The first advocate of the Pan-Slav idea in Russia itself was Krizanic, a Croat Catholic priest from Dalmatia, and early writers in favour of Slavonic racial and literary unity were the Slovene schoolmaster Bohoricz (1584) and the Dalmatian Croat Orbini, who wrote in Italian (Il regno degli Slavi 1601). He was a lifelong advocate of international peace, and made a remarkable declaration as to the Christian standard of national action when the Free Church Federation met at Leeds during the South African War in 1900. In the States of the province of Holland pensionary of the order of nobles (Ridderschap) was the foremost official of that assembly and he was named - until the death of Oldenbarneveldt in 1619 - the land's advocate, or more shortly, the advocate. As an advocate he occasionally forgets that sobriety of judgment and expression become an historian. In 1863 he resumed the practice of law, and in April 1865 was appointed a special judge advocate by the secretary of war to investigate alleged frauds in the recruiting service in western New York. Peace advocates held a demonstration in front of the British Embassy to protest the government's involvement in the conflict. It is true that a consistent advocate of indeterminism must deny that the will is determined by motives, and must admit that no reason can finally be given for the individual's choice beyond the act of choice itself. I don't advocate doing such things. His sermons, such as that preached before the House of Commons, on the 31st of March 1647, advocate principles of religious toleration and charity. advocate in a sentence - Use "advocate" in a sentence 1. AMABLE GUILLAUME PROSPER BRUGIERE, BARON DE BARANTE (1782-1866), French statesman and historian, the son of an advocate, was born at Riom on the 10th of June 1782. - He is an… Elijah was the advocate of national decision in the great concerns of Israel's religion; and it is such decision, a clear recognition of what the service of Yahweh means, a purging of His professed worshippers from hypocritical and half-hearted service (iii. I'm just playing the devil's advocate, from a legal point of view. For example, we find him arguing for the legitimacy of judicial punishments and military service against an over-literal interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount; and he took an important part in giving currency to the distinction between evangelical " counsels " and " commands," and so defending the life of marriage and temperate enjoyment of natural good against the attacks of the more extravagant advocate of celibacy and self-abnegation; although he fully admitted the superiority of the latter method of avoiding the contamination of sin. The Atkins plan does not advocate over-consumption of fat. Gradually Greeley came to advocate some of these doctrines editorially. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Although Conti did not secure the Polish throne he remained in the confidence of Louis until 1755, when his influence was destroyed by the intrigues of Madame de Pompadour; so that when the Seven Years' War broke out in 1756 he was refused the command of the army of the Rhine, and began the opposition to the administration which caused Louis to refer to him as "my cousin the advocate.". For many years an ardent advocate of the establishment of a Catholic university, at the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore (1884) he saw the realization of his desires in the establishment of the Catholic University of America at Washington, of which he became first chancellor and president of the board of trustees. They also advocate for the rights and interests of animals and provide educational programs statewide. It is the job of the parent to advocate for their child. A contemporary of his earlier period, Paris Mumuleanu (1794-1837), wrote his Rost de poezie (1820) under Greek influence, but afterwards passed under the spell of Maior and Tzikindea, whose Latin propaganda he was one of the first to advocate in Rumania. GUY FAWKES (1570-1606), English "gunpowder plot" conspirator, son of Edward Fawkes of York, a member of a good Yorkshire family and advocate of the archbishop of York's consistory court, was baptized at St Michael le Belfrey at York on the, 6th of April 1570. Here he took a prominent part in the workmen's movement and in the association of working men which had been founded under the influence of SchultzDelitzsch; at first an opponent of socialism, he came under the influence of Liebknecht, and after 1865 he was a confirmed advocate of socialism. He is just playing the devil's advocate with me. King James is also said to have provided Bellenden with the means of living independently at Paris, where he became professor at the university, and advocate in the parliament. to publicly support a particular policy or way of doing things. As a passionate advocate of rehabilitation, John Irvine, senior lecturer in rehabilitation studies, was invited to speak. 