Marilyn Vos Savant. We have brilliant mathematicians that can barely put a sentence together. Here are 10 most intelligent people on earth those who have created history. Marilyn was an American play writer and columnist, born in August, 1946. The further back you go the less was known so geniuses began the first step to climb. In addition, their opinions are more informed and less concrete. 10. Notably, the Meditations on First Philosophy is still a standard reference in universities around the world. Same for Roger Bacon later. And the line is so thin that ounce they go over there is no coming back so again keep that inind before you try to say why not this person or that person, and for another comment i read the reason men are more prone to be geniuses than women is and has a lot to do with how they think and react to a lot of things compared to women, im not saying all women are like that but we women tend to over think alot and we dont think at times, when men they block everything out and can think, women are always thinking what about this or what about that, well that's why men are geniuses, now there are some women who are geniuses not disagreeing with that, I just dont get why all of you are so intelligent but yet those little things right there are meaningless to you all, like they dont matter what so ever, ok so insanity doesnt matter and being a genius doesnt matter either, I mean come on and think logically for a minute before you all call the kettle black here. I hoped that Archimedes would be there. Although Beethoven and Bach are truly legends, and comparable to Mozart, but I choose him because of his heavenly music and the age that he started composing. If Einstein, who pioneered several fields of scientific study, and still hasn't been proved wrong, presumably had a IQ of about 130, how do you tie ficticious IQs with a raking of intelligence through out history? List of Top 10 most intelligent people in the world. Here's how: Did they discover something new? No one yet fully understands how the mind works. At present I am sure there are many clever people living amongst us but we are not able to assess their impact on humanity at the moment. Still, it’s fun averaging the two lists to see who among these geniuses trump their fellow brainiacs in sheer IQ performance. The Brain Research Institute in Moscow reported later on that she had the highest IQ in the world. He was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records under “Highest IQ”. A glorious yes. was too high to be measured. The upper mind is making a judgment call on the lower mind and it is usually accurate. The afterlife would confuse the greatest minds, no matter who is mentioned. The English scientist who received little formal education. At the age of 16, he was working with NASA in its mission of conquering Mars. Nobody on the planet knows how to read Egyptian Hieratic. Love how everyone is mad Einstein is not here, but so little mention of Tesla, who's vision was brilliant. ”He sho seeks only knowledge will remain ‘searching’ and not ’doing’!” What about Nikola Tesla .. Christian Birkeland .. Blaise Pascal .. Kurt Gödel ? How many world class discoveries were made by females? It is said [I think correctly] that Apes have been taught to answer in sign language but none so far has ever ASKED A QUESTION using such sign language. But I also read some other sources that he was a very ordinary pupil. Although this is subjective, I believe what they have done is pretty extraordinary. I wonder how all of us compare to these? Who Are The Most Intelligent People In The World?? Ivan Ivec was born in 1976. Plural for Genius is 'Genii' by the way guys. He has a rough and tough demeanor, having spent a number of years as a bar bouncer. Must Read: 10 Effective Habits of Mentally Strong … His hieroglyph is the jackal, and his titles are "He who stands upon his hill" and "the guardian of sacred records by which the world shall be judged. They may move people emotionally, to where they cannot understand, but that don't make them a genius. Why don't you try reading the description on top of the page? i mad that Einstein isn't there i had he's the most brilliant man in the world because he used only 10% of his brain yet had so many achievement like making of atomic bomb and he's also one of my successive role model and also why isn't Thomas Edison also added, i love him for one reason "his high patient, persistence, consistence, and believe which made him become the world greatest scientist, also made to possibility electricity bulb". His Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy is one of the most influential scientific works, heralding the age of enlightenment when Europe burst into an era of advancements that gave birth to modern technologies. Aristotle and Ayn Rand are the top geniuses because they created observation-based, systematic knowledge of existence as a whole, ie, philosophy. However, there are different criteria for deciding upon the intelligence of a person. Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach as well. William Shakespeare (1564-1616) is widely seen as the greatest writer of the English language and one of the world's most popular and esteemed playwrights. Some call them abnormalities but others take it as a gift. Testament to his genius, numerous scientific principles are named after him: Faraday’s law of induction; Faraday effect: Faraday cage; Faraday paradox; Faraday wheel; and Faraday wave among others. He is an Australian-born Chinese American mathematician. Einstein might have created something that caused destruction on a large scale but I assure u dat dis guy is even underrated. He was also a prolific inventor in the field of mechanical calculators, making it possible for non-genius like us to calculate complex mathematical problems with the aid of this device. Nancy, you claim that "men are more intelligent than women" is a lie but you have no proof whatsoever. The German philosopher and mathematician. Truly laughable! 4. All white males...What does that say about what the IQ test is looking for? The notion of IQ is based on the assumption that intelligence stops increasing at 15. Once a person has met a certain requirement of IQ, other factors become more important in determining their success and overall impact on the world. Famed for his masterpieces, namely David, Pieta, Sistine Chapel, The Last Judgment, and The Creation of Adam. Between species there is another problem and it is not the same thing as WITHIN a species !. Chris. He’s best known for his literary works, such as, The Sorrows of Young Werther, Sturm und Drang, and Faust. TH Gibbons 1957, It’s a partial list- you should have included Einstein and Marx. He had to visualize a problem or theory. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt this ?. Rubbish - we are reading and writing English, in which the plural of genius is definitely geniuses. Ibn al Haytham could be considered in a short list. in the Computer Field. MENSA organizes such tests throughout the world that are qualified by intelligent people. When you talk of intelligency you talk of him. Einstein is actually greatly overrated try to think of what contributions he made to making human life a better thing or more secure or to produce more goods or services. What I read about Darwin is that he was in fact not very special. Newton The very … He is also the owner and director of a trade company. His IQ was above 180. Men are as a class more intelligent than women. That all involves, at the very least, an understanding and a facility for differentials. because of racism. 4.Darwin....Marie Curie.... Did they invent something? Hmm. 1. It is reflected light, not radiated light. Harding There is an old joke that goes something like I will believe in Psychologists devising tests from Geniuses when Monkeys devise tests for Psychologists. Mozart Ruth Lawrence is the first and only woman on this list of the top ten most intelligent people in the world. why the hell isn't Darwin on here? ?omg, William James Sidis is way smarter than everyone on this list, and the people you just named. Conjecture. Today the system has driven down performance; today big institutional science has been a spoiler of great insights delaying progress everywhere. The entire book entitled The Pearl of Great Price was translated from seven lines of Hieratic, about one half of one side of an index card. I have come across Europeans/North Africans/Middle Easterns while working as a Sales Engineer in a multi-national company. Johann … That just means the government is trying to control your emotions. With mass education has come the noisy ones but no Geniuses to show for it all. Did they help the whole world progress? Beethoven, W. A. Mozart or J.S. There is alot of most intelligent people all around the world. The greatest and most basic principle in the universe is the attributes of cycles in time and space. Someone can fail school and be the one to find out how to (ex:) bend gravity.