elizabeth Lin is a San … Collaborative Toolkit – Secondary Math; Emerging Tech II Class Project These are both self-hosted sites now, although my blog was on for many years. Cath is an incredibly talented instructional designer with a huge and varied array of skills - from training needs analysis to content, design and coding. These 10 tips for building a portfolio include picking the right projects and pairing each project with a description. The Building Blocks of Training. Teaching portfolios should include a teaching philosophy​ and a set of artifacts that provide evidence for your claims. The Articulate community also has a collection of portfolios. Of these, the only requirement is to include examples of your work, but consider giving potential employers a bit more information about yourself and … Folks might want to also checkout it’s really easy to make custom portfolios for each client/industry/too/etc. Although their design may vary, most instructional design portfolios have similar components. I prefer themes with a grid layout work for elearning portfolios since they allow you to add descriptions. None of that is required though, especially for getting started. Both Articulate and Adobe offer 30-day free trials. 1. I haven’t seen anyone mention it anywhere!   Should you have questions or comments about my work, please contact me.  Thank you for browsing and take care! ... Building Your Portfolio. Select the topics to check out samples of my work. One Large Branching Scenario or Multiple Smaller Ones? I have been on several teams with Tom, and he is able to always meet the client’s needs on time while creating stimulating instruction. Rapid prototype design Rapid prototype design- storyboarded course directly in development tool (Storyline 2). If you host your site on, there’s no cost unless you want a custom domain. Maybe a memento to rethink it? You can use a free site as your portfolio as a job seeker, but you’ll have to host your samples somewhere else or upgrade to a paid plan that allows plugins. I’m offering an eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp with Robin Sargent and Nicole Papiaoannou. An instructional design portfolio is an important tool that allows freelance instructional designers to demonstrate their capabilities and helps them build their professional practice. The audio section of my portfolio features two examples of past audio work; a self-created podcast and a 30-second commercial. With over a decade’s worth of experience, I have created a variety of learning solutions using authoring tools such as Articulate 360 (Storyline and Rise), Camtasia and Canva. Instructional Design Consulting. Very useful, helpful article. Unwanted paradox: tried to visit your portfolio, especially as whole post is about it, and got Error code 502. Adobe Portfolio is like the free sites like Wix. Learn the Essentials. Analysis. I'm a learning experience design consultant who combines storytelling and technology to create engaging learning experiences. They are accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device 3. Here is an example of a technical training for HEC Montreal university, an instructional Video, an HTML website, and an online guided tour. My post on 30+ ideas for portfolio samples can give you some inspiration if you need to create new artifacts. The Articulate community also has a collection of portfolios. Some of the new features on Tumblr’s templates are good, but I agree: WordPress is the way to go. The bootcamp is all about the business side of freelancing and consulting. Fantastic website and I look forward to following your blog. For example, including only syllabi will not provide your audience with an idea of how you typically structure class time. In most places, that means either Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate. Some of my favorite instructional design examples from my personal portfolio. Amber Xu. See how others have organized their samples and what they include. building an instructional design portfolio, Articulate 360 (which includes Storyline), use a free WordPress plugin to upload elearning samples, free hosting services mentioned in this post, 34 great examples of instructional design and elearning portfolios, free course on building a job-winning portfolio, free course on building elearning portfolios, Build Your IDOL (instructional design and online learning) Portfolio, Enroll now in the eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp,, shared hosting with DreamHost gives you a $50 discount,, Ideas for eLearning Portfolio Samples – Shantabaa Hospital & medical college, 30+ Ideas for eLearning Portfolio Samples – Experiencing E-Learning, How Freelance Clients Find Me | Experiencing E-Learning, Answers To Instructional Design Career Questions, Excuses for Not Having a Portfolio | Ileighanne's Blog. Before you start working on your own portfolio, it’s a good idea to draw inspiration from others. I suggest reading the terms very carefully and being sure you understand what is and isn’t included. It helps to see other portfolios as inspiration for your own work. Create the Components of Your Portfolio. Development. Select The Right Portfolio Tool. It allows you to showcase your skills and expertise to potential clients and employers, and gives them the chance to see if you might be a good fit for their next eLearning project. Neither one has seen widespread adoption, partly because they both require more technical expertise. Browse 95,609 INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER Jobs ($62K-$115K) hiring now from companies with openings. I’ve been meaning to design my own portfolio again online. Hi Christy! It looks like the allowed file types in Adobe Portfolio are only images, videos, and mp3 audio. Design The design section of my portfolio includes an array of educational tools; a brochure, infographic, and software tutorial. Come people use template sites like use Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. and other free hosts don’t allow you to upload published Storyline or Captivate files (at least not on the free plan). iSpring Free is basically a PowerPoint presentation plus a quiz, but this might be an option for simple samples. Job seekers often can’t afford to purchase expensive software licenses.
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