(UPDATE) I have made it a standard to create my portfolios using a 300 DPI canvas. I then had to go through and adjust every page accordingly. This isn’t saying that Photoshop can do everything that Illustrator can do. Just make sure to double check the image size that all pages are the correct size after cropping. Choosing the right fonts to showcase your work will make your portfolio look cohesive and polished. 1) 6″x9″ will fit on an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper. For virtually every … A lot of what I create stays digital such as website images, digital portfolio, etc. Would you recommend a student getting a graphics tablet to work on? 16bit will give you better color, but the difference between 8bit and 16bit is minimal, at least for me. size). It’s important that you select fonts that are high-quality and professional. Really great work with the site and with all your tutorials, especially this one. I'm Alex and this is where I visualize architecture. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to submit a digital portfolio of student work that demonstrates their growth in the areas of architectural knowledge, skills, and values. Here’s why: 1)Photoshop is more expressive, Illustrator is diagrammatic. 2) It is a common ratio and easy to divide the page into thirds. Design your architecture portfolio with your favorite software: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, or any other design software. Thanks a lot for sharing it. From there, you can send them to a printer, or upload to issue.com and they do the rest. And even for professional architects. Degree should include in their portfolio at least five well-documented projects. Double check the image size after cropping to be sure the page is still the correct size. Thank you for sharing. Aug 25, 2014 - Explore Farah's board "Architecture Portfolio Layouts", followed by 110 people on Pinterest. I usually never comment or post but I really think you should be appreciated and thanked! Please request an intervie… Applicants who hold the B. Arch. tnx. It sets up opportunities to connect pages together graphically. This guide provides design and technical information for portfolios that are used for placement in the profession. Include Lots of Personal Information. You may have figured this out in Portfolio 3, but just to let you and other people know. About the design: “The intent of this portfolio was to keep all information direct and … One of the guys I graduated with did a 8.5 x 11 that had the pages fold out to a 8.5 x 17. Hence it is very important to have a creative and interactive portfolio. Alex, thanks for these great tutorials! I still have 2 more years of undergrad left. Printers use cyan, yellow, magenta, and black colored inks to create color on paper. It is an indigenous expression of you and your abilities as a professional architect. Darek, I split the pages simply by cropping the image to one side or the other, then saving each individual page. The purpose of the interview is to explore an applicant's interest in architecture and to understand how that interest developed. Part II / Developing Your Content Strategy. I will see what I can do. These posts have been written by guest writer, Michael LaValley of Evolving Architect.Each part will take you through the process of how to successfully build your portfolio from the ground up. Professional doesn’t have … I discuss this process with my latest portfolio here: http://www.alexhogrefe.com/blog/2013/12/30/architectural-portfolio-workflow.html, which is the ideal size I have created a lot of tutorials and discuss a lot of topics such as portfolios, presentations, and all things visualization. See more ideas about Architecture portfolio, Portfolio layout, Portfolio. applications - You must submit a portfolio of your work to McGill University by March 7. And how do you compress the final portfolio? This article is quite interesting and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. If you images are only going to be viewed digitally on a screen, then use the RGB color mode. use this template VIEW ALL. However, page size and binding can vary depending on how you want to express your work. Great work, and very helpful. When I say “leave a ½”, I mean do not have text or important images run into this area. @ Barry,For this portfolio, I used Arial for much of it. 6×9 just seemed like a good size to me. If you end up needing to print, your golden, but if not, then the portfolio will still look good. Thanks. Portfolio template size: 297 x 420 mm A3 A3 is one of the most popular sizes for architecture portfolios, however other sizes are widely used. I was wondering, what would be your advice for online/electronic portfolio pages? photoshop is a tool merely for photo editing. I am no doubt going to be here and this extraordinary article. 3)Photoshop has some basic layout features as well as decent text manipulation tools. You will see that when I set up my pages, I gave a 1/8” extra on all sides. Really, you're doing something that really counts, thank you!! ©2019 | Visualizing Architecture . What is the final size of the portfolio file? I love your website. You did what? First off, I think every architecture student should learn both Photoshop and Illustrator. ... Use our specifications calculator to fine-tune your PDF to a Blurb-friendly book size. The Department of Architecture requires a portfolio interview for every applicant to the B.Arch. The first thing to do when you are about to apply is to explore the requirements of your school of choice and make sure your submission meets their needs. Both portfolios (Undergraduate and Graduate) were created in Photoshop with a little help from Illustrator. Above, the final saved size of each portfolio page ready to be printed. Thanks. Thanks for sharing this article with us. Sep 17, 2019 - Explore Cho Minha's board "Architecture:portfolio", followed by 144 people on Pinterest. Saves alot of cropping time, as you mentioned that was your method. It has really streamlined my process and plays well with both Photoshop and Illustrator. Again, thank you and have a continued Happy New Year. RGB allows for a higher color range. Mine is a 7.5"x 7.5". Hi Alex, this setup intro is really helping me out with my portfolio. I would say anywhere between 250 and 300 is fine. Thank you for everything Alex, you're the best !! This is very helpful Portfolio Introduction. Categories Magazines ... Having an architecture portfolio is a must for all architecture students out there. Most professional printers ask for this amount of bleed. As the movement continues to shift towards the use of digital portfolios, the use of paper remains important at all levels and can make the difference between obtaining a place on an architecture course or getting a new job and failing in your aim. I am trying to make this kind of portfolio but i’m fail. At the time, my portfolio was pretty nice. After assembling a pdfportfolio in Adobe Acrobat, you can easily e‐mail that you should really give that a try! But as the practice of architecture becomes more digital, having an online portfolio is becoming less of an option and more of a must-have. Whether you are looking to apply to an undergraduate course or to complete a master’s in architecture, your portfolio is going to play a key role in whether you obtain entry. Great work! An architecture portfolio can be defined as an architect’s identity. I say " I just look at the best out there to see what they're doing, then do something innovative to make mine special too." I want a picture like a cloak. This InDesign architecture portfolio template is designed to display your work beautifully and professionally. what kind of binding is the most suitable for portfolio when you bring for interview? Bleeding your images means that the images and graphics extend past the page edge. Most professional architects are present when their portfolio is viewed to answer questions about specific projects and give an idea of the personality they hope to bring to a practice. Many people use InDesign as a way to manage the pages. ojnajn ojnajn – red bottom. It can reveal all your potentials and skills in front of the job recruiter. Again, this allowed for a better relationship between pages of the same project. With that said, I don’t think Illustrator should be main software used to create an architecture portfolio.