Even by Shakespeare villain standards that’s a large haul of bodies! If you want a dash of drama and intrigue to your baby boy’s name, look no further than the works of Shakespeare. ebenda) war ein englischer Dramatiker, Lyriker und Schauspieler.Seine Komödien und Tragödien gehören zu den bedeutendsten Bühnenstücken der Weltliteratur und sind die am häufigsten aufgeführten und verfilmten. A number of Shakespeare’s great villains appear on the list as well as some of his larger than life comic characters. The Queen, Cymbeline Robin Goodrin Nordli shines as the wicked Queen; part Lady Macbeth, part Snow White’s evil stepmother. Lady Macbeth has always been seen as the most villainous of Shakespeare’s women and portrayed in paintings as a sharp-featured, black-haired woman with a hard expression. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Viola is the name of the lead character of “The Twelfth Night”. He murders his brother, the King of Denmark, who is Hamlet’s father. The Shakespeare character is not the same as the historical Richard: he is a mixture of the propaganda surrounding the historical Richard and the creative imagination of Shakespeare. W = Wikipedia. Like all of Shakespeare’s ‘villains’, she is just a character confronted with the choices that are offered her. "name": "Who are the 10 biggest villains in Shakespeare? }] As one can imagine, Shakespeare’s plays raise the question of what a villain is so to present a list of villains is not a clear-cut task. How have his plays and poetry persisted into the 21st Century? His motives are complex and one is never really sure what they are. His villainy consists mainly of his incredible hypocrisy. He sometimes gives an explanation for his behaviour but it changes and none of it rings true. The lover of Tamora, he helps her get revenge on the Andronicus family. Shakespeare’s most misunderstood bad guys, Shakespeare’s 10 most influential characters, A Midsummer Night’s Dream Characters List, All’s Well That Ends Well Characters List, The Merry Wives of Windsor Characters List, The Most Powerful Shakespeare Female Characters, The Two Gentlemen of Verona Characters List. Lady Macbeth from " Macbeth " is … Richard, Duke of York (YORK.) One of its main thrusts, however, is the theme of authority and responsibility. For these more ambiguous characters we’ve put together this list of Shakespeare’s most misunderstood bad guys. ", After having been given half of all Lear’s lands and wealth after his decision to retire she turns on him and behaves cruelly towards him. Tamora in Titus Andronicus is the queen of the Goths. Names for characters in a Shakespeare play? Lear decides to pass on all his lands and interests to his daughters and retire. All Shakespeare villains act in cruel and unpleasant ways. Man (MAN.) Well done. What better naming inspiration than the world’s most-performed playwright? 3-D Literature 6; Macbeth First 200 Words 6; Characters in Shakespeare's Hamlet 3; Shakespeare's Extras 3; 5-Star Shakespeare Plays 3; Shakespeare Character by Lines 2; Main Shakespeare Characters by Play 2; Shakespeare's Ladies 2; Murdered by Shakespeare 1 He is very much what we would call a psychopath today. From heroes, heroines, villains, historical figures, and young lovers, which Shakespeare characters are … "@type": "Question", eBabyNames. Regan in King Lear is Lear’s second daughter. Adriana. Name Gender / Meaning. Shakespeare's Sonnets study guide contains a biography of William Shakespeare, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Lear is the main protagonist in King Lear. He gets his brother locked up in the Tower of London, he seduces Anne Neville and persuades her to marry him even though he has murdered her husband and her father and he has two of his nephews beheaded. Lucas. Shakespeare characters, sorted alphabetically. See more ideas about Names, Character names, Fantasy names. The login page will open in a new tab. In her case, her husband has written to tell her about the three witches who have predicted that he will be king. More work like this, please. He destroys several people’s lives during the course of the play, including several careers, and two deaths, through the manipulation of everyone around him. To honour the 400th anniversary of the Bard's death, we asked you to rank all of his plays in order of greatness. William Shakespeare [ˈwɪljəm ˈʃeɪkspɪə] (getauft am 26. He immediately swindles Hamlet out of his inheritance, marries his mother and assumes the throne. Edward, Prince of Wales (PRINCE.) Please log in again. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Shakespearean_characters_(L–Z) He is charming and he is liked and respected by everyone and they all refer to him throughout as ‘honest Iago,’ but he is filled with hatred and contempt for everyone. Relevanz. What were his best works? The Queen in Cymbeline is a character Shakespeare doesn’t even name, but she is without a doubt one of his top villains. Macbeth, adored by everyone and, trusted by the king, Duncan, is a fearless warrior in the king’s service, but after killing Duncan he continues his murderous career, killing all those who oppose him, including his closest friend, Banquo. It is believed that Shakespeare wrote 38 plays in total between 1590 and 1612. Pages in category "Female Shakespearean characters" The following 49 pages are in this category, out of 49 total. For both authors, it was obviously purposeful. Cardinal Bourchier (CARD.) • Gadshill (fict) is the "setter" of the Gadshill robbery in Henry IV, Part 1. He is very much what we would call a psychopath today. April 1564 jul. Afterward, she gives him moral support in the actions he takes to maintain his position as king. Check it out… Baby girl names inspired by Shakespeare - and their meanings 1) Adriana - A Comedy Of Errors. This is also the name of one of the moons of Uranus, named after the Shakespearean character. / 3. The killing of Duncan takes place offstage but the child’s slaughter is onstage. "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", ", celebrities who have done Shakespeare in the Park. Angelo in Measure for Measure is a particular kind of Shakespeare villain who is hated by women. But as the author says, Shakespeare and Dickens, amongst others, alone could each have a top 50 and a complete greatest literary character list would probably be more like 500 names, rather than just 50. Here's how the top ten turned out in the ultimate Shakespeare play-off "@context": "https://schema.org", The evil characters populating the Shakespearean page and stage are just as compelling as the heroes, in addition to being sinister, powerful, tragic, intelligent, and brutal figures. His motives are complex and one is never really sure what they are. She pursues this ambition with ruthless energy and will stop at nothing, including murder. As he pursues his crimes, however, the audience begins to be uncomfortable, and by the end of the play, Shakespeare makes us see what a monster he is. When Hamlet escapes that he plots to have him killed during a duel. Determined to stamp out fornication he imprisons and executes people who conduct sexual affairs outside of marriage. He agrees not to execute Claudio if she agrees to sex with him. "@type": "FAQPage", Antonio, a Venetian merchant, the title character of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. She is quick-witted, clever, charming, snarky, sassy, passionate and determined. Included is our exclusive spelled pronunciation guide, essential for actors and teachers, and an in-depth biography of many of Shakespeare's most popular and fascinating creations. Richard III is an interesting case of a character being both the main protagonist and the villain. This was excellent! Left in charge of administering Vienna while the Duke is away, he adopts a strict approach. His villainy consists mainly of his incredible hypocrisy. Shakespeare's Characters: A to Z Here you will find a comprehensive list of every Shakespearean character and the play in which he or she appears. On the other hand, Charles Dickens was positively brimming with memorable monikers—Oliver Twist, Uriah Heep, Nicholas Nickleby, Philip Pirrip. What makes Shakespeare’s characters so interesting is that they are human beings, motivated by the things that motivate human beings: they react to their circumstances and to people in different ways. He is charming and he is liked and respected by everyone and they all refer to him throughout as ‘honest Iago,’ but he is filled with hatred and contempt for everyone. Richard, Duke of Gloucester (GLOU.) Shakespeare Characters - 6 letters. In the play Richard addresses the audience directly and says ‘I am determined to prove a villain and hate the idle pleasures of these days.’ In spite of that and in spite of his misbehaviour, the audience likes him, taken in by his sparkling language, his logical arguments, his soliciting of the audience’s sympathy regarding his physical disability and his selfish motives, with which the audience can identify. Ostensibly the subject of the play, Antonio serves rather as a foil to Shylock, who is one of Shakespeare’s best-known and most discussed characters.… Check it out! }. © 2004 – 2020 No Sweat Digital Ltd. All rights reserved. The plan goes wrong and he ends up killing, not only Hamlet but his wife Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, Laertes, the son of his senior courtier, Hamlet, and himself. If you need further information on any of the results, use the Instant Lookup links. Romeo and Juliet “Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou a dachshund?” If you’ve got a cat and a dog who miraculously get along… well, first of all, post a video and watch it go viral.