20 examples: He said that he had a teetotaller friend a very ardent advocate of the… ), which had acquired by means of its two thousand affiliated branches great power in the provinces, as the advocate Danton, president of the popular and Parisian club of the Cordeliers. George McGovern once said that no man should advocate a course in private that he's ashamed to admit in public. He was also an advocate of a strong naval policy for Germany. He studied law, and at the outbreak of the Revolution was an advocate in his native town. Since his death the office, like those of the king's or queen's advocate and the admiralty advocate, has not been filled up; and the ordinary law officers of the crown with the assistance of a junior counsel to the admiralty (a barrister appointed by the attorney-general) perform the duties of all these offices. You can chat with an advocate online through the website. He became an influential advocate in the parlement, becoming prominent in opposition to the ministers Calonne and Lomenie de Brienne. CHARLES DE MARILLAC (c. 1510-1560), French prelate and diplomatist, came of a good family of Auvergne, and at the age of twenty-two was advocate at the parlement of Paris. He understood that political materialism, selfishness and corruption in federal administration afford the strongest possible argument for those who advocate strengthening the independent power of the separate states at the expense of nationalism. There can be no question, however, that Samuel Adams was one of the first, if not the first, of American political leaders to deny the legislative power of parliament and to desire and advocate separation from the mother country. The foremost advocate at the bar, he was known to have declined the highest prize in the profession rather than promote a measure of which he disapproved; a very prominent member of the House of Commons, whose action had been more than usually independent of party, he had separated himself from his political friends and maintained a position as the dignified and forcible opponent of disestablishment. use "advocate" in a sentence. It sounds a bit cheesy, I know, but I ended up really inspired by them and a genuine advocate for the charity! His talents commended him to the notice of Advocate Johan van Oldenbarneveldt, who sent him, at the age of 26 years, as a diplomatic agent of the states-general to the court of France. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. He became the advocate of mercy, and his friend Camille Desmoulins pleaded for the same cause in the Vieux Cordelier. No English statesman probably has ever been, at different times in his career, so able an advocate of absolutely contradictory policies, and his opponents were not slow to taunt him with quotations from his earlier speeches. Such a system would have been unworkable but for the fact that with the revival of the political principles of Oldenbarneveldt, there was found statesman of commanding ability to fill the office in which the famous advocate of Grand of Holland had for so many years been " minister of - all affairs " in the forming state. temperance advocate, he led many campaigns against the " trade. His father, who was descended from an old untitled noble family and possessed a small estate, was by profession an advocate. He came to Rome in the reign of Hadrian, and soon gained such renown as an advocate and orator as to be reckoned inferior only to Cicero. In Congress he proved to be a tireless advocate of the claims of the poorer whites and an opponent of the aristocracy. The activists who advocate for safe treatments and support services strive to make sure all interventions still respect the dignity and identity of autistic individuals. The prime movers in this action were Dr. Trumbic, a leading Dalmatian advocate and mayor of Spalato, and Mr. Supilo, also a Dalmatian, the editor of the Novi List at Fiume. The clear implication here is a reminder to be suspicious of the motives of those who advocate a 'one best method '. How to use advocate in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word advocate? He tells us that, after having filled the chief offices in his native place, he repaired to Rome, where he practised as an advocate. A sound ethic, based on sympathy, must advocate the avoidance of types of action which are liable to occasion them grave displeasure. It may be argued that because an advocate cannot be held negligent then such errors are not of concern. Rizzio, hitherto his friend and advocate, induced the queen to reply by a reasonable refusal to this hazardous and audacious request. Of the facts of his life we know practically nothing, except that he was not a cleric but a "c scholasticus" or advocate. When you have visited a place, you will find it harder to advocate its destruction. Having completed his studies, he practised for some time as an advocate, but his inclination lay in the direction of teaching. He was an enthusiastic advocate of church disestablishment, and