Hyacinth Macaw Price: The only macaw that could cost you a true fortune would be a Hyacinth Macaw who could have a price rag that can range up to the $20000 mark on the higher end. Visually it appears to be the largest parrot in the world. The Hyacinth Macaw benefits from 1-2 hours of daily exercise to keep their muscles healthy and plenty of room to move as its wing span can reach 4 feet… View Details $25,000 Hyacinth Macaw. The Hyacinth Macaw is considered to be endangered at this time. The cage I bought for my pair cost about $5,500. The Hyacinth Macaw benefits from 1-2 hours of daily exercise to keep their muscles healthy and plenty of room to move as its wing span can reach 4 feet… View Details $25,000 These macaws frequently travel together in small flocks of 1–8 pairs, and loudly call to one another. Very large, graceful and unique, these birds are a rare pet. Scarlet's can be quite loud while Hyacinth's are not inclined to make a great deal of noise and have a very even temperament. Some native tribes hunt the macaws for their colorful feathers, which are used … The beautiful Hyacinth is pretty much an all blue large Macaw. It is a calm Macaw and known to make an excellent pet. The loss of their natural habitat along with the pet trade has taken a significant toll on them. Facebook-square. Hyacinth Macaw price Is very high in all Macaws. Hyacinth Macaw Facts: Some of the Hyacinth Macaw Facts as below. There are no parrots that have plumage of such a striking and gorgeous color like the Hyacinth Macaw does. Hyacinth Macaw General Info. The average lifespan of a Hyainth Macaw is about 40 to 50 years. Here are 15 interesting facts about the Hyacinth Macaw; The elongated body of the Hyacinth reaches about 37" (95 cm) in length and it has an impressive wingspan up to about 42" across, which is the most expansive parrot in the world. Hyacinth Macaw As A Pet. Species listed in Appendix I to the Washington Convention. It even enjoys playing with kids. The Hyacinth macaw is the most majestic of all parrots. Hyacinth Macaw is known for having a very long body. She was welcoming and treated my seven year old with respect and taught him everything he needed to take care of his new pet bird. It is the largest macaw and the largest flying parrot species, though the flightless kakapo of … An untrained Hyacinth Macaw can cause a number of bloody fingers around the house. The Hyacinth Macaw has been badly persecuted by trapping for the pet trade and is now an endangered species. The Hyacinth Macaw is a super rare Flying battle pet in WoW. Hyacinth Macaw Price: Hyacinth macaws are not frequently found in full-service pet shops so you cannot see a hyacinth macaw for sale tag there. Because these birds demand more time and attention than other species, Hyacinth Macaws are definitely not the right pets for just anybody. Hyacinth macaws brought $5,000 to $10,000 each in the pet trade as of 1988. It measures up to 100 cm. Even with conservation efforts in place including permits for the pet trade and stiff penalties against poachers it is tough for them to increase in numbers. Latin name: Anadorhyncus hyacinthinus. The hyacinth macaw survives today in South America with smaller populations elsewhere. The hyacinth macaw is the largest macaw species. “Gentle Giant” as it is called, having a Hyacinth Macaw sets an extraordinary feeling that not all pet owners can experience. Welcome to Jasmine Parrots Home. Hyacinth macaw's are a handful to care for. Their habitat is being lost or changed due to cattle ranching and mechanized agriculture, as well as hydroelectric schemes. The hyacinth macaw is especially vulnerable to capture and habitat destruction because it is noisy, intrinsically fearless, predictable, and dependent on palm trees. The rich cobalt blue of its coloring is what influenced its name. After researching a few bird sites in search of buying a baby hyacinth macaw, and after a bad experience at other bird sites, we were so happy to find Hansen Parrots. These birds can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000. Hyacinth macaws exhibit amicable and outgoing behavior, most of which starts off with making a strong bond with their owner, although they are not possessive about their preferred “human”. We are the leading African Grey Parrots and Macaw Parrots breeder.We have a family legacy steeped in tradition. The largest of the macaw species are the Hyacinth, the Great Green, and the Green-winged macaw. If you are interested in getting a Hyacinth Macaw, you should be prepared to pay a fairly hefty price. $8k to $12k per birdie is a lot to spend on a pet. Description: Hyacinth Macaws for sale (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), also known as H yacinthine Macaws, are the largest psittacines and the largest flying parrot species. In the wild, macaws often flock to mountains of clay known as "macaw licks." These birds demand more time and attention than other species, so hyacinth macaws are definitely not the right pets for just anybody. Although the Hyacinth Macaw and Green Wing Macaw are both commonly referred to as the Gentle Giant of the macaw species, the Hyacinths are truly the dream bird of all bird lovers. A Scarlet Macaw parent makes an intelligent if somewhat boisterous and demanding pet bird. Aug 3, 2017 - Explore ♡Sara Abdullah♡'s board "hyacinth macaw" on Pinterest. And that's just the beginning. These species are hard to come by and make excellent pet companions they are very social and smart. They are very even-tempered and can be calmer than other macaws, being known as "gentle giants". If they’re socialized at a young age, these Macaws also are quite wanting to meet and play with new humans. Breed : MACAW. Macaw pairs remained bonded. Hyacinth macaw pet Hyacinth macaw facts. or 3.3 ft. from its head down to the tail. Hyacinth Macaws have a very even temperament. Caring for this bird is an enormous undertaking that demands a long time commitment. Age: 3 years Closed leg ring. There are 17 macaw pet species, and all belong to the members of the parrot family and have vibrant plumage. It is one of the most beautiful parrots that can be seen in some zoos. Species described in 1790 and subject to increased major traffic since the 1970s. The Roosevelt kids – and their pet-loving dad — undoubtedly enjoyed the fact that macaws are … They come with; ... are lovely silly time close ring with the hatching certificate extremely beautiful and highly intelligent lovely family pet and are in very good size. Hyacinth Macaw Price. Hyacinth Macaw Conservation. Their numbers in the wild have declined over the years due to hunting and trapping, and they are now endangered. Pet Name : Mellie. Prices go up when the timer hits zero