had a historic newspaper duel with Dr John Owen (afterwards bishop of St David's) on this question. Ramsay has been the principal advocate of the adoption of the South-Galatian theory, which maintains that they were the churches planted in Derbe, Lystra, Iconium and Antioch (see GALATIANS). Widely considered the first plus supermodel, Emme Aronson has parlayed her modeling career into being a fashion advisor, women's issues advocate and even a book author. Morgan, J. T., advocates … His residence in Louisiana, his ownership of a large plantation with its slaves, and his family connexion with Jefferson Davis (who had married his daughter), rendered him more acceptable to many of the Southern Democrats than their party candidate, Lewis Cass, an advocate of " squatter sovereignty " and the representative of the democracy of the free North-west. If top-notch styling and manufacturing are not enough, Wacoal also is an advocate for breast cancer awareness. He assumed the title not of king, but of "advocate" 1 of the Holy Sepulchre. While strongly condemning cruelty, he declared himself an advocate of emancipation, but held that it should be effected gradually, and after due preparation. He makes a note of this action in his report and keeps an additional record in the office of the staff judge advocate. Lockhart was readmitted in 1676, and became the leading advocate in political trials, in which he usually appeared for the defence. When, after the two short administrations of Canning and Goderich, it fell to the duke of Wellington to construct a cabinet, Lord Eldon expected to be included, if not as chancellor, at least in some important office, but he was overlooked, at which he was much chagrined. He was educated at the Protestant academy of Saumur, and in 1679 became an advocate, but soon afterwards entered the army. He ardently supported the policy of making Federal appropriations (of land, but not of money) for internal improvements of a national character, being a prominent advocate of the construction, by government aid, of a trans-continental railway, and the chief promoter (1850) of the Illinois Central; in 1854 he suggested that Congress should impose tonnage duties from which towns and cities might themselves pay for harbour improvement, &c. To him as chairman of the committee on territories, at first in the House, and then in the Senate, of which he became a member in December 1847, it fell to introduce the bills for admitting Texas, Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, California and Oregon into the Union, and for organizing the territories of Minnesota, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Kansas and Nebraska. 2. Livingstone was a great advocate of the prohibition of alcohol among the natives, and that policy was always adhered to by Khama. He had implicit trust in the advocate, his father's faithful friend and counsellor, and for many years to come the statesman and the soldier worked in harmony together for the best interests of their country (see Oldenbarneveldt, and Maurice, prince of Orange). The advocate had come to St. 4. Only such advocates as there is for robbery and war. Examples of effective advocate in a sentence, how to use it. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Examples of outspoken advocate in a sentence, how to use it. The refusal of Raymund meant the choice of Godfrey of Bouillon, who had, as we have seen, become prominent since the siege of Arca; and Godfrey accordingly became - not king, but "advocate of the Holy Sepulchre," while a few days afterwards Arnulf, the chaplain of Robert of Normandy, and one of the sceptics in the matter of the Holy Lance, became "vicar" of the vacant patriarchate. This organization, located in Washington, D.C., encourages cat adoptions, and it also serves as support to local animal shelters around the country by providing training, publications, education and serving as an advocate. After receiving a somewhat imperfect education from a private tutor, he was in 1712 indentured to a writer to the signet in Edinburgh, but an accidental introduction to Sir Hew Dalrymple, then president of the court of session, determined him to aspire to the position of advocate. 337. Charles was a warm advocate of "Scandinavianism" and the political solidarity of the three northern kingdoms, and his warm friendship for Frederick VII., it is said, led him to give half promises of help to Denmark on the eve of the war of 1864, which, in the circumstances, were perhaps misleading and unjustifiable. In 1820 he congratulated the new South American republics on having abolished slavery, but the same year the threats of the Southern states to destroy the Union led him to advocate the "Missouri Compromise," which, while keeping slavery out of all the rest of the territory acquired by the "Louisiana Purchase" north of Missouri's southern boundary line, permitted it in that state. Cicero in his speeches must be given all the privileges of an advocate. See Synonyms at support. 2. The job of a literary agent is to act as an advocate for the writers he represents. 163) maintains that "he was himself not a Pietist," as he did not advocate the quietistic, legalistic and semi-separatist practices of Pietism, though they were more or less involved in the positions he assumed or the practices which he encouraged or connived at. After the conversion of the king to Roman Catholicism, d'Aubigne remained true to the Huguenot cause, and a fearless advocate of the Huguenot interests. There were also an admiralty advocate and an admiralty proctor. In Paris he became advocate to the parlement (1347); then King John appointed him master of requests, and in 1351, a year during which he received many other honours, he became bishop of Laon. Your best offense is to educate yourself so that you can become your child's strongest advocate! Norman Schwarzkopf, advocate an immediate international ban. Be an advocate of her privacy, not her identification. They "testify" against the use of intoxicating liquor and tobacco, and advocate simplicity in dress. The chief spokesman of the new movement was Henry Clay, who remained throughout his life the constant advocate of this so-called " American system.". Advocate in a sentence. He was a strong advocate of the League of Nations, but did not favour woman suffrage. An advocate … , Any good doctor will advocate healthy eating for his patients. In 1840, however, when it began to advocate measures which he deemed too radical, he withdrew his membership, but with his pen he continued his labours on behalf of the slave, urging emancipation in the district of Columbia and the exclusion of slavery from the Territories, though deprecating any attempt to interfere with slavery in the states. Under the influence of Seneca he became a keen student of philosophy and rhetoric, and began practising as an advocate. In 1836 he settled down as an advocate in Osnabruck: his abilities soon procured him a considerable practice, and he was appointed president of the Catholic Consistorium. At the age of twenty he was received advocate, and about the same time he gained some reputation as a writer of piquant and delicate poems. In 1801, under the Consulate, he returned to France and established himself as an advocate at Besancon, being appointed conseiller-auditeur to the court of appeal there in 1808. not only appointed his sister, the archduchess Maria Christine, did not suit the views of the popular party, who, under the leadership of an advocate named Van der Noot, had possession of the reins of power, and were uplifted by their success. Definition of Advocate. Peckham was always a strenuous advocate of the papal power, especially as shown in the council of Lyons in 1274. When using the debt snowball method of financial management, some people advocate postponing retirement contributions in order to free up more money for repaying the debt. The Abbe Casgrain' Devoted A Life Time To Making The French Canadians Appear As The Chosen People Of New World History; But, Though An Able' Advocate, He Spoilt A Really Good Case By Trying To Prove Too Much. As an advocate his sharpness and rapidity of insight gave him a formidable advantage in the detection of the weaknesses of a witness and the vulnerable points of his opponent's case, while he grouped his own arguments with an admirable eye to effect, especially excelling in eloquent closing appeals to a jury. Robert Brown (1773-1858) was the first British botanist to support and advocate the natural system of classification. Advocate definition is - one who pleads the cause of another; specifically : one who pleads the cause of another before a tribunal or judicial court. In 1658 he was nominated an advocate to the parlement of Paris, and for nine years followed the legal profession. In 1776, as president of the provincial convention, which adopted a state constitution for Virginia, he drew up the instructions to the Virginia members of Congress directing them to advocate the independence of the American colonies. Upon the next vacancy after the courts were thrown open, the crown altered the precedence and placed the queen's advocate after the attorneyand solicitor-general. Advocates took the place of barristers, and proctors of solicitors. "Statistics of the Churches" in the Christian Advocate (Jan.. Blith was a zealous advocate of drainage and holds that drains to be efficient must be laid 3 or 4 ft. Maurice was opposed to the truce, but the advocate's policy triumphed and henceforward there was enmity between them. In 1837 he established the Northern Star newspaper at Leeds, and became a vehement advocate of the Chartist movement. Another approach we advocate is treating the relationship, perhaps most specifically the sexual aspects of the relationship, as collaboration, an adventure, a journey you're on together. Rhode Island was one of the first communities in the world to advocate religious freedom and political individualism. It is human nature to advocate change in some one else's affairs whilst vigorously opposing its necessity in one's own. He opposed Confederation in 1864-1867, and as late as 1886 won a provincial election on the promise to advocate the repeal of the British North America Act. Many experts advocate rewarding your child for good behaviour. 21+1 sentence examples: 1. He was called to the bar in 1884, and rapidly made a reputation as a brilliant lawyer and advocate, being counsel for the defence in most of the important political trials of the day during a period of nearly thirty years. Previously to his becoming president of the Free State he had acted as its Chief Justice and still earlier in life had practised as an advocate in Cape Colony. In 1645 he and his elder brother Cornelius visited France, Italy, Switzerland and England, and on his return he took up his residence at the Hague, as an advocate. He took out patents for lamps to burn oil of tar, for the propulsion of ships at sea, for facilitating excavation, mining and sinking, for rotary steam-engines and for other purposes; and so early as 1843 he was an advocate of the employment of steam and the screw propeller in warships. 3. As a strong advocate of colonial expansion he was also a bitter enemy of Great Britain, and he was to a large extent responsible for the anti-British feeling of German Chauvinism during the last years of the 19th century. strident critic of the Church hierarchy and an advocate of the reform of its structures and liturgy. He turned aside for a few months from his Political Economy during the winter of the Irish famine 0846-1847)to advocate the creation of peasantproprietorships as a remedy for distress and disorder in Ireland. Montel Williams has been an advocate of juicing since he was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999. Here he was conspicuous as an ardent free-trader and an uncompromising advocate of "States Rights," opposed the protectionist tariff bills of 1824 and 1828, and consistently upheld the doctrine that slavery was a domestic institution and should be dealt with only by the individual states. I do n't think anybody would advocate " heat " in the manner of a free for all slanging match on the forum. The advocate now took a bold step. The advocates of summer rugby will have loved it as the firm ground underfoot encouraged the two teams to play some terrific expansive rugby. After the downfall of Oldenbarneveldt the office of lands'- advocate was abolished, and a new post, tenable for five years only, was erected in its place with the title of Raad-Pensionaris, or Pensionary of the Council, usually called by English writers. The company is a strong advocate for wind power. To this end he made his appeal to the Northern churches and pulpits, beseeching them to bring the power of Christianity to bear against the slave system, and to advocate the rights of the slaves to immediate and unconditional freedom. 1917 under reactionary auspices to combat all attempts at peace by compromise, and to advocate the prosecution of the U-boat warfare with extreme ruthlessness. As awkward and intimidating as it may sound, administering sex education for teens is one of the most important jobs you can have as an advocate, mentor, teacher, or friend to this diverse and often challenging demographic. I asked Yes, or a victim's advocacy group. She is an advocate for her daughter and a source of support and guidance for families affected by pervasive developmental disorders. He was also a strenuous advocate of religious toleration in Poland. The commanding abilities of Oldenbarneveldt, now advocate of Holland, gradually gathered into his hands the entire administration of the Republic. From 1782 to 1885 the secretary of state for the home department was responsible for the conduct of Scottish business, being advised in these matters by the lord advocate. 11. advocate in a sentence Example Sentences for "advocate" James Forten once remarked, "It seems almost incredible that the advocates of liberty should conceive of the idea of selling a fellow creature to slavery." Having studied law at Toulouse and lectured there on jurisprudence, he settled in Paris as an advocate, but soon applied himself to literature. The opposition collapsed; the recalcitrant provincial states were purged; and the leaders of the party of state rights - the advocate himself, Hugo de Groot (see GROTIUs), pensionary of Rotterdam, and Hoogerbeets, pensionary of Leiden, were arrested and thrown into prison. BARTHELEMY CATHERINE JOUBERT (1769-1799), French general, the son of an advocate, was born at Pont de Vaux (Ain) on the 14th of April 1769. Its two foremost leaders were Doctor Trumbic and Mr. Supilo (two of the makers of the Resolution of Fiume) and it also included Doctor Hinkovic (known as the chief advocate in the Zagreb treason trial), Ivan Mestrovic the sculptor, the Slovene deputies Gregorin and Trinajstic, the Bosnian Serb deputies Stojanovic, SrSkic and Vasiljevic, publicists of repute such as Marjanovic and Banjanin, and prominent representatives of the Yugoslav colonies in North and South America, such as the scientist Pupin and the shipping magnate Baburica. A separate study carried out by super-slow advocate Wayne Westcott and colleagues, however, provided evidence to support the use of super-slow workouts. True to its mission as a consumer advocate, it will also show how your speed compares with other internet access providers available in your area (determined by zip code), across a range of connection types. A year later he made his first public appearance as an advocate (v. He is credited with having brought about a reduction of the quantity of silver in the smaller coins; he was the author of the Tariff Act of 1857 and of the bonded-warehouse system, and was one of the first to advocate civil service reform. He studied law, and at the outbreak of the Revolution was an advocate of the parlement of Bordeaux. under the name of "Benoit Vaillant, Advocate of the Holy Faith," and also, in 1594, in his own name) Les Trois Verites, in which by methodical and orthodox arguments, he seeks to prove that there is a God and a true religion, that the true religion is the Christian, and that the true church is the Roman Catholic.. ANTOINE PIERRE BERRYER (1790-1868), French advocate and parliamentary orator, was the son of an eminent advocate and counsellor to the parlement. 36. Mr Roosevelt was a pronounced advocate of international peace but also an advocate of law and order. HENRI SAUVAL (1623-1676), French historian, son of an advocate in the Parlement, was born in Paris, and baptized on the 5th of March 1623. I've never been as strong of an advocate for you as Andre, but I always thought you decent somewhere on the inside. His cosmopolitanism - which makes him in the modern Imperialist's eyes a "Little Englander" of the straitest sect - led him to deplore any survival of the colonial system and to hail the removal of ties which bound the mother country to remote dependencies; but it was, in its day, a generous and sincere reaction against popular sentiment, and Cobden was at all events an outspoken advocate of an irresistible British navy. C. Hippeau, 1868), and other poems, containing less historical 1 An "advocate" was a layman who had been invested with part of an ecclesiastic estate, on condition that he defended the rest, and exercised the blood-ban in lieu of the ecclesiastical owner (see Advocate, sec. In 1852 he was made solicitor-genera) for Scotland in Lord Derby's first ministry, three months later becoming Lord Advocate. The last holder of the office of standing counsel to the admiralty was Alexander Staveley Hill, K.C.,M.P. He was no advocate of violent measures; but, as deputy to the Convention, he voted for the death of Louis XVI., and as a member of the council of legislation he presented to the Convention on the 17th of September 1793 the infamous law permitting the detention of suspects. He was a supporter of the League of Nations; he indorsed woman suffrage and was a strong advocate of civil-service reform for the post-office and consular appointments. advocate's notebook: Moving away from school to college? He is, moreover, the warm advocate of the theory of its Ugrio-Finnic origin, as established by the Uralian traveller Anthony Reguly, the result of whose labours Hunfalvy published in 1864, under the title A Vogul fold es nep (The Vogul Land and People). He was an enthusiastic advocate of the Federal constitution, and in 1788 exerted strong influence to secure its ratification by his native state. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. In the question of this constitution Jay had taken a keen interest, and as an advocate of its ratification he wrote over the name "Publius," five (Nos. Largely owing to friction between himself and the president, Bristow resigned his portfolio in June 1876; as secretary of the treasury he advocated the resumption of specie payments and at least a partial retirement of "greenbacks"; and he was also an advocate of civil service reform. had indeed been replaced by that of grand pensionary (Raad Pensionaris), but the duties assigned to the office remained the same, the only change of importance being that the advocate was appointed for life, the grand pensionary for a term of five years. By this time he had a very large business as advocate, and was engaged on behalf of journalists in many press prosecutions. In 1613 he appeared with the emperor Matthias before the diet of Ratisbon as the advocate of the introduction into Germany of the Gregorian calendar; but the attempt was for the time frustrated by anti-papal prejudice. Michel de l'HOpital, the chancellor, who opened the assembly, was an advocate of toleration; he deprecated the abusive use of the terms " Lutherans," " Papists " and " Huguenots," and advocated deferring all action until a council should have been called.
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